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We choose a MP3 player

Modern technologies are done not stand still, in everything the aspiration to compactness, bigger reliability and a practicality is observed. Choosing a MP3 player it is easy to become puzzled in a wide model range of many producers of audio equipment.
Выбираем mp3-плеер, mp3 плеер Modern technologies are done not stand still, in everything the aspiration to compactness, bigger reliability and a practicality is observed. Choosing a MP3 player it is easy to become puzzled in a wide model range of many producers of audio equipment. I think, nobody chooses a MP3 player by the principle "Plays – already well". But even a qualitative sound – not everything that is necessary for a good MP3 player. Roughly speaking, it is necessary to choose a MP3 player so that could reproduce enough musical tracks. And the acceptable memory size and rather power-intensive battery is for this purpose necessary.

Flash, HDD, CD MP3 player

Flash, HDD, CD mp3-плеер Depending on data carrier type a MP3 players shares on three main types – Flash, HDD and CD a MP3 players. Most often it is necessary to choose a MP3 player, beginning with this parameter.
CDs a MP3 players play back music from usual CD disks. The sizes of such players many times there are more than other types of a MP3 players. The amount of information is limited with the capacity of disk up to 800 Mb. The main advantages in favor of a choice of CD of a MP3 player is a low cost of both the device, and disks to it. Thus disks are readily available, favourite music can be bought in any musical shop. For those to whom does not make special work to write down independently music, it is better to choose CD a MP3 player and to carry them with itself in a bag for a player. Choosing CD a MP3 player pay attention to the anti-shock function. At considerable fluctuations music can jam. That it did not occur, choose a MP3 player with the sufficient buffer of memory of "anti-shock". The most reliable popular MP3 players of this iRiver SlimX type.
If the sizes are important for you, here I advise to choose among flash of a MP3 players. They have not only the compact sizes, but also small weight, at their desire it is possible even to carry as a charm on a neck. It is necessary to choose flash a MP3 player, relying on the volume of the built-in memory. For today these values lie ranging from 1 to 32 Gb. Naturally, the more memory size, the better, but also is more expensive. If in the future you want bigger memory size, it is better to choose flash a MP3 players with support of memory cards. They it is a little more by the sizes, but their main advantage in work opportunities with cards to 1-4 Gb and more. Pay attention only that on each flash a MP3 player there is a restriction on volume of the supported memory cards.
The MP3 player HDD choice will be a compromise on the sizes between CD and Flash a MP3 players. Choose HDD a MP3 player because of large volume of memory on the winchester on the built-in winchester. On such player you can not only store from 4 to 80 Gb of music, but also use it for transfer of information. The winchester has protection from any mechanical, nevertheless is accurate with it better to belong and the more so not to drop. One more negative side of HDD of a MP3 players is high energy consumption. Therefore, choosing among the MP3 players working at the hard drive turn on battery capacity. In the price category HDD a MP3 players also stands above the others therefore they are available not to everyone.

Food of a MP3 player

Питание mp3-плеера может быть как от батареек, так и от аккумуляторов Food of a MP3 player can be both from batteries, and from accumulators. HDD a MP3 players are completed with accumulators. Others work from ordinary AA or AAA batteries, but instead of them it is always possible to use accumulator batteries. Use of ordinary batteries helps out at those moments when the old mudflows and new can be bought without problems. Accumulator batteries work a little more long and maintain many cycles of a recharge. Vazhne also such moment: whether the removable or built-in accumulator on a MP3 player. The built-in accumulators are calculated on long operating time, but replacement as understand, in case of failure is impossible.

Formats of reproduction of a MP3 players

Choosing a MP3 player pay attention to the supported reproduction formats. Except the main mp3 format some models of players can play back music in the WMA and OGG format.
Music in the WMA format has the size smaller twice at identical quality with a MP3. But it was not widely adopted as appeared after a MP3. For those who wants to contain bigger amount of music on the player, it is desirable to choose a MP3 player with support of WMA. But it will be for this purpose necessary to be engaged in converting of music from one format in another.
The same concerns also the OGG format. The advantage of this format in possibility of record of music in higher quality, but thus is natural also the bigger size.

MP3 player screen

Экран mp3-плеера должен отображать всю необходимую информацию в удобном виде Need for the screen on a MP3 player is indisputable. When choose a MP3 player, look not so much at the screen size, how many at number of the displayed information. Data not only on a battery charge, but also information on the reproduced track, and in a look, convenient for you, have to be output to the display. It is desirable also that on the chosen MP3 player settings of an equalizer were displayed. On players with the winchester often do the color screen on which it is possible to look through a photo and even video.

Additional opportunities

Choosing a MP3 player, pay attention to a number of additional opportunities. For example radio will become pleasant addition, for example, when the music which is written down on a player bothered. Besides, on some players there is a possibility of record of music directly with radio. The dictophone, as a rule, on a MP3 players writes down in not really high quality. Therefore to choose a MP3 player because of existence or lack of a dictophone does not follow. Earphones in a standard complete set do not give out music in full-fledged quality therefore it is better to buy more perfect earphones to a player. Connection of flash of a MP3 player to the computer is carried out through USB port. It is better to choose a MP3 player with standard 2.0 USB as it works quicker, than USB 1.1.

Players of iRiver firm are most popular, they release high-quality CDs and flash a MP3 players. Among HDD a MP3 players of Apple firm is most known. Besides a MP3 players can be chosen and among such firms as Samsung, Panasonic, Nexx, Sanyo which also make audio equipment with high quality.
If you know that want, will be able to make a right choice which will never disappoint!
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