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Use of mineral cosmetics

The mineral cosmetics was actual a set of centuries in a row and today again finds the lost glory. Still beauties of Ancient Egypt allocated with lead powder eyes, and as eye shadow used paste on a copper basis. Today the cosmetics from minerals — is ideal and safe option for each woman.

Features and structure of mineral cosmetics

Apparently from the name, this cosmetics is created only from natural minerals of a natural origin. In turn minerals represent crystal elements of the inorganic nature which were formed as a result of various physical and chemical processes.

The main ingredients of cosmetics from minerals:

  • silk powder;
  • sericite or called also – mica;
  • dioxide of the titan (if to cast away the frightening name, is only a natural pigment of a white shade, absolutely nontoxical);
  • iron oxide (also natural pigments which give to cosmetics brown, red and yellow tone);
  • zinc oxide (also white natural pigment which possesses the drying and antiseptic action);
  • pine forest nitride;
  • indigo, ultramarines, carbon fabrics, the stones of semiprecious and precious type crushed in powder (are used as color pigments of green, blue and violet tones);
  • nacreous ultrathin pigments (by sight are something shining, weightless, creating unusual sparkling effect and color shades).

Feature of modern cosmetics on a mineral basis consists that it is faultlessly applied on skin of any type, absorbs fat content of skin, eliminates visible defects and gives it the uniform shining shade. Thanks to a natural origin of substances, it is rather easily imposed on skin, practically thawing on it. Besides, such elements form a protective thin layer, without making heavier skin, protect it from harmful effects of an ultraviolet, solar direct beams and adverse weather conditions. The make-up done by means of such cosmetics almost does not demand corrections during the day and it is possible even to leave it for the night.

What distinguishes mineral cosmetics from the usual?

  1. The most important difference of cosmetics on minerals from the classical – 100% naturalness of components. It does not contain alcohol, various dyes, synthetic preservatives, a fragrance and other aggressive components. But such cosmetics contains the dioxide of the titan maintaining the humidity, aluminosilicates doing our skin silky, and also the diamond powder which is responsible for preservation of youth of skin.
  2. The mineral cosmetics is optimum for use by people with hyper sensitive skin, and also with tendency to an allergy. Unlike decorative cosmetics, in the mineral zinc oxide is used to reflect sunshine, instead of synthetic sun-protection filters. Also instead of dyes various oxides which color palette as much as possible approaches natural skin color are applied here.
  3. The cosmetics on minerals is distributed on skin very evenly, thus does not leave effect of a sticky mask. While classical powder visually deepens wrinkles, mineral, on the contrary, provides an ideal covering with visually silky skin. Successfully masks heat-spots, wrinkles, reddenings and irritations.
  4. The mineral cosmetics combines the best properties of natural components. For example, sodium guarantees the correct functioning of water balance, potassium actively oxygenates cages, and mica narrows pores, without their blockage.
  5. Except excellent decorative effect, the mineral cosmetics also has the refreshing, weakening and rejuvenating properties, relieving the woman of need of regular visit of SPA salon.
  6. The cosmetics on the basis of mineral substances, unlike decorative, is entirely interchangeable. In other words, shadows can at the same time be applied as blush, and blush can be used as a shade for lips, etc.
  7. The real cosmetics from minerals has practically no restrictions on an expiration date, faultlessly approaches any type of skin, is not showered and does not spread on the person. Functions of skin are not broken, and it continues to breathe.
  8. Elements of mineral cosmetics can be mixed easily among themselves to achieve the necessary shade optimum suitable under tone of skin.
  9. The cosmetics of a mineral origin is very practical and economic in use. To do a make-up, absolutely small quantity of portions of ingredients will be required, and the tiny jar is enough for the long period of use.
  10. The mineral cosmetics well dries skin, relieving it of problems of eels, reddenings, irritation and other negative manifestations.

As it is correct to use mineral cosmetics

Before you begin use of cosmetics on a mineral basis, it is worth learning some factors to which it is necessary to pay attention. So, try to select powder and blush of a friable look as they lay down on skin a uniform layer. They are characterized by more dense texture that does them much more economically.

In addition, the cosmetics of a mineral origin can change the shade, reacting with oxygen. It is useful to know this rule at a powder choice. For elimination of adverse situations, choose tone of powder is a little lighter than the usual. Let's consider some steps which need to be undertaken to put cosmetics on a face competently:

  1. Before a make-up moisten skin.
  2. It is necessary to choose optimum to you a shade, previously testing it on a dry site of skin.
  3. To use for drawing special brushes for a make-up with small pile.
  4. Be prepared for a make-up. For this purpose pour out small amount of powder in a lid, dip in it a brush and shake excessive quantity back. Further put on a face circular smooth manipulations, since cheekbones, a nose, a forehead and move to the lower point of a chin. Also remember a zone of a decollete and a neck not to allow visible borders of drawing.

Some professional cunnings

  1. Saturated make-up. To reach effect of a bright make-up, apply in 10 minutes powder repeatedly, distributing on necessary sites or all person.
  2. Enlarged pores. With such feature of skin it is not recommended to apply powder with circular manipulations. In that case it is put with the light stroking touches from a nose bridge to cheekbones.
  3. Reddenings. To eliminate effects of reddening on skin, it is desirable to apply a little powder on a finger-tip and to shade it in a zone reddening by the smooth movement.

Mineral cosmetics at mature skin

Undoubtedly, the cosmetics of a mineral origin is suitable and for mature skin, however provided that skin in enough receives moistening. If own resources of a body do not give out the demanded indicator of water balance any more, before drawing mineral funds for skin moisten it with qualitative cream. After it entirely is absorbed, it is possible to be accepted to magic jars and brushes safely. After a make-up it is possible to sprinkle a little the person mineral, thermal or usual water from a spray in order that minerals "took seat" on skin more strongly and she received an additional reserve of moisture. After removal of a make-up in the evening, also apply cream that skin did not lack for food.

The cosmetics of a mineral origin, actually, is the optimum decision for correction of age wrinkles and a make-up, thanks to the natural structure. It completely contains natural ingredients, does not prevent "to breathe" to skin, eliminates feeling of a mask on a face, and, above all – does not emphasize a wrinkle and protects skin from aggressive ultraviolet rays.

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