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Masks for hair with pepper

It is possible to look after hair by means of ready lotions and masks, and it is possible to resort to the help of natural means. One of them is pepper. This component actively influences bulbs of hair, thereby awakening their growth and protecting from loss. Influence of pepper so strong that not each expensive cosmetic can be compared to efficiency of this component.

Impact of pepper on hair

In what secret of efficiency of pepper? Everything is very simple. Pepper contains a component kapsotsin which makes burning impact on head skin, thereby as if awakening the sleeping and lazy bulbs thanks to what hair start growing actively. In a mask it is possible to use both pepper, and already ready peppery tincture.

Precautionary measures at application of masks with pepper

It is necessary to use masks with pepper very carefully not to gain a boomerang effect, not to overheat head skin and not to burn mucous eyes. Before starting drawing a mask, be convinced that it is not contraindicated to you:

  1. Before drawing a mask on skin the head test it on the back party of a palm. If within 5 minutes do not feel burning or reddening is not formed, can use safely a mask for designated purpose.
  2. The first drawing has to be not long and sparing to check reaction of head skin to influence of a mask.
  3. It is necessary to put a mask in eyes very carefully that mix did not get to eyes. It can cause ozheg the mucous.
  4. It is necessary to apply a mask on hair in gloves in order to avoid burning of hands.
  5. If you use siliculose pepper in a mask, take only young and fresh pods. From old and dried up there will be not enough effect, they do not incorporate a large number of a kapsotsin any more.
  6. The mask is applied directly on skin the head, but only not on a hair, it will save it from dryness.
  7. Do not hold a mask more long than time specified in the recipe, it can lead to a head skin burn.
  8. It is possible to apply a mask only on dirty hair and not earlier than in 3 days after coloring of hair.
  9. After washing off of a mask from the head water recommends washing with shampoo.

Care of hair during application of masks

During drawing masks with pepper it is necessary to look after head skin and hair correctly:

  1. After washing off of a mask from hair drawing a cosmetic mask, and after that conditioner is recommended. It will calm head skin and will help to become hair more elastic and soft.
  2. Do not use hair dryers, nippers and curling irons to hair dressing. It will make treatment less effective. It is better to use large hair curlers.
  3. Do not put on hard elastic bands and hairpins hair, give to hair freedom.
  4. Massage head skin a special hairbrush which can be bought in specialized shops.
  5. It is possible to do a light massage of the head, it will also strengthen blood circulation in skin, will give it more oxygen.

Contraindications to application of masks with pepper

Any, even the most harmless cosmetic has contraindications to application. Pepper contains a huge number of various components which can be not only effective, but also unsafe:

  1. If at the first application you feels strongly burning which cannot be suffered, immediately wash away a mask from hair and refuse its application further.
  2. Application of masks with pepper is not recommended to those who has an allergy at least to one of pepper components: essential oils, kapsatsin, vitamins.
  3. Application of masks with pepper at skin diseases and diseases of head skin is forbidden: seborrheas, of the psoriasis, eczema cutting depriving, a wolf cub, in the period of viral infections, such as chicken pox, a rubella, measles, at tumors and the head furuncles.
  4. Masks with pepper can be dangerous at oncological diseases (melanomas).

Preparation of peppery tincture in house conditions

Peppery tincture can be got in a drugstore, and it is possible to prepare independently:

  1. Crush 2 pods of fresh red pepper on the blender.
  2. Mix the crushed pepper from 200 g of vodka or alcohol.
  3. Sustain tincture in a dark place within 7 days.

Tincture is ready to use. It can be put without various additives or to enter into it other components.

Mirsovetov recommends all manipulations to carry out with pepper in gloves not to burn a hand.

Recipes of masks with pepper

Simple mask. To a cosmetic mask for hair which you use, add a pinch of peppery powder, well mix and let's be drawn 2 hours. Apply on head skin and sustain within 20 minutes, then wash the head shampoo and apply the conditioner on hair.

Mask pepper with beer.

Necessary components:

  • 50 ml of light beer;
  • 1 yolk;
  • 2 h. l. pertsevy tincture;
  • 1 tsps of vegetable oil for dry hair.


  1. Mix all components and warm up on slow fire.
  2. Apply a warm mask on roots of hair and sustain within 20 minutes.
  3. Then wash away at first water, then apply shampoo and again wash away slightly warm water.
  4. At the end apply hair conditioner.

Pepper mask with honey.

The mask stimulates growth of hair, returns the lost gloss, gives to hair force.

Necessary components:

  • 1 h. l. peppery tincture;
  • 4 spoons of honey (it is better liquid).


  1. Carefully mix peppery tincture with honey.
  2. If you have no liquid honey, warm the thickened honey on a water bath.
  3. Process hair the received mix and cover them with a hat for a shower. From above wind with a warm towel for bigger efficiency.
  4. In half an hour wash away a mask cool flowing water and put the conditioner.

Mask for growth of hair and elimination of dandruff

This mask is very effective at fight against dandruff and well intensifies growth of hair.

Necessary components:

  • 1 h. l. dry yeast;
  • 100 ml of warm milk;
  • 1 h. l. honey;
  • 3 h. l. pertsevy tincture.


  1. Mix in a kastryulka honey with yeast and warm milk. Let's ingredients be drawn within 30 minutes. The shiver has to be suited therefore the kastryulka needs to be put in a warm place.
  2. With the suitable yeast add pepper tincture to weight and mix mix.
  3. Apply a mask on head skin and sustain within 30 minutes.
  4. Wash away a mask warm water with shampoo.
  5. At will it is possible to put the conditioner.

The restoring mask

The mask from fresh pepper and cognac will help to restore to hair the functions, intensifies their growth and will add them healthy shelkovichny gloss.

Necessary components:

  • cognac – 100 ml;
  • fresh pepper – 10 g.


  1. Crush pepper on the blender and mix it with cognac.
  2. Draw mix within a week in a dark place.
  3. Filter ready tincture.
  4. Mix 1 portion of tincture with 10 portions of boiled warm water.
  5. Put a mask for the night once a week, wrapping up the head with a towel.

Mask from a hair loss

Peppery tincture in connection with castor oil works real miracles. You will be able to notice its efficiency after the first course.

Necessary components:

  • 1 tablespoons of peppery tincture;
  • 1 tablespoons of castor oil;
  • 1 tablespoons of cosmetic balm for hair.


  1. Mix tincture with pepper and castor oil.
  2. Process hair a mask, dress a hat for a shower, wind with a towel and resemble in such situation about an hour.
  3. Wash away shampoo and well wash out hair under a shower.

The masks containing pepper received the most positive comments about the efficiency. Those girls and women who used them for treatment of hair, noted that the positive effect came after the first course: practically after 2-3 applications losses of hair decreased, their gloss amplified. Suffering from frequent emergence of dandruff were pleasantly surprised with its fast disappearance. Owners of an oily hair paid attention that after a medical course masks with pepper at them need of frequent washing of the head was gone – skin began to excrete less fat.

Protect the hair, in time look after them, without starting a problem.

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