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Use of a melamine sponge

Melamine sponges in the market of cleaning goods appeared a few years ago, but disputes on than what in them it is more still do not cease: advantage or harm? The Internet dazzles with articles, as about miracle properties of melamine to get deep into surfaces and to remove even century dirt, and about danger which is concealed in itself by a small sponge. Where the truth and where fiction, will tell today.

Advantage of melamine sponges

First of all, melamine sponges attract buyers simple uses: to remove dirt, it is necessary to wet only a sponge in water and to wipe a spot, any additional cleaners it is not required.

The sponge is made their melamine pitch which by processing turns into foam and gets the same abrasive properties, as well as an emery paper, with only one difference, thanks to special technology of a time turn out open and the sponge remains soft. What is "an open time"? To answer this question, it is necessary to imagine "close pores" are a type of foam which does not let out the air from a time, and they look as balls which are put together. And here the opened time is the same balls but only which burst and was a little blown off, but generally the shape did not get out of. This burst time among themselves intertwines, and at the expense of it there is a roughness which copes with dirt spots. Sponge fibers thin and elastic therefore when bending it does not break.

The clearing properties of a sponge are that melamine foam can enter in a spot, and all for couple of pressing breaks link of spots with a surface and dirt instantly starts disappearing. Dirt particles from a surface pass into a melamine time, there and are late. The sponge with ease fights against all types of pollution. It does not scratch the most part of surfaces, and at average impurity one sponge is capable to make pure to ten square meters of a surface.

If to compare a melamine sponge with ordinary porolonovy, the last consists of the small vials of air which as if are stuck together among themselves therefore interacting with dirt, it simply pounds it on a surface while melanin thanks to the keen edges, gets in a spot and soaks up in herself dirt.

It is possible to use a sponge both dry, and wet, it is possible to add detergents, and it is possible to do and without them. You should not rinse it often under water as an open time remarkably constrains soft dirt.


The scope of a melamine sponge is rather huge, she can cope with dirt on equipment, a tile, bathroom equipment. By means of water and easy movements it is possible to clean spots even from such fragile surfaces as mirrors, a tree, plastic, glass, chrome, thus does not leave behind scratches and stains. It is only necessary to moisten in warm water a sponge and to wipe a spot. Thanks to the porous structure melamine is held in itself by dirt, and thus a sponge successfully:

  1. Cleans strips from footwear on a parquet and linoleum.
  2. Cleans a trace from a marker or blackened therefore it is not replaceable in the house with small children.
  3. Clears the keyboard.
  4. Clears the washing wall-paper.
  5. Cleans soap stains.
  6. Fights against a limy raid.
  7. Clears plastic and office equipment.
  8. Cleans all surfaces in a bathroom.
  9. Clears practically all surfaces. But it is worth remembering that at intensive pressing the sponge is quickly erased.
  10. Sponges it is possible to clean also ware, but it is not necessary to do it daily, but only in case of emergency. And after you clean ware, wash it usual means for washing of ware and wipe a dry rag.

Dangerous properties of a sponge

There is such opinion that the melamine sponge is toxic. And in spite of the fact that it does not cause allergic manifestations and does not irritate skin at influence, nevertheless the prevention that you should not wash with a sponge those things which will adjoin to food is written to instructions. And here in what business. Melamine in itself is not dangerous, its toxicity aspires to zero and it is possible to compare it, for example, to table salt. Getting to an organism, it leaves it with urine. But its dangerous properties are that passing on kidneys, melamine can settle in them, causing an urolithic illness. This dangerous property of substance was revealed four years ago and absolutely incidentally when one Chinese producer added part of melamine to powdered milk. As a result, more than 50 thousand children got to hospital with diseases of an urinary system.

At intensive application the sponge is erased, so that microparticles can always remain on a surface which cleaned and for this reason do not recommend to wash sponges the dishes. But if you nevertheless need to wash up such surface, after processing by melamine, well wash out ware and kitchen accessories water.

Besides, it is necessary to hide sponges from children and pets and if so it happened that the slice of a sponge got to an organism, do not panic and address to the doctor.

You should not moisten a sponge in very hot water, only in warm as when heating melamine becomes more toxic. Though it concerns melamine ware which is not recommended to be heated more but if you worry, do not heat also a sponge better.

Some more negative moments which can arise when using of a sponge. They do not treat health of the person, but too take place to be. So, it is not recommended to wipe a product sponge, varnished, paint or enamel as it is possible to damage their surface. It is accurately necessary to wipe glass as melamine can scratch it, it concerns also plastic products. Therefore before beginning cleaning of dirt with melamine sponges, at first try to carry out procedure on an imperceptible site. It is also necessary to consider that qualities of these sponges can significantly differ at different producers therefore choose only the checked suppliers.

The instruction to application

Before application of a sponge, moisten it in water and accurately wring out, having put thus between palms. You should not wring out it twisting as a usual porolonovy sponge as it is possible to break. It is necessary to wipe a surface not all sponge but only its corner, so it will serve much more long. Because, becoming soiled, melamine changes structure of the surface and becomes fragile, and over time when using is erased. Therefore if you rub only a corner, using a sponge as an eraser, it will be gradually erased and if to rub at once all surface, it will simply crumble. If you need to clean small pollution, it is possible to use not all sponge at once, and to cut off from it a slice.

You should not wash with it food, and also it is not necessary to use for washing of a body. And at all not to use a sponge together with the washing substances which contain chlorine because though melamine in itself is not toxic, but in connections with chlorine it that becomes.

Also it will be correct to work with a melamine sponge in gloves, it will not affect your skin in any way, and here the diligent friction can thoroughly impair a little your manicure.

Of course, to speak about a melamine sponge as about panacea from all spots and types of dirt is not necessary. But it can quite facilitate work to each hostess.

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