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Mini-hotels of St. Petersburg

In unforgettable Soviet period of hotels eternally was not enough! Now, of course, times others. Having traveled much on the native land, I can claim that the first this problem was solved in St. Petersburg. There was it by repair and reorganization under apartments of several adjacent apartments (communal flats). Such peculiar mini-hotel on 3-5-7 numbers turns out.
I suggest readers of to remember unforgettable Soviet (and recent Russian also) times when the trip (the worker or on rest) to any large city of the country, especially, in capital, turned into a nightmare. I mean housing! Hotels eternally are not enough, never you know where will lodge (if lodge!) etc., etc.!
Исаакиевский собор
Now, of course, times others. Both service is higher, and it is more than opportunities (the Internet, you understand!), and nevertheless …

Mini-hotels of St. Petersburg

Having traveled much on the native land, I can claim that the first this problem was solved, and very much, in my opinion, successfully, in the northern capital – St. Petersburg! Also solved ingeniously simply (or it is simply ingenious). Solved in the sense that to reserve housing – not a problem, even during a high season!
There was it by repair and reorganization under apartments of several adjacent apartments (communal flats). Such peculiar mini-hotel on 3-5-7 numbers turns out. With quite standard set of conveniences: a bed, a case (hanger), a table, the TV, a bathroom with a shower cabin. The refrigerator, as a rule, in kitchen where the breakfasts included in cost (and as without it prepare!).
The condition of a number of rooms is usually best of all, than in standard hotels, as it everything – recently reconstructed apartments in the past. It is possible to characterize furniture as "European-quality repair" – plastic windows, new furniture, linen and bathroom equipment – and, in the most standard numbers. In my opinion – level (and the prices!) correspond 3-4*.
В Петергофе
In kitchen sometimes you have also breakfast, sometimes food and drinks give on a tray to number, but anyway it is quite comfortable. Also at any time it is possible to ask to make tea or coffee (sometimes with a bonus in the form of cookies or a chocolate!) or to carry out this operation independently everything in the same kitchen.
Храм Спаса на крови
Democratism in these institutions sometimes reaches even before that to you provide a key from an entrance door (not from a door of your number), and you without participation of traditional concierges arrive and decrease. Though in the stipulated time, the personnel, of course, is present (a breakfast, cleaning, an extract of accounts and other).
At least, 3 moments are remarkable in such approach, in my opinion.
  1. It is cheap, in any case, cheaper, than usual hotels. Respectively, as well as in usual hotels, accommodation cost in the center is higher, than on suburbs or in suburbs, and during a high season of the price grow.
  2. It, in most cases, is available to online-booking, and is frequent without any advance payments, blocking of the sum of day accommodation on a plastic card and other. That is both booking, and cancellation of it is free. After completion of process of booking you are called and specify, whether really you arrive to the marked time and how many plan to live. By the way, extension – is practically always possible.
  3. It, as a rule, in the center! In the center though on the Nevsky, Foundry, on Fontanka or in nearby the located lanes that too is important!

Choice of hotel

It is very simple to choose to himself hotel to taste. Gather in any searcher "St. Petersburg pass hotels" – the mass of links to the hotel sites on demand will surely be opened, and further simply follow instructions. As a rule, on the sites the map of the city with the put arrangement of hotels, metro stations, the next sights, etc. allowing even to orient at ignorance of a place concerning "tsentrovost", proximity to the chosen objects always opens.
Categories of numbers too different – both on one, and on two, and on a family. The cost of accommodation of the child – depending on age. Numbers differ with the size, but service components are identical.
Level of service does not cause any complaints – all at the level. From additional services – the organization of meetings at stations and the airports, booking of tickets, the order of excursions, the fax – in a word, everything, as well as in any hotels.
I will repeat – very conveniently! I several times specially, even when was opportunity to lodge in "normal" hotel, chose "mini-option" – always have that necessary set of services which is required. Of course, scope and magnificence how, for example, in "European" you in mini-hotel will not see, but it is necessary to you? In particular, if you arrived for couple of days on work or to show to the child of beauty of St. Petersburg and vicinities. By the way, quite often as lodgers, you meet also foreigners!
Well, and if you after all, need the status and so on, forget about everything that read!
НА аттракционах Петергофа
Мелководье Финского залива
Мелководье Финского залива
In a word is quite worthy option. Of course, now mini-hotels are in many cities of the country, not only in St. Petersburg. But in this city you, most likely, will appear or in the ancient house, or in ancient, typically Petersburg yard well without uniform tree, in a word – will be able quite to feel magic of this beautiful city!
Try, will not regret!
Типичный питерский дворик

And though the problem with hotels in St. Petersburg, in my opinion, in general is solved, but to readers of I recommend to consider that during a season (vacation, holidays, a season of the white nights) of a problem nevertheless is. In the sense that at this time you should not count on reduction of prices and really it is necessary to imagine that, perhaps, to get to that place where wanted, and it will not turn out …
Вид со смотровой площадки Исаакиевского собора
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