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Mastitis at young mother

Very often at the woman who gave rise recently and nurses the child, there is a reddening in a mammary gland, and the mammary gland thus increases. Sometimes thus temperature increases. In that case doctors speak about laktatsionny mastitis.

Very often at the woman who gave rise recently and nurses the child, there is a reddening in a mammary gland, and the mammary gland increases. Temperature increase is also possible. In that case, doctors speak about laktatsionny mastitis. Laktatsionny mastitis is an inflammation of a mammary gland of the nursing woman. One of the reasons of this disease is stagnation of milk which develops when milk after feeding completely is not decanted. And another – nipple cracks. That is at first there is a nipple inflammation, and then the inflammation extends on other sites of a mammary gland. will help the readers to warn such illness and to distinguish it.

Manifestations of a disease

  1. If nipple cracks are the reason of developing of mastitis.

    In a nipple there are cracks and from them blood droplets are allocated. Nipple thus the edematous. And if not to pay attention to it, the inflammation will go further. In some days, the woman will notice that the mammary gland became heavier, dense. Also there is a pain and reddening. Sometimes temperature increases. If not to ask for medical care at this stage, the disease will progress. Pain will amplify, the site of reddening will increase and softer site is gradually formed. In this site pus will start accumulating. In the started cases, pus is emitted from a nipple.

  2. If stagnation of milk is the reason of mastitis.

    In this case the woman notices consolidation or "ball" in a mammary gland. Consolidation gradually increases, then there are a pain, temperature and reddening in the field of consolidation. If at this stage not to liquidate laktostaz, then, as well as in the first case, pus is formed.

As soon as young mother noticed or cracks in a nipple, or reddening in a mammary gland, it is necessary to address to the doctor urgently. Treatment at mastitis consists in the breastfeeding termination, careful decantation of milk and in reception of antibiotics. If there are cracks in a nipple, they need to be greased with special ointment surely. If pus was already formed, to above to the listed actions surgical intervention is added. In this case do a skin section over a site of a congestion of pus and purulent contents are removed. By no means it is impossible to do compresses and other thermal procedures. They promote very fast formation of pus.

Prevention of a disease

All these painful and unpleasant manipulations can be avoided if in time to be engaged in prevention. Prevention of mastitis needs to be begun even before childbirth.

First of all, himself needs to pick up a convenient bra. And in the last month before childbirth to carry out massage of mammary glands. For this purpose mentally it is necessary to divide a mammary gland into 4 parts. It is necessary to begin massage with the top internal square, then we pass to the top external square and further, clockwise. In each square we do the rotary massage motions, from edge of a mammary gland to a nipple. After the delivery before each feeding it is necessary to wash hands and each nipple carefully. Besides, it is necessary to watch how the child sucks a breast. The kid has to take not only a nipple, but also near a mamillar circle - an areola. After feeding it is necessary to be convinced, whether there was a milk in iron or not. For this purpose it is necessary to carry out massage of gland and to be convinced of lack of any consolidations.

Here such simple actions of recommends to you to avoid such unpleasant disease as mastitis.

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