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How to reduce influence of radiation from the mobile

About it it is written, probably, tens of thousands of articles, and the points of view on this problem are often opposite – from the statement of absolute safety of mobile communication to requirements of its total ban. It is logical to assume that truth somewhere in the middle.
About it it is written, probably, tens of thousands of articles, and the points of view on this problem are often opposite – from the statement of absolute safety of mobile communication to requirements of its total ban. It is logical to assume that truth somewhere in the middle.

Factors of influence and risk

Мобильная связь осуществляется посредством технологии передачи, обработки и приема радиоволн конкретного частотного диапазона Mobile communication is carried out by means of technology of transfer, processing and reception of radio waves of concrete frequency range. Radio waves are generated also natural (for example, the Sun), and artificial sources. They penetrate our atmosphere constantly, and in the majority do not pose threat to people.
But depending on frequency and the power of radio signals they can significantly change background values of a magnetic field of Earth (that is those values for which we already adapted). That mobilka also are capable of it, it is easy to be convinced – bring the calling phone to the radio receiver, or to computer loudspeakers, and you will hear strong cracking; reception of a call or sms can cause effect of the "floating" screen in the monitor, etc.
So, the radiation of mobile phones is much more than values habitual to us. Whether it is dangerous? Yes. But not always.
At first Mirsoveto would like to focus attention on deadly (!) threat – use of phone during a thunder-storm increases risk of a direct hit of a lightning. The statistics speaks about 3 such cases during the season on 1 million population.
In other, not extreme conditions, direct threat of life, of course, is not present. Concerning threat to health – one million opinions. One researchers speak about increase of risk development of leukemia, cancer of marrow, brain tumors (experiences on rats), about sperm decline in quality, decrease in immunity, working capacity, a sleep disorder, etc. Others declare unscientific nature of such experiments and reversibility of influence of electromagnetic radiation on the person (that is, unlike, for example, chemical influence, traces of electromagnetic influence does not remain). By the way, and WHO (World Health Organization) officially holds the last opinion.
To whom to trust? It is hard to say … But for itself it is possible to define two things accurately:
  1. it is not necessary to be afraid of influence of the mobile in panic;
  2. it is necessary to minimize their influence.

What depends on phone model?

Каждая модель мобильного телефона имеет свои значения «экологичности», которые зависят от мощности передатчика, типа и места расположения антенны, материала корпуса и т.д. Each model has the values of "environmental friendliness" which depend on the power of the transmitter, type and the location of the antenna, case material, etc. Unfortunately, the simple user can almost not distinguish them. In descriptions of import phones there is a characteristic "SAR – specific absorption rate" by which determine the number of radiation absorbed by organism fabrics. However, this indicator is very indistinct, well and, of course, the SAR level significantly smaller, than a standard limit is specified everywhere. It is quite obvious that newer models have to be more eco-friendly, now on average SAR=0,8 (3-4 years ago 1,2-1,5), and it does not depend on a brand of the producer. But there are a lot more other nuances (different levels of radiation in various modes of use, under different external conditions, etc.) to learn which it is possible only at direct measurements (for example, having addressed in a local sanstantion or having got the device from the PZ-19 series, PZ-41 – from 80000 rub)

Whether the operator's choice is important?

SIM-карта Generally, no, but in particular – very much even yes. The majority of mobile operators work on the same technology, in the general range of frequencies (900, 1800, 1900 MHz), at the similar equipment therefore with other things being equal characteristics of radiation and phones, and base stations (antennas) will be identical. But:
  1. than the big density of base stations on a certain number of subscribers, that will be the radiation of each concrete mobile phone less (and stations in that case adjust on the smaller power of radiation);
  2. as a result from the first condition, the closer there is a station serving you – the radiation of your phone is less.
From this point of view, it is better to be nevertheless the subscriber of the large operator who provides the maximum zone of an effective covering at the expense of a large number of base stations. Though often happens that in your residential district it is placed only on one station of 3-5 different operators. But at the same time this statement can be double as, the there are less than subscribers (with other things being equal), the less load of a network, so is better communication less than a radiation of your mobile phone. And, considering statistically bigger number of subscribers of the large companies, all corresponding conclusions can be drawn independently.
It is unlikely, of course, someone will be guided by this moment at the operator's choice, but it is useful to know about it, at least. Concerning reduction of influence of the mobile phone, it is important to read some following further of lines.

Distance from the serving cellular antenna

Величина электромагнитного излучения мобильного телефона существенно зависит от расстояния ближайшей (обслуживающей) базовой станции As it was already told, the size of electromagnetic radiation of the mobile phone significantly depends on distance of the next (serving) base station. It is connected with that during removal from BS phone needs to generate constantly more powerful signal on maintenance of communication with it.
Therefore it is obvious that during removal from "tower" the radiation of phone will increase. Thus it is worth to remember that directly under station – too a bad place for communication, after all there you get under "cap", or "a dead zone". Thus, optimum to carry out calls at distance of 80-250 m from the serving antenna. does not mean that it is necessary to remember and know "by sight" each "" station – to watch the network signal indicator enough (the maximum value will testify in most cases to optimum distance).

Optimum mode of use

In various modes the mobile phone radiates different amount of energy, as reduction it can be presented so: Reception of a call –> the subscriber's Call –> the Internet –> Reception of SMS –> Conversation –> Inquiry on USSD (verification of the account, for example) –> the Waiting mode.
Излучение от мобильного Thus, during reception or implementation of a call phone needs to be held not about an ear, and it is desirable in hand, to reduce time of a call a fast raising of a tube. Use of the mobile Internet also has to be limited both on time, and on distance to "vitals".
The talk mode though which was more sparing in comparison with previous, but "makes up" for the at the expense of time (if the call goes 5-30 sec., conversation, as a rule, minute, ten minutes and hours). Therefore here the main recommendations – again restriction on time and "change ooh" in need of long communication. In addition advises also to use a public address system or a wireless font. Though thus the power of radiation of the device increases, but it already far from the head that is very important.
And, at last, it is necessary to remember that in a waiting mode phone too radiates! – due to periodic data exchange with station which externally happens absolutely imperceptibly. Frequency of such "communication" depends on the specific operator, but generally makes time for 2-5 minutes. Such exchanges are short (1-3 sec.), but nevertheless itself should not lay down, for example, phone under the head for the night :) And it is better to switch off in general phone at night as far it from you would not be.
And here where it is better to carry phone? The answer would seem is simple – on as it is possible bigger distance from a body. But we will not carry it constantly in the hand extended forward or aside, correctly? It would be at least strange. To carry the best option in a portfolio or a bag but if those are not available, the choice is not great. When carrying in pockets of clothes has impact on these or those bodies, and therefore if only far away from zhiznennovazhny (the heads, hearts). It is not less important that phone was turned by front part to a body as radiation goes from the antenna of the mobile phone, and it in turn, as a rule, settles down on back part of the case in its top half. Thus, you at least not much more reduce influence of radiation of the mobile phone of.

Culture of mobile communication

По статистике, в 1 из 10 случаев происшествий на дороге происходят по причине разговора по телефону We will not be the first here, but nevertheless we consider not superfluous to tell about culture of communication on the mobile. Conversation partly not only about influence of radiation mobile, but, nevertheless, the councils containing here will help to preserve health and to you, and the people surrounding you.
Let's begin with the banal – use mobile at a wheel. Statistically, in 1 of 10 cases of incidents on the road are the result of a phone conversation. Everyone can tell: "It can happen to anyone, but only not to me". And in the conditions of the city movement where traffic jams where average speed can not exceed a mark of 20 km/h are frequent, perhaps and will be. But nevertheless statistics – a thing severe. And therefore it is necessary to adhere to some rules.
If cannot but talk during the movement, at least, use a font of Hands Free. It can be, as a set of an automobile public address system, or a Bluetooth-font.
But nevertheless would advise to refrain from communication by phone at a wheel. Business even not in, whether hands or not, and in concentration of attention on the road are occupied from you. According to researches, reaction of drivers during a phone conversation is slowed down by 1,5 times, and it is enough of it that at sharp braking at a standard speed in 60 km/h to stop on more than 5 meters further.
    During experiment three professional drivers by identical cars had to be passed, carrying out elements, standard for traffic (turns, dispersal, a detour of obstacles). For the first time any of them did not speak by phone during the movement – and all three passed a distance equally well. For the second time the first driver still should not have talked on mobile, the second used a font, and the third – talked, holding phone in hand. As a result, besides, that the second and third made mistakes when driving, they also considerably lagged behind the first that testifies even to automatic reduction of speed of the movement at a phone conversation.
Therefore if it is ringing really for you it is important, we advise to park and talk, thereby saving people around from possible negative consequences.
Как уменьшить влияние излучения от мобильного One more point in culture of mobile communication – phone conversations in public places. It is not only about an emotional pressure of surrounding people who often do not want to be devoted in your personal records. A question again in influence of radiation of the mobile phone. During conversation radiation extends not only on you, but also in all other parties, i.e. on the people surrounding you. But we will not frighten you, actually a picture with a radiation not such and terrible. At meter distance influence of radio waves of the mobile phone on the person, decreases many times over, so, that from the initial level of influence there are no more than 2%. If the person is near you, say, in the conditions of densely filled public transport, the people surrounding you are also subject to influence of radiation from your phone.
    By the way, a habit to lean against phone an ear from a reverse side (where usually also there is an antenna – a radiation source), for example, when you want to listen about what speaks your familiar with the interlocutor is, in fact, unauthorized hit under influence of radiation. Even at distance of 5 cm radiation remains at the level of 75%.
In other words, observing culture of communication by the mobile phone, you in many respects render service not only yourself, but also relatives (in respect of distance) to people.

On it everything, pleasant and safe communication!
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