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Masks for hair with cognac

Each woman dreams of beautiful well-groomed hair and even is ready for the sake of it on any victims. Today hairdresser's salons offer a set of services in care of hair. All of them maybe are effective, but also not cheap. And after all there is a fine alternative – procedures which can be carried out in house conditions. One of options – masks with cognac use.

About advantage of cognac

It is known that cognac can be not only the fragrant stupefying drink, but also useful, at its correct use. It expands walls of vessels, than normalizes pressure. Tannins which are in its structure, possess anti-inflammatory properties. Also cognac alcohol promotes the best digestion of vitamin C very necessary to an organism. But also on it useful properties of the most ancient French drink do not come to an end. It actively and not unsuccessfully is applied in cosmetology. One of such options – cognac masks for hair of any type.

In what efficiency of cognac masks? Everything is very simple:

  • cognac warms head skin, stimulating blood circulation that promotes the active growth of hair;
  • eliminates excess fat;
  • eliminates dandruff and fragility;
  • adds to hair gloss and vital force;
  • protects from loss and section.

The only lack of this magic drink – its high cost. But unless it is the reason to refuse effective procedures especially as it is required it very little.

Recommendations before the first application

If you never used earlier cognac as medical masks for hair, study some recommendations not to do much harm to the health and to achieve positive result:

  1. For dry hair it is necessary to add oils in order to avoid drying of skin to cognac masks.
  2. Cognac possesses the painting property therefore be not surprised that your hair got a chestnut shade. Especially blondes have to consider it.
  3. Before the first application be surely convinced, whether there is at you no allergy to cognac. Moisten a wadded disk in cognac and wipe them a wrist. If does not follow reaction, can be quiet, the mask to you will not do much harm.
  4. If after drawing a mask you feel strong burning on skin, immediately wash away structure from hair do not put it any more.
  5. Apply a mask with the gentle massage movements only on clean and a little moist hair.
  6. After the masks which are not containing oil it is enough to wash hair warm water, then to rinse with infusions of herbs, the warm mineral or slightly acidified water.
  7. Buy only qualitative cognac. In this case it is impossible to save, differently all your works can be vain.

Recipes of masks for hair with cognac

Depending on the existing problem with hair, cognac mixes up with additional ingredients:

  1. To prepare a mask for the weakened hair, you need to warm up on a water bath of 3 tablespoons of cognac, to add 2 tablespoons of lemon juice and as much cream. Rub this mask in head skin within 2 minutes. Then wrap up hair in cellophane and a towel. And in 20 minutes wash away under warm flowing water.
  2. Such mask will be suitable for strengthening of hair: kindle 2 tablespoons of honey on a water bath and add to it 3 tablespoons of warm cognac. Massing, apply mix on head skin. Wrap up hair with cellophane and a towel, and in half an hour wash away under flowing warm water.
  3. To cause the active growth of hair, it is necessary to do such mask: To warm up 1 tablespoon of liquid natural honey on a water bath and to pound it with 1 yolk, to add there 1 tablespoon of cognac and to mix all ingredients. To rub a mask in roots of hair and to distribute on all length. Wrap up hair and resemble so 20 minutes, then wash away a mask under warm flowing water.
  4. To get rid of dandruff do such mask: Pound 1 yolk with 1 tablespoon of liquid honey, add 1 h. l. cognac and as much burdock oil and juice of a lemon. Well rub all mix in hair, wrap up the head with a towel and in 30 minutes wash away warm flowing water.

  5. Such mask will be suitable for strengthening of hair: 1 h. l. powder of henna to pound with an egg yolk, to add 1 h. l. warm cognac and as much burdock oil. At first apply on roots of hair, and then and on all length of locks. Half an hour take hair, wrapped up in a towel and wash away under flowing water.
  6. To prepare a mask for prevention of dandruff, it is necessary to fill 1 tablespoon of bark of an oak in a thermos and to fill in 100 g of warm cognac. Then leave to be drawn within 4-5 hours. Filter tincture through a sieve and mix with 1 tablespoon of warm liquid honey. Apply a mask on skin the head with the massage movements, then distribute it at all length of hair. Wrap up hair with cellophane and wait 30 minutes. Wash away a mask warm water and rinse hair with camomile broth.
  7. To prepare a mask against a hair loss it is necessary to dissolve 10 g of dry beer yeast in 3 tablespoons of milk and let's them be drawn 15 minutes. Pound an egg yolk with 10 drops of oil of a root of a burdock in homogeneous mass. Mix two received structures and fill in them with 1 tablespoon of warm cognac (30 °C). Apply a mask on head skin and the massage movements distribute on all length of hair to the tips. Wrap up hair with cellophane and a towel for about 30-40 minutes. Wash away a mask warm water and rinse with nettle broth.
  8. That hair grew better, it is necessary to feed them with such mask: heat 3 h. l. burdock oil on a water bath to 30 °C also connect to 1 h. l. cognac, same amount of chili powder, 3 drops of lavandovy oil. Rub a ready mask in head skin and apply on all length of hair. Carry out procedure in gloves in order to avoid burning of skin of hands. Also protect eyes from hit of structure in them. Wrap up hair with cellophane and warm them dense fabric. In 20-30 minutes wash away a mask warm water with light shampoo and rinse with broth of any herbs. At strong burning wash away a mask at once do not apply a mask with red pepper any more.
  9. That hair were silky, it is necessary to prepare such mask: warm up 1 tablespoon of olive oil on a water bath to 30 °C and mix it with ground coffee (2 tablespoons) and cognac (5 tablespoons). Apply a ready mask on head skin and all length of hair. Wrap up the head with cellophane and a thick terry towel. In about 30-40 minutes wash away a mask warm water and soft shampoo. Can not worry, aroma of coffee will disappear quickly.

To consolidate result and to strengthen effect from a mask, recommends to rinse after each procedure hair herbs decoction.

Contraindications to application

As any cosmetology means, cognac structures for masks have some contraindications:

  • any injuries of head skin, such as cuts or cracks;
  • skin diseases and various rashes;
  • individual intolerance and allergy to cognac alcohol and other components of drink;
  • too high sensitivity of head skin.

The basic course of medical masks is calculated on 14 weekly procedures. If necessary after a while the course can be repeated. If you stock up with patience and will implement all recommendations, after the first course will see positive result - your hair will acquire manpower and gloss. And it is quite possible that you will manage to achieve the long dream – to grow a dense braid to a belt.

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