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Guash's massage

Guasha - one of the most ancient methods of massage in the Chinese traditional medicine. Literally this name is translated as "to scrape off all bad". Masters of equipment use a special plate by means of which certain sites on a body of the person are processed. And the effect from such reflex impact on various points consists in creation of the strongest impulse.

Thanks to the created impulse, by means of Guash's massage microcirculation in an organism is restored - there is a regeneration of fabrics and improvement of exchange processes, immunity increases, the emotional pressure decreases.

But the most important, according to the Chinese Aesculapians, Guash's massage is capable to punch power channels in a body of the person. Stagnation of energy causes organism diseases, and its full stop can become a cause of death.

The technology of performance of massage is simple therefore it is possible to learn it even in house conditions. will help you to master Guash and to feel all medicinal properties of this Ancient Chinese method.

From time immemorial

Guasha came to medicine of China from the most ancient chronicles. Stones were applied in the medical purposes since ancient times about what tell numerous archeological excavations. For this reason Guash's massage is especially appreciated in the east as underwent centuries-old testing time.

In modern China such technology of massage enjoys wide popularity as does not demand big knowledge of medicine and the special equipment. Practically each person therefore it is considered as a national method of disposal of many illnesses can learn to do massage.

When carrying out massage it is not necessary to be engaged in search of special sites on a body as it is done during sessions of acupuncture and other techniques of reflexotherapy. Quite extensive zone is covered, and it is possible to seize equipment for some sessions of massage with the skilled teacher. Fortunately, the Chinese Aesculapians do not hide secrets of curative massage today. Everyone can be trained and learn to do massage independently.

As passes a session of curative massage

During procedure the scraper or a plate is used. With their help certain sites on a body of the person are processed. Tools can be different in a form, and are made of various materials. The plate can be stone, copper or even is made of an animal horn. It is considered the best a stone Bian who is made of black nephrite and a buffalo horn. The most important – such tool should not injure skin. If you have no stone scraper, it is possible to use an ordinary copper coin for massage.

For greasing of skin it is possible to take cream which is shown for treatment of various ligament injuries and bones. But most often apply oil - olive or sea-buckthorn, and also oil of a tea tree.

Before massage it is necessary to prepare a body - to carry out a lymphatic drainage by means of massage movements. It is required to make it several times that oil was completely absorbed in skin.

Three types of massage of Guash allow to choose suitable option:

  1. Massage for prevention of diseases. Such look assumes the short and fast movements by a plate. Thus strong pressing of the tool a body of the person is carried out.
  2. Cosmetic massage. It is carried out slowly, the movements by a plate the smooth. Thus pressing has to be weak.
  3. Medical massage. For carrying out medical massage of the technician of performance Guash is as follows: the movements of a plate slow, pressing strong.

Duration of one session - about half an hour. After the first session on a body of the person there are reddenings and even hemorrhages. Chinese call them spots "ша" and consider them as "waste material" after procedure. Exactly in these parts the greatest number of lactic acid contains.

Sometimes such traces on skin cause fear in patients therefore it is necessary to warn in advance that hemorrhages and bruises pass already through couple of days. Procedure almost painless.

How to improve effect from Guash's massage

  1. After procedure there is an improvement of exchange processes and removal of toxins. Upon termination of surely wipe and clear skin.
  2. The Chinese massage is united quite often with the can. Also after a session it is necessary to use the whole day warm liquid to remove as the bigger amount of toxins is possible.
  3. After carrying out massage it is impossible to wash at least days. Later this time it is better to carry out water procedures indoors that there were no drafts.
  4. After massage it is desirable to have a rest well. Guash's session is equated to physical activity – run on distance twenty kilometers.

How many time to carry out sessions

Doctors recommend to carry out massage one-two times a week. After the first session it is necessary to wait until all bruises descend from a body and only after that to resume procedure. Carrying out all course will require about fifteen-twenty sessions. And within a year it is necessary to undergo procedure two times.

In what cases curative massage is useful

Among Chinese Guash's massage is very widespread and occupies one of the major places in traditional medicine. It is done both in the preventive purposes, and at various diseases. The result is available – Chinese live long and are active to extreme old age.

In what cases Guash's massage is recommended:

  • curative massage is irreplaceable to the people having osteochondrosis. After the first course there is an improvement of blood circulation and strengthening of a limfoottok. Pass hypostases, and together with them and all painful syndromes;
  • at diseases of joints procedure will help to reduce puffinesses and to clean pain. The full course will help to improve physical activity of joints;
  • massage helps at ORZ and bronchitis. Action on certain sites of lungs will help to remove hypostases and short wind, to get rid of cough;
  • inflammatory processes in a small pelvis can disappear after several sessions of Guash due to improvement of blood circulation at impact on reflexogenic zones;
  • massage makes salutary impact on face skin. At massage there is a removal of a large amount of toxins. After that skin is smoothed, the face blackheads and pigmentary spots disappear;
  • the condition of cardiovascular system considerably improves at effective sessions of massage. There is a lowering of blood pressure, warm activity is restored, short wind vanishes;
  • after several procedures of Guash the symptoms connected with diseases of a gall bladder – nausea and pain can disappear;
  • positively massage and influences a condition of nervous system. It is enough to conduct one course of massage, and you will feel improvement of a dream and appetite. Thus there is an increase of the general tone of an organism, the feeling of uneasiness vanishes.

Who should not carry out massage

There are contraindications in carrying out this procedure:

  • allergic reactions on skin;
  • infectious diseases of skin;
  • gripes in intestines;
  • dysfunction of kidneys;
  • appendicitis,
  • the increased arterial pressure during procedure;
  • various skin wounds;
  • fractures of bones;
  • it is impossible to carry out massage in a stomach and genitals during periods;
  • pregnancy.
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