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How to choose the electric meat grinder

The electric meat grinder, 2 minutes having scrolled big amounts of meat in forcemeat, will become big help to those who does not represent the life without various cutlets, zrazas, meat baked puddings. With its help it is possible not only to process meat, but also by means of special nozzles to rub as on grater, vegetables, to cut sausages, to crush something, to prepare house sausage.
Электрическая мясорубка, в 2 минуты прокрутив большое количества мяса в фарш, станет большим подспорьем тем, кто не представляет своей жизни без всевозможных котлет, зраз, мясных запеканок The electric meat grinder, 2 minutes having scrolled big amounts of meat in forcemeat, will become big help to those who does not represent the life without various cutlets, zrazas, meat baked puddings. With its help it is possible not only to process meat, but also by means of special nozzles to rub as on grater, vegetables, to cut sausages, to crush something, to prepare house sausage and even to squeeze out juice. The food processor not always well carries out functions of the meat grinder because of a lack of power and features of a design therefore sometimes there is a question of acquisition of the separate device.
Someone will be limited to the mechanical manual meat grinder, others will decide to get the electric. And if at a choice of the ordinary mechanical meat grinder all recommendations can be consolidated to that it is necessary to track quality of metal and processing of details, in a case with the electromeat grinder the situation is more difficult as parameters to which it is necessary to pay attention upon purchase, it is significantly more. But about everything one after another.


First of all, at a choice of the electric meat grinder, it is important to learn its power. It is the key parameter because the low-power equipment will not be simple to cope with the task, and, therefore, it can be absolutely useless in economy. Value from 1000 W though there are also "babies", which power of 200-400 W is optimum. Such parameter as productivity (this number of kilograms of meat which the electromeat grinder in one minute is capable "to turn") also is connected with power. As a rule, at the power of 1000 W of the meat grinder are capable to overwind from 0,8 to 1, 3 kg of meat.
Мясорубка Kenwood MG-510 - одна из самых мощных мясорубок will stop on such small nuance which often buyers should face at a choice: two electric meat grinders with an identical productivity have different power, sometimes twice differing from each other. For example, Kenwood MG-510 (1600 W, 2 kg/min.) and Tefal ME 7001 (800 W, 2 kg/min.). Of course, the first possesses a sufficient stock of power and with ease will process meat, even cut by large pieces (though you should not abuse it nevertheless). And at the same time it is impossible to tell that the electromeat grinder from Tefal considerably is inferior to the competitor. It can quite scroll the same volume for the same time, only when using by it it is desirable to avoid the giving moments on an electric motor of big loading (previously to cut all milled products more small, more carefully to cut out small bones and veins from meat). It does not mean at all that in case of a choice of more powerful meat grinder, you will be relieved of the same preliminary preparations. In other words, at careful use of a difference in operation of these two meat grinders you can not feel. Difference will be shown only at the moments of the maximum loading.
The second parameter not less important is a material of which the device is made. In principle, anything terrible that the case is made of plastic, no. It is special food plastic, rather strong to maintain the loading falling on the case (it small). Internal details – the screw, knives, lattices – have to be obligatory metal as on them all loading lays down during the operation of the electric meat grinder.
The screw (and this word still will often meet) is the main detail of a helicoid form, on it knives and nozzles fasten. At rotation the screw advances meat from an entrance mouth to an exhaust outlet. Sometimes electric meat grinders are completed at once with two screws: metal for meat and plastic for soft berries and fruit (for example, Tefal ME7011, cost of model makes about $160).
Электрическая мясорубка Tefal ME7011 Be surely convinced of that the device will be safe, and neither you, nor your relatives will not be able to do to themselves injuries on imprudence. The design has to be such that after turning on of the device it was impossible to reach fingers the screw. This foremost safety requirement!
Knives, as well as the screw, are very important components. At a meat grinder choice surely pay attention to their quality. Knives have to be made of good steel, periodically they should be sharpened (it is recommended to do it in a workshop, but many users manage by own efforts). The steel is more qualitative, the less often it is required to sharpen a knife. It is possible to find models of electric meat grinders which knives do not demand sharpening in general: it either high-quality steel, or the self-sharpened knife. At the correct operation they will serve years.
Lattices for forcemeat represent the punched disks with openings of different diameter. Disks (2-3 pieces) surely go in a set therefore you will be able to cook forcemeat of various consistence, simply changing them.

Additional options

Электрическую мясорубка Producers offer us the wide range of additional options that will allow to use more widely the meat grinder, does it safer and convenient in use. Let's look, what else opportunities the modern electric meat grinder can possess. Some "gadgets" can have some names, will try to give everything the most often meeting.
Reverse (an automatic reversion, the return scrolling) – rotation of the screw in the opposite direction. Will help to cope with the got stuck vein – at a reverse will simply push out it towards an entrance opening. If your model of the electric meat grinder has no this function, it is necessary to disassemble the device and to take that stirs it to work, manually.
Protection of the motor. It can be used or an electric safety lock (sometimes call the automatic breaker of a chain) or the plastic plug safety lock (mechanical blocking) on the screw. What way would not be used, the purpose one – to protect the motor from an overheat and overloads. Not really long ago there were models with a protective heatelement – at achievement of maximum permissible value of temperature it works, and the engine is switched-off. In some models also glass safety locks are used.
Tray (a loading platform, a tray, trey, tray) with an opening. Fastens from above on an entrance opening of the meat grinder (mouth), allows to provide with big convenience giving of an initial product, as a mouth rather narrow. Thus small slices will not fall by, and round the device there will be no blood puddles from meat. Except purity maintenance function, the tray is also means of increase of safety during the operation of the electric meat grinder.Производители предлагают нам широкий диапазон дополнительных опций, что позволят более широко использовать мясорубку, делает ее более безопасной и удобной в пользовании It is considered that the more a tray, the better. But nevertheless advises to choose models with such tray which will seem convenient to you – and, most likely, you will intuitively prefer model with a tray of the average size. As material plastic or metal can serve. If according to all other characteristics the meat grinder with a plastic loading platform is pleasant, try to estimate quality of the material. The good food plastic used in trays, in principle, not strongly concedes to metal. If it is obvious that plastic bad, is better to refuse purchase because such tray not only will be excessively subject to scratches, but also will quickly fail, and it will be already not so convenient to use the electromeat grinder without it.
The pusher is intended in order that it is safest to advance a product through a mouth to the screw. For bigger efficiency its form such is that gaps between walls of a pusher and a mouth does not remain.
Nozzle to "kebba" (also the option "cube" is used). An original nozzle by means of which it is possible to receive hollow tubules. As a result something turns out like "the stuffed sausages". Exotically and funny, but, nevertheless, a thing quite widespread, it completes many models of electric meat grinders.
Nozzle for sausages. With its help it is possible to prepare house sausages easily: the natural cover fastens on this nozzle, a nozzle – on the screw, and you need only to control process of filling of future sausage forcemeat.
The juice extractor for a citrus is also quite widespread option.
МясорубкаVegetable cutters, shredders and graters. They have an appearance of cylinders (drums, glasses) with openings. Depending on a form of openings it is possible to receive plates, shaving of various size. Speed of the shredder is sufficient big, and the electric meat grinder will not be inferior in it to the food processor.
The nozzle for cookies is intended for receiving various figured sausages from dough which vposledstiviya (or directly at the time of operation of the device) are knifed on separate pecheninka.
Disks for macaroni, spaghetti and house noodles. Meet infrequently, and are probably interesting only to those who regularly indulges house pasta. For example, such disks are available in the Philips HR 2725 model worth about $130.
Formochki for cutlets allow to form from ready forcemeat of a cutlet of identical size. Absolutely optional option for the meat grinder, agree. But, nevertheless, many producers include it in a set.

In shop

So, you, considered, decided on quantity and a type of nozzles and lattices, came to shop and choose. At this moment it is most important to look at workmanship of the electromeat grinder, quality of knives, perhaps.
Как выбрать электрическую мясорубку Right there check, the meat grinder as storage of additional accessories is organized (for example, there are models with a box for storage of nozzles), what length of a cord and how its storage is organized is how compact (whether there is a separate compartment).
Be convinced that the device possesses sufficient stability (by the way, meat grinders rather heavy).
Look, whether the exhaust outlet on height, perhaps is conveniently located, it is necessary to get at once a special bowl for forcemeat. From this point of view, the "exit", the best of all, more conveniently will be located above. But it not an occasion to refuse from suitable according to characteristics, design and the price of the electric meat grinder.
Naturally, just before purchase it is necessary to check, whether in the worker a state the device. Be not frightened that noise with which the electric meat grinder – all of them approximately works and work. It should not push away you from the planned purchase, you will turn on the meat grinder for about two minutes, no more, and therefore such parameter as noise level, is not so critical.

It, perhaps, everything that we wanted to tell about electromeat grinders. The average cost of an average on functionality and a set of nozzles of the device makes $100-150. In the market of kitchen equipment there are many known brands: Moulinex, Braun, Vitek, Tefal, Panasonic, Philips, Delonghi, Scarlett, Binatone, Bork, Kenwood and others.
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