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Micellar water for removal of a make-up

Many already tried on themselves miracle influence of thermal water, but progress does not stand still, and in this season there was popular a micellar water. Heard hundreds about it, tried tens, but every day this cosmetology innovation gets the increasing number of admirers. What is the micellar water and how it helps to support natural beauty?

Appearance of micellar water does not differ from usual drinking water at all. The smell too does not give out presence of unusual properties if means does not contain additives. However it is worth carrying out on the person the wadded tampon moistened in micellar water and at once it becomes clear, in what its force. This water solution contains droplets micelles, microscopic active parts which not only are not distinguishable visually, but are not even capable to do much harm somehow to skin.

The principle of work of micellar water consists in soft impact on skin of esters of fatty acids. Micelles attract and hold excess fat and the dirt which accumulated in a time therefore the moistened tampon it is enough one easy movement to clear skin.

The main advantage of this byyuti-means that it is capable to remove the smallest parts of fat, without having done much harm even to hyper sensitive skin. Besides, micellar water blocks activity of the majority of the inflammatory processes proceeding on the top layers of skin. Inflammations can have the different nature – incorrectly picked up cosmetics, seasonal sensitivity, kuperoz or acne rash.

The multipurpose structure helps not only quickly and effectively to wash away a make-up, but also to clear skin of pollution, to soften and tone up. In spite of the fact that water deletes fat, it is impossible to overdry it skin – the micellar structure does not contain alkali and especially alcohol!

Why micellar water is necessary

Make-up – daily "charging" for each woman on whom at least 10-15 minutes and leave in the morning in slightly less evening. For removal of a make-up there is a set of means, but still they were characterized by "local" influence – a milk for eyes, cheek and forehead toner etc. And who from us did not face a problem of the smeared ink when it is necessary to rub strongly eyelids or several times to change wadded tampons? Micellar water will allow to forget about long nightly physical exercise in front of the mirror and to do demakiyazh all in a couple of minutes!

Wonderful water was invented by the French cosmetologists in hope to facilitate life to people with hyper sensitive skin, to small children and elderly people with age dermatological problems. However would be a crime to hide such valuable find from the world and to use only in the medical purposes. Approximately and the French cosmetology companies thought and quickly retrained micellar water in fine means for removal of a make-up and care of any skin.

Micellar water – the softest and safe means on care of skin. Today there is no more perfect means which would allow to calm instantly sensitive skin, to do it soft and gentle as at the child.

Water solution does not contain surfactant, alcohol or alkali therefore it is possible to call it absolutely hypoallergenic means which will be suitable for any skin at any age.

We choose the best micellar water

The manufacturing techniques of micellar water were adopted quickly by the leading global cosmetic manufacturers, however each of them has "highlight" which forces to buy (or not to buy) water of this brand. Extracts of herbs which can cause an allergy can be such "highlight" as useful additions in the form of the moistening components, and not really, for example.

So, before buying water, examine its structure. If you have a sensitive skin, avoid such components as a lavender, rosemary or a rose. Availability of glycerin and a pantenol testifies to high quality of water.

Naturally, reaction of skin of the person to means is strictly individual therefore to find "" I carry it is possible only after try all best options. suggests to study characteristics of micellar water of the most famous brands and to choose for itself optimum option.


Micellar Loreal Paris Skin Perfection water if to trust advertizing, has to clear skin of a make-up one easy movement, humidify and tone up skin. Actually means actually pleasantly surprises with the efficiency. Micellar water of the Loreal brand perfectly deletes any, even the most resistant cosmetics, even waterproof ink and an eyeliner on which usually leaves most of all time. Means does not overdry skin, makes the softening impact and that is important, does not pinch at hit in eyes. One more pleasant news – rather low cost of means in firm shops.


Micellar water from the cosmetic company Bioderma is presented in two variations - bioderma Solution micellaire and bioderma Sebium H2O. The first means is issued in a gentle-pink bottle and is characterized by soft influence even not hyper sensitive skin. But at all the softness and harmlessness, this water cannot cope with an eyeliner or ink for once. Powder and foundation are removed without problems one easy movement, however after cleaning with water additional washing is required. Bioderma Solution micellaire is ideally suited to take it with itself in the road, on rest or in a campaign. Naturally, in a campaign optional to do a make-up, but water will help to support the person in constant purity.

As for the second product of Bioderma under the laconic name Sebium H2O, in practice it proved to be not from the best party. This micellar water can wash away cosmetics only from face skin, but not from eyelids and eyelashes as very much pinches after hit in eyes. But to people with fat skin it will come in handy – water perfectly deletes fat and gives to skin an opaque shade.


Micellar water from the glorified cosmetic giant Vichy proved as the road among similar production of rival firms. If to speak openly, unfairly expensive as according to some characteristics it concedes to cheaper means. So, the micellar structure of Vichy perfectly copes with removal of powder and foundation only one movement, however it is necessary to tinker with ink and an eyeliner, having wiped 3-4 times. Solution does not pinch an eye and would be ideal means for a demakiyazh, if not its frightening cost.


Bourjois – one of favourite cosmetic brands of modern youth offering bright shadows, qualitative hulks and super-strong nail varnishes but how about its micellar water? After use of micellar structure from Bourjois pleasant softness and velvet of skin is felt. A hint on tightness and discomfort in the form of a poshchipyvaniye of eyes during removal of a make-up from eyelids. However the only, but very unpleasant minus after all is present at production of Bourjois – after drying of water there is a feeling of stickiness which is not explained by neither structure (absolutely usual structure), nor specifics of production. However stickiness passes later short time, and it is succeeded by feeling of purity and comfort. If you cannot suffer unpleasant feeling, simply wash or wipe a face tonic.

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