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The mixed feeding of the child

Situations of shortage of milk at the nursing mother today not a rarity. And such phenomenon can arise as in the first months after the delivery, and later. In this case the kid starts behaving irritably: there is a concern, tearfulness, intervals between feedings increase. It becomes the reason of the transfer of the child to the mixed feeding.

Why choose the mixed feeding?

Seldom when the choice for synthetic substitutes of maternal milk is made intentionally. In essence, the mixed feeding of the baby is a scheme of feeding which means additional introduction to a diet of the baby of mix. Such food is carried out along with feeding by a breast and often it is preceded by a variety of reasons:

  • prematurity of a fruit;
  • gipogalaktiya;
  • social factors (mother's exit to work, study and so forth);
  • insufficient set of weight of the kid;
  • existence of diseases at mother in the compensated form (problems with respiratory, cardiovascular, kidney systems of an organism);
  • the insufficient content of food ingredients in maternal milk.

Diet at the mixed feeding

At such type of food the daily mode remains free. The only thing that it is required to control is a volume of breast milk as missing quantity will be required to be compensated to the kid. It becomes by means of control weighing. Thus dokorm it is necessary to make only after put the baby to both breasts.

If the missing volume of milk is small, it is better to give it to the kid from a spoon. And here in need of intensive finish feeding expediently to use a small bottle with an elastic pacifier and small openings on the end. It is an important point as incorrectly picked up pacifier size, too big holes lead to that the child swallows big portions of air. As a result, there is frequent vomiting. will tell the readers about all subtleties of process of the mixed feeding.

The correct approach to the mixed feeding

To transfer the baby to an artificial dokorm, it is necessary to adhere to certain rules. Let's consider each of them in more detail:

  1. Dairy mix should be given only after you applied the kid to both chest glands and were convinced that they are completely emptied. It is dictated by that at the beginning of feeding at the baby appetite is most strongly expressed, and he can actively suck a breast. If to begin with artificial mix, you will not calculate necessary volume, and besides after a small bottle it is more difficult to child to suck a breast and he can refuse feeding at all.
  2. In a case when mother is compelled to be absent long time or cannot feed the baby on an etiology, it is possible to resort to such power supply circuit: 2-3 times per day give to the baby only artificial mix, and the rest of the time mother feeds in the natural way.
  3. Optimum option is free diet that the child did not notice changes and was not anxious. Of course, you can feed the kid and according to the schedule, however in that case it is necessary to reduce the frequency of reception of mix on 1 time, in comparison with natural feeding.
  4. At a dokarmlivaniye artificial mix it is necessary to watch that the pacifier in accuracy repeated a mother's nipple – was elastic, was suitable by the size for an oral cavity of the baby, and also had 4-5 openings on the end.
  5. It is also necessary to control temperature of a dokorm – it should not be cold or too hot. Optimum option – to heat mix to 36-38 °C.

Food frustration at the mixed feeding

The system of functioning of a digestive tract of the baby is not up to the end debugged. At natural feeding process of formation and normalization happens systematically and without serious consequences for the baby, however at the mixed food often there are problems.

At full or partial replacement of maternal milk, babies quite often have locks. It occurs as a result of that intestines are still too weak and the natural microflora did not create the protective layer. As a result, digestive organs sharply react to all innovations in a food allowance. For this reason, in the periods between feedings it is necessary to give to the child water.

Except a lock, transfer of the newborn to the mixed type of food can provoke emergence of dysbacteriosis. It is rather simple to distinguish this illness as the chair of the baby gets a liquid consistence of greenish color. Besides, constant gripes and belly-aches start tormenting the child. Therefore, the kid constantly cries and tries to draw in legs to a tummy.

As the reason of emergence of dysbacteriosis the imbalance between the nutrients containing in composition of mix and microflora of an organism of the child acts. As in intestines of babies already there live some species of bacteria, their proportions can be broken after introduction to a feeding up of a new product. As result – violation of functioning of an intestinal path and pain. Often this illness passes independently, however the help of the doctor in certain cases can be necessary. After inspection, experts appoint drugs of group of prebiotics which promote restoration of normal microflora of a digestive tract.

That problems with a chair did not arise, it is very important to provide the kid with enough breast milk. The optimum volume of mix – no more than 1/2 from total of daily feeding, and in ideal conditions less than 1/3. Mother has to make every effort that as it is possible to keep more long a lactation and to increase its intensity.

The false reasons of a dokorm – designate doubts!

Quite often parents choose the mixed feeding as the hasty decision. It can be, both an intended step of mother, and biased judgments which on simple ignorance deprive the baby of maternal milk. Let's consider the main reasons which are a false alarm:

  1. Lack of information. Often young parents perceive certain symptoms of an organism as a frightening factor for an immediate dokorm artificial mix. It is possible to distinguish from those:
    • small amount of milk at decantation;
    • concern of the baby near a breast, refusal of food;
    • mammary glands cease to be filled, the feeling of "inflow" vanishes;
    • on control weighing it becomes visible that the kid exhausts milk a little;
    • excessively gained weight of the baby in the first month of life, and in the subsequent, on the contrary, too small addition;
    • emergence in the baby of belly-aches, diathesis and gripes.
  2. Wrong feeding by a breast: discomfort at a sosaniye, pain, the wrong capture of mammary glands, schooling to a high security of food.
  3. Wrong interpretation of laktatsionny crisis – a certain stage during feeding when there is a feeling of shortage of milk.
  4. Unwillingness of mother to nurse because of fears of loss of elasticity and elasticity of mammary glands.

The above described reasons are not the indication to introduction to a diet of the kid of an artificial dokorm. If there are problems with digestion at the baby – address to the doctor, you should not look for persistently information at female forums and to estimate similarity of symptoms of the child with others cases. Entrust health of the baby to qualified specialists. And the main thing, remember that maternal milk – the life basis for your kid and worthy replacement to it is not thought up yet.

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