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Medicinal properties of an osage apple

The osage apple (an osage apple orange, Adam's apple) - a fruit of family mulberry is from South America which grows and in Russia, in particular in its southern areas today. By the form the osage apple something reminds the orange of light green color though the smell has the specific. And in old times the fruit even was called "charisma".

Actually the osage apple is not one fruit, but the whole cluster of dried fruits which forms a dense sphere. Each of them has one seed surrounded with sticky pulp, and they keep together by means of a strong axis of an inflorescence. Despite the medicinal properties, the osage apple is absolutely inedible. For this reason it is processed in medical preparations, generally external application.

Mirsovetov will tell you, than the osage apple is so useful and as to apply it.

Chemical composition of an osage apple

Though fruits Adam's apple are practically not applied in traditional medicine, it can be explained to that its structure was insufficiently studied. Nevertheless, in drugstores it is already possible to meet some ointments and tinctures, but they belong to area of traditional medicine rather.

It is known that the pulp of an osage apple contains saponina, bilious acids and sterols. Its structure is similar to structure of a mulberry, generally because of lemon acid, sugars, pectins, fatty acids. Experts consider as the most useful substance flavonida - powerful antioxidants and at the same time effective carcinogens.

For this reason the osage apple is used as antiviral means, and also at rheumatism, intoxications, problems with a spleen and a liver, for strengthening of TsNS and vessels.

Tinctures and ointments from an osage apple are used at a varicosity, polyarthritises, radiculitises, gout, hemorrhoids, for treatment of joints, dermatitis, eczemas, skin malignant tumors.

And the osage apple can treat a cancer not only outside, but also from within. In this case its some tinctures accept inside. They say that tincture can help even at the third stage when there are metastasises.

Tincture from an osage apple has the elementary recipe which however everyone decided to self-medicate, has to understand responsibility of its application. So, it is contraindicated to allergic persons and diabetics. During treatment is strictly forbidden to accept alcohol and antibiotics. Also you should not forget about full inedibility and even virulence of an osage apple.

Tincture for muscles and joints

One fruit of an osage apple is rubbed on an average grater and filled in alcohols in proportions 1:1. Two weeks are drawn, and daily the bank needs to stir up.

This recipe is applied in treatment practically of all diseases of joints: osteochondrosis, arthritis, a calcaneal spur, arthrosis and so forth, combining it, as a rule, with means of professional medicine.

For the best action such tincture can be used as grinding in for the night. Moisten with means pure fabric, and wipe the processed sites (where pain is felt most strongly). Then clean fabric, and rub the remained moisture in skin. Warm a scarf or a woolen scarf a problem place and go to bed.

Tincture for internal application

Reception of tincture of an osage apple can help at formation of benign and malignant tumors practically at any stage. However it is necessary to remember that its unlimited application is dangerous as fruits Adam's apple very badly act on a gastrointestinal tract.

Recipe of tincture: 0,5 kg of fruits of an osage apple small to chop, put in a pure can and to fill in 0,5 l of vodka. Bank it is put in a dark place and it is drawn of a month before half a year. It is considered that than more long vodka with an osage apple is drawn, it is more useful to those.

Sometimes tincture can be found and in drugstores, after all not always the osage apple can be found in the city. It is simpler to apply a pharmaceutical product - all proportions are ideally verified, besides the detailed instruction is attached to it.

House tincture of an osage apple has to be applied according to the strict scheme. Any deviations can cause organism intoxication. It is necessary to accept very small doses, and gradually to increase them. Thus, the organism will gradually adapt.

First week. To dilute 3 drops of tincture in a glass of water and to drink. Bindings to food and time of day are not present. Repeats daily.

Second week. 3 drops of tincture are accepted twice a day.

Third week. The same three drops, but already three times a day.

Fourth week. Four drops three times a day.

Thus, the daily maximum dose should not exceed 30 drops (10 drops, 3 applications).

It should be noted that sharply it is impossible to cancel tincture reception too: the dose needs to be reduced in the same order, however quicker. With each application reduce quantity of drops by one, will not reach 9 drops a day yet. Thus, the full course of use of tincture takes 14 months. If the illness did not pass, a course repeat.

As the similar way of treatment is rather specific, before its beginning of recommends to you to consult with the attending physician.

Ointment from an osage apple

Ointment from Adam's apple is especially effective at mezhpozvonkovy hernia. Also it is used quite often at treatment of a mastopatiya, in case of a cancer of a rectum and at hemorrhoids, doing of it candles.

The recipe of ointment from an osage apple. Melt lard in a smalets. Take a pure can and lay out a smalets a layer 1,5 cm thick. Then slice a ripe osage apple on 1 cm, and lay out in bank. Alternate layers until bank it is filled, and a smalets has to be the top layer. Zakuporte to bank a kapron cover also seal with dough or plasticine. Put on a water bath and prepare 24 hours then the bank needs to pour the received contents in smaller on volume so that in it there was no air. To cool to room temperature and to put in the refrigerator.

To apply ointment, it is necessary to gather a heated spoon its necessary quantity and evenly to distribute on pure cotton fabric or bandage. To put to a sore point and to roll up a scarf or a scarf. To leave a compress for 4 hours. To repeat a course from compresses every other day during few months.

It is possible to make candles of 2х1 cm in size of cold ointment. To use for the night and to use every other day, the course makes two months.

Also you can ask ointment from an osage apple in drugstores of your city, and if carries, to avoid its difficult production. However know that naturalness of the recipe is worth it!

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