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How to choose dairy products

Milk – extremely useful product. It contains digestible microcells, amino acids, calcium, phosphorus, and fermented milk products are a source of bacteria, necessary for digestion. But whether there will be such useful dairy products which are on sale in our shops? How competently to choose dairy products – we will tell in this article.
It is known that milk – extremely useful product. It contains digestible microcells, amino acids, calcium, phosphorus, and fermented milk products are a source of bacteria, necessary for digestion. But whether there will be such useful dairy products which are on sale in our shops? How competently to choose dairy products – we will tell in this article.

Information on a label

Как выбирать молочную продукцию Today it is only possible to be glad for quality of milk and dairy products. The experts estimating them in 2009 unanimously agree in opinion that they became much better. As the reason adoption of the special federal law under the name "Technical Regulations on Milk and Dairy Products" (of 12.06.2008) which is based on concepts of safety of dairy products, its productions and utilization served. It is the first bill of such level in which all aspects of activity of producers of dairy products for preservation of health of the Russian consumers, protection of their rights, and also environment are in detail stated. Thus violation of this law will cause serious punishment.
However, having come to shop, it is not always possible to understand at once what exactly this or that capacity contains. And if earlier registration of a label was not controlled in any way and with an inscription "milk" could contain in container anything reminding it, now according to Tekhreglament such cannot be. Today the law gives accurate formulations of various dairy products which the producer is obliged to specify on a label.
So that means under various inscriptions on this or that product:

Inscription on packing



Product of normal physiological secretion of mammary glands of farm animals, without any additions to this product or extraction of any substances from it.

Milk components


Solids (milk fat, milk protein, dairy sugar (lactose), enzymes, vitamins, mineral substances), water.

Whole milk

Milk which components were not affected by means of their regulation.

Drinking milk


Milk with a mass fraction of fat no more than 9% (without use of powdered whole milk, powdered skim milk).

Dairy product

It is made from milk and (or) its components without use of not milk fat and protein.

Dairy compound product

The foodstuff made from milk and (or) dairy products without addition or with addition of by-products of processing of milk and not dairy components.

Thus in a ready-made product of components of milk has to be more than 50%, in ice cream and sweet products of processing of milk – more than 40%;

Milk-containing product

The foodstuff made from dairy and not dairy components, but thus the mass fraction of solids of milk has to be not less than 20%.

Cottage cheese

The fermented milk product made with use of fermenting microorganisms.

Cottage cheese product

The dairy product, dairy compound product or milk-containing product made from cottage cheese and (or) products of processing of milk. Presence of not dairy components is allowed.

Cow's milk oil

Dairy product or dairy compound product on an emulsion fatty basis which prevailing component is milk fat.

Creamy and vegetable spread

Product of processing of milk on an emulsion fatty basis the mass fraction of the general fat in which makes from 39 to 95%, and a mass fraction of milk fat – from 50 to 95%.


The dairy product or dairy compound product made with use of special ferments and technologies.

Cheese product

The milk-containing product made according to the production technology of cheese.

Milk processing product the restored

It is made from the concentrated or dry product of processing of milk and water.

Milk processing product the recombined

It is made from products of processing of milk and (or) their separate components and water.


If contents of packing do not correspond to its description, this gross violation and goods admits a counterfeit. So, for example, under any pretext the word "oil" on packing with spread, or the concept "dairy", "creamy", "ice cream" is not allowed to be used when marking ice cream which part vegetable fat, etc. is.
Молочная продукция на витрине Exist as well other rules of registration of a label. The address and the name of the producer, his trademark, structure of a product, a date of issue and expiration dates (which have to be well readable), storage conditions, number of party, designation of the standard, normative or technical documentation according to which production is made have to be surely specified. And, of course, on a label there has to be information on confirmation of compliance to requirements of Technical Regulations. All this information the buyer also has the right to learn and from private sellers, for example, in the market.
There is still a big list of that without fail it has to be specified on a label therefore if all necessary information is not located on it, the producer has to supply this product with a leaf insert and transfer him to the seller. And already the seller is obliged to bring his contents to the buyer. Therefore any consumer has the right to take an interest at the seller in such information. It is possible to learn about existence of additional documents on this product, having read the phrase on a label: "Additional information - see a leaf insert".
    At a product choice always pay attention to integrity of packing, and if it is broken, it is impossible to buy goods.
What else information can be the guarantor of what you get qualitative dairy products? These are signs of certification, voluntary certification, a sign of the declaration on compliance, a sign of that the product is made according to the international or national standards, the containing similar requirements.
    The highest guarantee qualitative dairy products is certification not of a separate product, but the production at the enterprise. It says about its high level, about quality of the products released by it, and that this producer values the name.

Quality of dairy products

Молочные продукты All know that dairy products very quickly spoil. Certain, first of all, temperature conditions are necessary for its storage. Therefore it is possible to get these products only in places where their correct storage is provided. It can be shops, supermarkets, drugstores, specialized distributing points and the markets. But in any way not from hands in the places which are not equipped for trade in food, in unclear vans, booths to which sometimes even the electricity is not brought and so on. According to experts, the condition of refrigerators is that, on what the competent consumer surely has to pay attention at a choice of dairy products as milk cannot be stored out of the refrigerator more than 2 hours at all.
Also it would be desirable to give some practical advice at the choice of dairy products. For this purpose we will take the most running of them.
Milk. Speaking about advantage of milk, it is worth paying attention to ways of its processing for extension of expiration dates which have to be reflected in packing. Pasteurization is a heating of milk to temperature approximately to 65 degrees. Thus milk is disinfected and keeps useful properties, however the expiration date will make only some days. Sterilization, that is boiling increases periods of storage, but thus useful properties of milk much more decrease (for example, the content of calcium decreases twice). And milk of long storage (before half a year) can turn out only at addition of preservatives of sorbic acid or benzoate of sodium.
Whether to define whole milk you bought, pour it in a glass and look at the formed foam. In a case when foam is formed and some time remains, it is possible to say that you got whole milk. If milk is restored, that is made of dairy powder and water, foam will practically not be. Besides, such milk can cause an allergy, the destroyed protein in dairy powder becomes the reason of that.
Cottage cheese. Qualitative fresh cottage cheese has to be by sight uniform, gently cream color, and on a smell not strongly, and slightly sourish. If cottage cheese is on sale in briquettes, their form should not be broken.
Yogurt. The advantage of yogurts is not unambiguous. In a pure look it is the liquid fermented milk product which is well influencing digestion process. However that nobody uses it since it is tasteless. Therefore producers bring such product into the satisfactoriest state for the consumer, adding fruit, muesli, and also dyes, flavoring additives, thickeners, stabilizers, and, of course, preservatives there. How all these substances influence a human body, you can read in the article "Injuriousness of Food E-additives". At a choice of yogurts, will advise to pay attention to expiration dates, first of all. The most useful are those yogurts which period of storage makes from 3 days to 3-4 chilled weeks. If on packing the expiration date over one month, it any more not yogurt, and other product which is not containing useful live biological organisms is specified.
Cheese. Most often cheeses are on sale in the cut look and marked by the store price tag that deprives of the buyer of opportunity to read information from the producer. Therefore it is necessary to consider attentively a piece of cheese before to get it. On cheese there should not be traces of a mold and moisture, and also a musty, unpleasant smell. The consistence and color of cheese surely have to be identical on all depth of a cut.
Oil. Oil surely has to be made in accordance with GOST, otherwise it not oil, and other product any more. It is necessary to distinguish oil from spread as the last is a product with the maintenance of big percent of vegetable fats. The real butter is better to choose what is packed into the foil wrapper keeping more than its useful properties.Как выбирать молочную продукцию At the room temperature butter, becoming more softly, should not get out of the shape, have a sweetish smell, and on a cut small droplets of moisture have to act.

And in the conclusion it would be desirable to tell that we understand, any modern buyer is how strongly overloaded with information. But substandard dairy products can become threat to your health. Therefore today only personal consumer literacy of everyone is a condition of preservation of your health, time and money.
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