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Mirror ceiling in an interior

Mirror ceilings are quite popular decorative element of design of modern interiors. Very often they can be met at offices, bars, hotels, shopping centers or night clubs. But also in usual premises such decorative decision looks very beautifully and originally thanks to what more and more people wishes to create a similar ceiling in the apartment.

Main properties of mirror ceilings

Before being defined, whether it is worth applying the similar design decision in the dwelling, recommends to pay attention to positive and negative sides of mirror ceilings. So, for a start we will consider pluses:

  1. Functionality of a similar design allows to lay in a zone behind a ceiling necessary communications: electric wires and elements of climatic systems. If together with mirror panels to install the punched cartridges, it is possible to provide natural ventilation of the room.
  2. The similar ceiling allows to build in in any its place of a point of lighting. Fine reflection of beams allows to achieve especially bright light in the room.
  3. Also you should not write-off beautiful appearance of mirror panels. Thanks to this solution of design it is possible to expand visually inhabited space, to bring a note of solemnity and refinement in an interior.
  4. Simplicity and ease of installation of suspended systems – one more is positive quality. If the room perimeter rather equal has also no excess corners and ledges – that installation of a ceiling will take not enough time.
  5. Water tightness of material in combination with an additional moisture-proof covering allows to use such mirrors in rooms with high humidity, for example, in saunas.
  6. To repair this type of a ceiling rather simply. Fir-trees you damaged some element of a design, simply replace it new.
  7. The wide choice of kinds of mirror ceilings allows to make unique and original design in each room. You can choose panels of the different size, a form and a shade, and also to combine them in various combinations.
  8. It is quite simple to look after such covering. The glass surface can be cleared by means of window cleaner. Rather periodically to wipe plastic panels, and also a stretch ceiling the soft rag moistened in soap solution. It is not necessary to use cleaning powders as they can scratch a surface and spoil a decorative look. It is possible to apply a mop or the vacuum cleaner with a soft brush to simpler leaving. If the ceiling is mounted correctly, you will not do it any harm.

Having considered all advantages of mirror ceilings, it should be noted also their negative sides:

  1. The glossy surface of a similar ceiling parades even the slightest pollution, especially when it is brightly lit. Besides, the established in saunas and bathtubs, such panels often become covered with water condensate and splashes which are however quite easy for cleaning off by means of detergents.
  2. If glass elements act as material, with them it is necessary to be especially careful and to try not to break.
  3. When in design acrylic or plastic panels are used, before their installation it is required to level a ceiling surface well. This, by itself, additional resources and money.

Kinds of mirror ceilings

There are some types of this covering which differ as the used material:

  1. The tiled ceiling is carried out from mirror plates of a rectangular or square form. Before installation of such design the surface needs to be leveled in the beginning, and then to fix elements by means of special glue or screws.
  2. The rack ceiling happens two types:
    • plastic panels with the reflecting film applied on them. Such covering can consist of separate fragments or to be completely smooth. This material with ease bends and costs not much, however it belongs to fire-dangerous and has property to distort a surface;
    • the aluminum laths covered with the special layer increasing the reflecting ability. From plastic such ceilings differ in the best durability and small weight. Besides, this material does not ignite at the fire and it is considered environmentally friendly.
  3. The false ceiling represents a special mirror film from polyvinylchloride. It is not capable to reflect also well as, for example, glass, the image turns out a little indistinct. It is necessary to fix a film on special profiles, and before installation it is optional to level all surface of a ceiling. Besides, installation of such option of a covering is carried out in rather short terms.

Features of application of a mirror ceiling in registration of the apartment

The charm of the similar design decision consists that it allows even very small the room considerably to increase visually. Let's consider in more detail, in what rooms of your apartment it is possible to apply a mirror covering:

  1. The most widespread option is the mirror ceiling in a bathroom. Feature of this covering with high humidity is in places that on it condensate is formed and the fungus can develop. For this purpose, to avoid such problems, in a bathroom it is better not to mount plastic panels or the whole mirrors, and here the option of a stretch ceiling or aluminum laths quite will approach.
  2. Not bad the similar ceiling in a hall looks. First, it expands space of this, quite small, parts of the apartment, and secondly, serves as a peculiar card of this room. Plastic mirror plates will be excellent option for a corridor.
  3. If you plan to decorate with the reflecting ceiling kitchen, give preference to tension option. Plastic panels are fire-dangerous, and on glass tiles fat accumulates.
  4. In a bedroom and a hall it is possible to use any of types of a covering. In these big rooms there is an opportunity to combine various types of a ceiling, to experiment materials and flowers, to combine mirrors with original lamps.

Unusual ideas for a mirror ceiling

Such decoration of an interior can have both a classical, and original form. For example, mirror panels it is possible to arrange not in one plane, and in several. It is possible to add the lamps giving multi-colored lighting to a design and also to make a ceiling with the fatsety. It is a certain way of processing of glass at which under different corners it is skimmed it and the necessary drawing is created. Such image has many sides which are poured on light and create very beautiful effect. Fatset gives to the general image of the room expressiveness and elegance. It is best of all if the chosen drawing and its color is combined on style with registration of all room.

Charm of a mirror ceiling that it can fit into any interior irrespective of design. Be not afraid of experiments and show the imagination – then your apartment will become the real work of art.

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