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Age of the woman and ways of a seducing

Object: Lolita! Is younger 16! Even do not think … At best her spiteful father will tear off to you that prevents the foul dancer to dance, and in the worst …. Actually still nobody cancelled article about seduction of juveniles … Leave better than force for more interesting options...

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Object: Lolita

Is younger 16
Even do not think … At best her spiteful father will tear off to you that prevents the foul dancer to dance, and in the worst …. Actually still nobody cancelled article about seduction of juveniles … Leave better than force for more interesting options.
And so … get acquainted …

Object: Wonderful baby

From 16 to 18 years ….
The most pleasant object for a seducing. The young elastic body, is a lot of excess energy, passion to studying of new toys. Still dream of the prince on a white horse.
Area of dwelling of Wonderful baby – various … English language courses, libraries, selection committees of institutes – exactly in these parts – they are most vulnerable for catching. It is possible to tame Wonderful baby according to the scheme "elder brother" - having shown knowledge of the district, language skills, having shown a little intelligence, and a little flirtation. At this age – the girl enters full-fledged adult life and it needs first of all a good support and support. The main thing be accurate if force events – can break her further life very strongly.
Sex with Wonderful baby – can be magnificent and unforgettable, the main thing to show a little tenderness and understanding. Oral sex with Wonderful baby can become a special gift. Under inexplicable laws of the nature – Wonderful baby can work wonders in this type of sex.
Non-standard types of sex: well unless you can look with it "searching MUTELY" or together to play house on money

Object: Little predator

From 18 to 20 years ….
New Russian on the rural road goes. Sees on a shop pronounced rural Klava sits, chews sunflower seeds. At it in soul something woke up such native … Remembered mother, native collective farm. Beats on brakes. Runs up to it.
- The girl, the beauty, marry me, I will lay all planet to your feet, I will shower with gold, I will present the car, we will live in my apartment in the downtown.
It vyplevut to a sunflower seed from a mouth:
- Not for tebe cattle, mother tsyu to the receipt of a rostyl …

Usually at this time the girl already learns all delights and all fundamentals of sexual political economy. At this age the little predator – already put to herself the approximate price. At what this price is usually fairly overstated.
At this age an area of their dwelling – discos, bars, clubs. To tame the little predator rather simply – it is necessary to draw their attention with some brilliant toy … Perfectly is suitable for these purposes – modest silvery Mercedes (Lexus, Audi, as a last resort customized Lada) or the VISA GOLD Card.
Sex with the little predator rather boring but if to you it is necessary the excellent fighting girlfriend for conquest of all night clubs of the city or if you decided to arrange test for the liver – having tried all possible cocktails – that you found, that looked for.
Non-standard types of sex: yes in principle all is possible … oral sex, anal sex, but know, it does it only because it is wanted by you! It not sex is a favor to you, such to yourself velvet prostitution – you receive all this in exchange for entertainments which you presented to it tonight.

Object: Lovely Stinker

From 20 to 22 years ….
So, took place in her life 2 most carefree years … Sex already became regular, demand for it already on slightly starts falling down. Price of its actions respectively too.
Study HIGHER EDUCATION INSTITUTION or work as the office manager taught to understand people a little.
Dwelling area – silent cozy cafes, parties at friends. It is possible to tame – gay character, interesting fairy tales, to show the main thing what exactly with you on will perfectly spend evening.
Sex with the lovely stinker is a separate conversation … Sex will be good, qualitative, but it will be only sex. To feelings not a place in its bed – it is defined in the life so far.
Non-standard types of sex: strangely enough, but at this age the girl wants normal standard sex, she wants that her body was used for designated purpose.

Object: Queen of the REGISTRY OFFICE

From 22 to 26
Carefree youth passed, all girlfriends married, did children. Parents every day "peck in the head" that it and remains the old maid until the end of days that they at her age already built the next cell of society, completed the younger brother, and continued to build communism.
Not in forces to fight with these temptations – the Queen of the REGISTRY OFFICE of each man considers from the point of view of the potential husband and the father of her children. The price of its actions promptly comes nearer to a zero mark. Considerably the level for partners decreases.
Dwelling area – everywhere where there are men – from dating sites to football stadiums. It is simpler to tame this amusing small animal than a guinea pig. It is enough to show more or less stable earnings, and desire the near future to marry and bring the child. The main thing to avoid talk – about number of the thrown women, and about number of illegitimate children who occupy all nearby kindergartens.
Sex with the Queen of the REGISTRY OFFICE is there will be a show, it will be surge in emotions, she will try to show everything on what is capable, will bring coffee in bed in the morning, and then lying at you at breasts – will look in your honest eyes and will ask: And WHEN we WILL go TO the REGISTRY OFFICE?
Non-standard types of sex: any whim until in her soul the spark of hope for a happy marriage burns …

Object: Koshka-Zhelaniye

From 26 to 30
Well do not take it in marriage, or it was already married, and there it was not pleasant. Time ruthlessly leaves – the girl slowly, but it becomes sure the REAL WOMAN.
Girlfriends to whom she so envied – became silly fat cows at whom talk is limited to children and dirty pampers, parents already especially do not get. Work occupies the most part of time, she already achieved serious progress. She already completely independent, is able to support herself.
Dwelling area: night clubs - where she has a rest in the evenings, silent cafes – where she has dinner, the sports hall – where she spends the most part of free time. It is simply to tame – it is necessary to be pleasant and interest simply, everything is farther it will be simple. You and it – you adults, and each of you know who that wants.
Sex with the Cat Desire is there will be a sex, it will be the fullest sex, it will be desire and passion, without borders and restrictions. After all all that is necessary for them is only LYUBOV!
Non-standard types of sex: any borders, only individual addictions, the main thing to open the new horizons more and more, unless you so long looked for each other not for this purpose?
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