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How to get acquainted with the guy

How to get acquainted with the guy? For girls this question really very serious. After all somehow it was so moved that the man has to take the first step. How to do so that also not to spoil reputation, and to meet young people? shares reasons and instructions.
Как познакомиться с парнем, знакомство с парнем How to get acquainted with the guy? For girls this question really very serious. After all somehow it was so moved that the man has to take the first step. Here also it turns out that the whole army of girls waits for the prynets on a white horse instead of to take the first step and to get acquainted with any pleasant young man. The same who not in "that regiment", are all the same limited to a strict eye of society and a framework of morals. How to do so that also not to spoil reputation, and to meet young people? shares reasons and instructions.

Preparation for acquaintance: cleaning of plumelets

Чистка перышек If already you decided to leave in the field of battle for man's attention, you should not stuff yourself the head with that in the nature man's individuals especially effectively look only in order that the female individual could choose to herself the very best partner for a reproduction. Alas, reality such is that ladies should clean plumelets now to entice into the magical networks of gentlemen. And, the law of direct proportionality works here: the lady is more well-groomed, the she can count on more solid gentleman. Therefore we raise a bar above and we go to register to the next sports hall. Yes, now the frightening leanness at all not in fashion, but in fashion a healthy lifestyle, and a sound mind, as we know, in a sound body. Therefore, centimeters on a waist all are also important, as before, but now it is not obligatory at all to try to push itself in once treasured 90-60-90.
Spent all the available funds for the sports hall? It at all not an occasion to refuse a manicure-pedicure-make-up and other female sacraments. However, now you should do all this independently. Do not forget about an epilation. Very of course, anybody does not say to you that you in the first day of acquaintance to the guy will go to It to a bed (by the way, sometimes it is possible and not to refuse so passionate adventures), however smooth feet will give you confidence in the charm.
And, actually, about "plumelets". guarantees you attention of men if you are dressed always a little more extravagantly, than that is demanded by a situation. Follow the fashion, study fashionable tendencies and try to put on stylishly in any circumstances.
Hairdress. It is only possible to dream of such hair as in advertizing of well-known shampoo when the girl only waved the head, and men began to be stacked literally in the eyes, than gave the owner of a head of hear joy to park on the unique patch. In actual fact shampoo appeared not so effective therefore to attract men with hair, do masks for hair, use special balms with gloss. Before an exit from the house puff on hair the favourite perfume.
Always remember that beauty – terrible force. Therefore use its means to the full extent.

We come for hunting: where and how to get acquainted

Если подходить глобально к поиску парня, то стоит даже поменять работу на такую, где вы будете окружены мужчинами And the first question – where we leave. The answer is simple, there, where many men. If to approach globally search of the guy, it is worth even changing work on such where you will be surrounded by men. Get a job in shop on sale of computers, men's wear, tobacco products, expensive wines and cognacs, or in a gym, the airport, the business center. Of course, office romances are not positive in all aspects. But even if you will not meet the big love, simply lift the self-assessment, will feel as far as you are attractive and desired. Practice shows that under the influence of such fluids the woman starts blossoming and attracting to herself even more man's views.
If to change work it is not real at all, for an institution of acquaintance to the guy dilute the habitual route of Dom-Rabota-Dom with points where the big congestion of an opposite sex is observed. It can be restaurants, discos, sports clubs, driving lessons. Yes, in discos to strike up acquaintance to the nice guy rather easily, but to meet love of all life in such a way rather difficult. Though in life everything happens, and it is not known, from what party the happiness will come.
And, especially, never refuse acquaintance if the guy to you seemed at least to the little pleasant. Perhaps, will seem to you a bad form to get acquainted in transport, but remember history of a meeting of the main characters of the movie "Moscow Does Not Trust Tears". Of course, the fairy tale lie and in it a hint. Therefore smile to the guy who addressed to you in the bus or a share taxi, perhaps acquaintance to it is traced in your destiny.
Ваша инициатива должна заключаться в улыбке, проницательном взгляде Do not hesitate most to show an initiative. However, most it is recommended to begin acquaintance too not really that, God forbid, the man did not have about you a bad opinion. Therefore your initiative has to consist in a smile, sharp eyes, the weakened open pose (do not cross a hand on a breast – such pose automatically closes you not only from acquaintances, but also from communication). Wink at the man, stridently look at him: do not forget that any guy needs a signal to take the first step to acquaintance. Will be ideal if men round you are in a condition of "yellow color", in such expectation and dreams of you, and only you will give one green color. On envy the rest and on pride to the winner.
Especially important point – to understand whom you want to meet. Of course, the prince on a white horse are dreams of the childhood. Also it is worth understanding, as that infinite list of merits which you made for detection in the candidate, - all this in reality most often will not go in in one person. Of course, to bring for this reason some men – obvious search, but anyway, it is necessary to be ready to that ideal men do not happen. After all for certain and in you there is about ten another of shortcomings. Therefore do not raise your bar to a ceiling, be more tolerant. At the same time it is worth following accurately the principles and not to be exchanged for men whom you consider improper for yourself.

How to behave during acquaintance

Познакомившись с парнем, используйте простые психологические приемы Having got acquainted with the guy, use simple psychological receptions. For example, talk to it, using words from its lexicon, it is imperceptible for it duplicate its gestures. Be the attentive listener. Admire his merits – men like to seem strong, erudite, clever before the woman. Accidentally concern the man and track his reaction. Sometimes such contacts decide everything in setting of the relations, and a merit in that spark that will slip between you at the time of a touch.
Your first meeting will end by all means with an exchange of phones. If the man himself did not take this step, be not upset and do not ask phone number at all. After all, all initiative has to remain in the man's hands, and a role of the woman only to direct the man.

Dreaming of romantic acquaintance to the guy of your dream, the most important – not to go in cycles in expectation. The meeting happens when you least of all expect it. At the same time you have to be always ready to acquaintance to the man. wishes you to lead full life, to enjoy every minute and to be open for new acquaintances!
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