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Medical massage of a back

The mankind uses massage for a long time. Nobody knows when people noticed that strokings and a razminaniye help to overcome various diseases. But the fact remains – people closely became interested in massage and today many remarkable properties of medical massage are known.
Лечебный массаж спины The mankind uses massage for a long time. Nobody knows when people noticed that strokings and a razminaniye help to overcome various diseases. But the fact remains – people closely became interested in massage and today many remarkable properties of medical massage are known. So, for example, medical massage reduces pain and improves nervous conductivity, strengthens inflow of blood to the massed fabrics. Massage at such diseases of the musculoskeletal device is very useful as osteochondrosis, radiculitis, neuritis, arthrosis, miozit, a sciatica, etc. It is no secret that very many people often feel pain in a back. Today would like to talk about it in more detail and to find out how to get rid of a back pain by means of massage.

Preparation for massage

Для массажа необходима жесткая поверхность, под голову подкладывают валик If the loved one whom the back hurts, asks you to massage, do not refuse. But remember that when performing massage including medical, you have to have a faultless manicure. More precisely, close-cut nails without sharp corners. Before massage surely wash hands. That it was easier to mass, apply a small amount of any cosmetic oil or cream on the patient's back. And still, if on the patient's skin (on a back or on a breast) there are inflamed eels – massage cannot be done! After all you can bring to it an infection and it will be unpleasant to massage therapist to maneuvre between the "volcanoes" threatening to be opened. The patient has to lie on equal and rather rigid surface, soft sofas do not suit for massage. If the patient lies on something soft, his back will cave in even from weak pressing of your hands. And it can cause attacks of very severe pain. The firm couch will be ideally suited for massage or, at the worst, the patient can be laid on the floor laid by a carpet. For a session of medical massage of the patient has to adopt the provision on a stomach, hands along a trunk. For the sake of convenience under the head it is necessary to enclose a pillow. To strengthen inflow of blood to a sore back under shins it is also recommended to put the low roller (5-7 cm).

Do massage correctly

Будьте осторожны, когда делаете массаж спины, чтобы не травмировать If you not the professional massage therapist, be careful when mass not to injure already unhealthy person. It is important to count the force, after all happens so that the woman who is massed by the beloved spouse, "neither about that nor from this" starts coiling and shouting: "You to me will break a back!" Means, the man was fond, too strongly pressed or rubbed. The amateur massage therapist is obliged to watch sensitively reaction of the patient and to be guided by his feelings, but not by the. Even if it seems to you that you pressed absolutely slightly, and the patient started worrying, do not hesitate to ask, whether it is comfortable to him. Medical massage at a back pains has to be power only so that the sick person enjoyed feeling of the receding pain, but did not lie, having had a snack a lip and thinking of when it comes to an end?
If you the woman, that, doing massage, can face a problem opposite. It is madly difficult to rumple and rub someone's back within 15 minutes. At the woman, unusual to massage, for certain will start aching muscles of fingers and hands. Therefore during massage try to act with hands in turn, granting a respite that to one, other hand.

Massage at a back pain

При лечебном массаже попробуйте размять мышцы спины Perhaps, osteochondrosis is the most common cause of pain in a back. Osteochondrosis is a disease of a backbone at which mezhpozvonkovy disks collapse. The disk is squeezed by vertebras and there is a pain. During the sharp period massage cannot be applied.
Before beginning medical massage, find out, from what party of a back pain is not present. If the back hurts and on the right and to the left of a backbone, mass where hurts less. Begin medical massage with strokings (1-3 minutes), it will help to relax the overstrained back muscles.
Then pass to grindings. It is possible to pound back muscles a thumb small pillow, phalanxes of the bent fingers, the palm basis, small pillows of four fingers. When grindings a hand move or together back and forth from a lumbar belt and up along a backbone, or the circular movements also in the direction from a backbone. (Fingers, a palm, etc.) to carry out each type of grindings not more long than 3 minutes.
Except grindings, at medical massage try to warm up back muscles, it will cause inflow of blood to muscles and will reduce pain. It becomes as follows. Being on the one hand from the person, you mass an opposite side. One hand as if grasp fabrics, do the second the easy stroking movement. It is necessary to move along a side to a shoulder, after massage a shoulder and a neck and through back area over a shovel the same movements go down to a waist. If you wish that massage was really curative, would like to warn you: reduce force when passing areas on a back which are opposite to kidneys, lungs and heart.
It is necessary to finish medical massage strokings, they well calm the excited skin.
If the person has osteochondrosis of cervical department of a backbone, it will be helped by massage of a neck. Before a session of medical massage be convinced that the head of the patient lies conveniently and muscles of a neck are relaxed. It is necessary to mass a neck from two parties. We begin with strokings, and then we pass to grindings and razminaniye. At the end of a session – again strokings.
This scheme (strokings, grindings, a razminaniye, strokings) is applied at such diseases as scoliosis, radiculitis. At radiculitis medical massage of a back can be done only when there is no severe pain. Massage receptions should be carried out at half strength not to do much harm to the patient.

Do not forget about that nonprofessionally made massage can do harm. Always consult on the doctor, which massage is necessary. After all at different diseases the scheme of massage movements will change. And one more wish from – if is opportunity, complete courses in massage, such medical and useful. And then you will be able to help the relatives, without being afraid to do much harm.
Health to you and good luck!

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