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Medicinal properties of a clover

The Russian land long since is famous for herbs about which advantage our ancestors knew. But, unfortunately, the set of secrets, recipes of collecting and preparation of herbs, were lost or forgotten under the influence of fast development of modern medical technologies though that can bring big benefit for health, than gifts of the nature?

One of such wonderful natural substances is the clover about which curative properties knew in ancient times. Purposefully the clover started being grown up in the 16th century, till these times the knowledge of advantage of a clover was imparted among healers and doctors not only in Russia, but also in ancient China. This plant is capable to relieve of many illnesses and to reduce negative manifestations of serious diseases. The kind of this plant under the name a clover enjoys special popularity red (meadow).

Where to find a clover

Red clover – rather widespread herb in Russia. This grassy plant belongs to family bean, grows on meadows, forest edges and glades, along roads, it is also possible to meet him on coast of the rivers. The period of blossoming of a clover begins in June, by August on it already there are fruits – created an inflorescence which most often and are applied to preparation of medicines. Also use leaves and rhizomes of a clover.

Useful substances

The clover is rich in the maintenance of useful microcells and vitamins, this plant – a source of useful substances, such as:

  • mineral substances and organic acids;
  • natural pitches;
  • essential oils;
  • tannins;
  • vitamins A, B, C, E, K;
  • microcells among which It should be noted such as: copper, magnesium, iron, phosphorus, calcium potassium, sulfur, silicon, zinc;
  • component the coenzyme known to women who are concerned by a rejuvenation problem as Q10;
  • contains a clover and a protein, cellulose, amino acids.

These substances bring huge benefit to health therefore the clover not only in national recipes is used, also cosmetic firms which use extracts from rhizomes and essential oils of inflorescences at creation of cosmetics became interested in it.

Application of a clover

Collecting and preparation. For preparation of medicines in house conditions use most often flowers of a red clover which collect during full maturing. After sorting of collected heads of a clover, they are dried on paper, having spread out a thin layer, it is necessary that drying happened in a shadow and at this room it was rather well aired. It is necessary to watch that inflorescences were dried up, but did not dry up, flowers finally have to get violet coloring, but not dark shades.

Clover leaves also dry, sometimes pickle, as an ordinary white cabbage then the whole winter can be used them as a useful additive to food. It is possible to eat leaves of a clover and fresh, so far the plant is full of strength also useful substances therefore during a summer time leaves add to salads, soups, tea. Sometimes in cookery use and is fresher the broken clover heads.

Medicinal properties of a clover. The clover possesses a set of curative properties – wound healing, softening, soothing, antimicrobic and anti-inflammatory, anti-sclerous, antineoplastic, antifungal, all-strengthening actions.

The list of diseases in which treatment it is possible and it is necessary to apply a clover, it is rather wide:

  1. Inflammatory diseases (quinsy, cold, bronchitis, diseases of gums, mucous, skin rashes, including in a sharp stage, for example, abscesses, furuncles, prevention and treatments of eye inflammations).
  2. Clover broth – good diuretic, expectorant, the laxative clearing means therefore it is expedient to apply it at such diseases as gout, arthritis, whooping cough, scarlet fever, problems with an uric and gall bladder, diseases of kidneys, locks, skin diseases, such as psoriasis, eczema, ulcer and fungal defeats.
  3. Well proved broth and infusion of a clover at treatment of female inflammatory diseases, such as irritations of genitals, helps to facilitate PMS and a climacteric syndrome.
  4. Substances as a part of a clover will help to reduce arterial and intra cranial pressure, to reduce headaches and dizzinesses, and regular use of infusion of a clover, will help at atherosclerosis, neurosises, diseases of cardiovascular system.
  5. Natural antiseptic properties of a clover perfectly heal wounds and burns, reduce tumors therefore treatment by a clover is applied and at a cancer.
  6. In general it will be useful at prevention of a set of the diseases connected with decrease in immunity, violation of blood formation and cardiovascular system.

How to prepare a clover

The main application of medicinal collecting a red clover is the use inside and external application (it can be compresses, wipings or medical bathtubs), according to it below you will find 2 recipes:

  1. Internal application.

    Fill in 2 teaspoons of dried inflorescences of a clover (previously they can be crushed) with a glass of boiled water, it is necessary to set the received mix about an hour, and to accept on a half-glass 3 times a day, before food, it is desirable in 20-30 minutes.

  2. External application.

    To fill in 3-4 teaspoons of flowers of a clover with a glass of boiled water, to insist not less than 5 hours, it is better in a warm place or a thermos. The received infusion can be used for trays, poultices, compresses at skin diseases.

If you want to accept a clover for the preventive purposes, prepare infusion according to such recipe: 5 dry flowers of a clover (if it in the crushed look, take 3 teaspoons), fill in with a glass of boiled water, let's be drawn 20 minutes, filter and drink before food in the form of tea, adding honey. One glass of the received mix is calculated on days.

If you want to prepare durable infusion, it is possible to draw a clover on a spirit basis, then it is possible to store it till three years, for this purpose take 3 tablespoons of a dry clover, fill in with a glass of vodka and insist within one week in a dark cool place then filter solution and accept on a tablespoon once per day, better before going to bed. Such spirit infusion will be good to be accepted at an exacerbation of some diseases, for example, at migraine, increase of pressure, flu, it is possible to part in a small amount of boiled water.

We recommend to readers of not to be afraid to address to traditional medicine, after all it keeps true secrets of health and longevity! If you know about existence of chronic diseases of the organism, before application of a clover, consult with the attending physician.

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