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As it is correct to choose maternity hospital

The child's birth – the long-awaited moment of any couple. All carefully prepare for it, buy a dowry to the kid, choose the first transport, toys, select a name. But the most important subject for discussion there is where after all to be born to the kid. It is necessary to treat a question of a choice of maternity hospital very responsibly, after all life, both the child, and mother depends on it.
The child's birth – the long-awaited moment of any couple. All carefully prepare for it, buy a dowry to the kid, choose the first transport, toys, select a name. But the most important subject for discussion there is where after all to be born to the kid. It is necessary to treat a question of a choice of maternity hospital very responsibly, after all life, both the child, and mother depends on it.

On the way to a choice of maternity hospital

Как выбрать роддом From the experience I know that the maternity hospital should be chosen in advance, but not in recent days as many advise. The matter is that pregnancy – process the extremely unpredictable: childbirth can begin at any time. Therefore searches of maternity hospital it is begun with collection of information.
  1. To learn, what maternity hospital you treat, it is possible in the consultation. But if the state choice does not suit you, under the law you can choose that maternity hospital which you will count comfortable. Searches should be begun with acquaintances, those mummies who already gave birth. They can thoroughly describe to you all shortcomings and advantages of this or that maternity hospital, you need to listen and make a choice.
  2. My council: choose not one maternity hospital, but two-three. That is one main, and a couple for secure. Why? Yes because in the summer, for example, one is closed on prevention, another can simply not accept you because of a big flow of mothers, or you have such prompt childbirth that nobody will conduct you at the other end of the world in your maternity hospital – will bring to the next.
  3. Be guided by pregnancy course: if at you is, for example, difficult pregnancy or doctors predict premature birth – that it is worth paying attention to roddoma with the good nursery and adult reanimation.

On what to pay attention in maternity hospital

Как выбрать роддом Well, for a start I will tell that one do not go to maternity hospital. Take the husband or as a last resort the girlfriend. Do not hesitate to walk on chambers and patrimonial halls or to ask the most ridiculous questions is your right and nobody has the right to refuse to you. The moments to which readers Mirsovetov should pay attention at such walk:
  1. Chambers of a prenatal arrangement. As you understand, on childbirth it is better to lay down in advance, day for 3 to be prepared morally and once again to carry out necessary additional analyses and ultrasonography. Therefore pay attention to chambers and a number of people in them, existence of the refrigerator, a cooler, microwave. Usually it is located on a floor for general use.
  2. Sankomnata. I think, you should not say that in cranes there has to be a hot and cold water round the clock. Pay attention how the sankomnata is cleaned and as often it is cleaned.
  3. Rodzala. Glance to the maternity room, check, whether there is a conditioner (believe, it will be necessary for you), equipment for any type of childbirth. So, under the law all maternity hospitals have to be equipped to the European measures, namely: a convenient bed, the Swedish wall with ropes, fitbola, stools, etc. For what? The matter is that the woman has the right to give birth in that situation and a pose which is convenient to her: standing, sitting, on a ball. But at the same time surely there has to be a bed that in case of force majeure, you could put and give medical assistance. If you decided to choose a non-standard way of childbirth in water, pay attention to purity and disinfection of bathtubs.
  4. Postnatal chambers. Here you will live for 3-7 days, depending on course of childbirth. Without fail have to offer you one and double chambers, and also family chamber, for those who gives birth with the partner. Yes, chambers happen different equipment and different comfort, but surely joint stay to the child. So it turned out that due to the lack of a place to me one day was necessary to stay in usual chamber. I can assure: girls, overpay better – and have a rest with comfort. Old frames, constant midges, lack of bulbs (yes, you did not mishear) is will infuriate you, and it is necessary to you? Comfortable chambers have to be surely equipped with metalplastic windows, the refrigerator, a table, chairs, a separate shower and the working sockets, in certain cases – the conditioner.
  5. Equipment by the equipment. Any maternity hospital has to have resuscitation units, both for mothers, and for children, children's incubators, chambers for placement of children in case of problems, and also operational chambers. Specify about possibility of blood transfusion, in case of need.
  6. Personnel. Doctors, nurses have to be adequate, perfectly know the work and duties. I will separately note for readers Mirsovetov that in each maternity hospital without fail there has to be a doctor-neonatolog who examines a crumb in the first seconds after the birth and estimates its condition. If in maternity hospital for some reason there is no such doctor – run carelessly.
  7. Schedule of visit. Now practically all began to practice free visit. Therefore specify, in what hours you can be visited, and also whether it is possible to bring flowers.
  8. Dining room. Personally I was in maternity hospital, deprived of such pleasure. Therefore it was very interesting to me to learn that my friend found maternity hospital with own kitchen that very surprised both of us. Perhaps and to you such happiness will get!
  9. Training. In maternity hospital surely have to present you free childbirth, care seminars of children, to teach as it is correct to put a crumb to a breast and as it is correct to decant milk.

Possible problem situations

Как выбрать роддом Maternity hospital – a place where problems should not be in principle (I do not speak about childbirth). But, situations happen different, and I would like to tell about them to readers of that you were ready to everything.
  1. To agree with the doctor in advance or not is personally your business. But there are cases when, having received money, the doctor cannot simply arrive. It happens extremely seldom, but happens.
  2. Roddoma very often practice stimulation of childbirth. No, not medicamentous, it is forbidden. And here manually – nobody forbade. Therefore carefully treat the words "Go, I Will Look at You on a Chair" said a watch so in the 6th mornings – with probability in 90% after such visit after a lunch you already give rise.
  3. Food after the delivery. If you not after Caesarian, do not listen to the fairy tale of doctors that it is not necessary to eat or it is necessary to keep to a diet. Doctors simply do not want to potter with sore tummies of crumbs. Such diet will quickly deprive of you milk and then you should return a lactation long. On personal experience it is checked. Yes, I do not argue, house fat dairy products, a chicken you should not eat. But also it is not necessary to starve too. Eat as usual, it is balanced, but moderately and not fat. And better look for maternity hospital with kitchen – you will be surely told there as as you can eat.
  4. Incidents with nurses. Stories that they receive a little – the myth. And if nurses do not carry out the duties or do them inaccurately, safely complain to the higher management. Especially pay attention to work of the personnel if the child for some reason is not with you. The child has to be fed and to be pure, but not to lie in dirty pampers for 3 hours (be not surprised also such happens!).
    If you nurse a crumb, remember: without your consent nobody has the right to finish feeding your child mix under no circumstances! When the kid not with you, you decant for him a milk and bring to nurses. If for some reason the child demanded milk earlier, the responsible personnel runs to you and speaks about it, but does not work independently because, you see it is difficult to them to descend to you in chamber.
Reasonable approach to a choice of maternity hospital – pledge of safe childbirth. Yes, I understand, today childbirth is not cheap. But in this question the economy is inappropriate. There is nothing more important than tranquillity and health of mother and the baby!
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