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Reasons and treatment of man's infertility

Several earlier already told about female infertility. The situation at which violations of genital function are found in the man is called as man's infertility, and for this reason conception does not come over a year. I will repeat that within this year couple conducts active sexual life and does not use any contraceptives.
Several earlier already told about female infertility, its reasons, methods of treatment and prevention. The turn came to tell of a similar problem at a man's half of mankind – about man's infertility, after all its share in total of cases makes about 40%.
The situation at which violations of genital function are found in the man is called as man's infertility, and for this reason conception does not come over a year. I will repeat that within this year couple conducts active sexual life and does not use any contraceptives.

Reasons of man's infertility

Мужским бесплодием называется ситуация, при которой нарушения детородной функции обнаружены у мужчины, и по этой причине зачатие не наступает более года Factors which lead to man's infertility, it is a little less, than the reasons of female infertility. I will dwell upon them.
  • Inflammatory processes. They are the main reason for violation of a spermatogenesis – process of production of sperm. Owing to various inflammations (prostatitis, an uretrit and other) mobility of spermatozoa considerably decreases, quality of sperm decreases. And it as you understand, inevitably leads if not at once to infertility, guarantees low probability to conceive the child.
  • Infections, sexually transmitted (STD). These infections most often also provoke development of various inflammations of the man's sexual sphere. Microorganisms are capable to influence composition of sperm. And gonorrhea and clamidiosis even can cause damage of male genitals!
      It is proved that hlamidiya many times worsen quality of sperm. Researches in which men with the diagnosis clamidiosis took part were conducted. None of them long time could not conceive the child. And so after a course of treatment antibiotics quality of sperm improved for 40%, and most of participants of experiment soon became happy fathers.
  • Violation of hormonal balance. As well as at women, and at men this reason becomes the infertility reason. As a result of endocrine violations (or with age) there is a shortage of testosterone – an important man's hormone. As a result – violation of an erection, failures in development of spermatozoa.
  • Injuries, tumors and diseases. Yes, injuries and tumors of small eggs considerably reduce reproductive function of the man. And some diseases (for example, a mumps) are capable to make it fruitless. By the way, even osteochondrosis can be the cause of impotence and infertility. One practicing manual therapist noticed such dependence and successfully treated men for this illness! Who could think …
  • Congenital anomalies of genitals. It both an underdevelopment of a penis, and the wrong structure of the urethral channel, and even fimoz at which impossible is a head exposure. As a result, the man cannot make full sexual intercourse, and, respectively, impossible is also a conception. Sounds, of course, ustrashayushche. But, the modern medicine is capable to manage miracles, and insignificant surgical intervention will help to do away with defect.
  • High temperatures. Yes, it is not so grandmother's fairy tales! Doctors claim that temperature above 35 °C harmful influences fabrics of small eggs. Therefore the men abusing a sauna or hot bathtubs practically in 100% of cases have problems with quality of sperm. And, the close linen is capable to increase temperature of fabrics of a scrotum therefore protect the genital bodies from the increased temperatures from the youth!
  • Addictions. Ministry of Health warns not for nothing – alcohol, narcotic substances and tobacco smoking negatively affect genital function. Alcohol often leads to an atrophy of small eggs, and smoking – "sticks together" spermatozoa. Therefore give up addictions while the getting is good!
      Some people of the world have even a ban on the use of alcoholic beverages long before and during conception.
  • Chemicals. Especially the men working at chemical productions were not lucky. The bad ecology is written down in the infertility reasons, and continuous contact with chemicals especially … But, and other men should not relax, after all especially steroids of which many men in a pursuit of "cubes" of a press and bicepses tricepses are fond also harmful influence quality of sperm and usual antibiotics, and.
  • Stresses. Though this point and the last in the list of the reasons of man's infertility, but you should not underestimate it. The modern rhythm of life, stresses, sleeplessness affect on health of an organism in general, and reproductive function in particular. Therefore have more often a rest, learn to relax and try not to be nervous.

Types of infertility

Мужское бесплодие There are some types of infertility.
Sekretorny infertility – the most often met form at which owing to violation of activity of small eggs, quality, quantity and/or mobility of spermatozoa decreases. Treatment consists in clarification of the reason of infertility. The trick – drug treatment or hormonal therapy is farther.
Obturatsionny infertility arises if on the way of an exit of spermatozoa there is an obstacle – a cyst, a tumor or a postoperative hem. Surgical intervention which in most cases solves a problem is most often appointed.
Immunological infertility – in an organism as a result of certain reasons (for example, after a trauma) begins development of antibodies to fabrics of a small egg or spermatozoa. After inspection complex treatment is appointed.
Well, and the last look – the relative infertility meaning lack of visible deviations. Most often such infertility is action of stresses, and the psychotherapist is engaged in treatment. has to tell that practically all forms of man's infertility are now treated. Yes, both treatment, and diagnosis of man's infertility is much simpler and cheaper, than female.

Methods of treatment of man's infertility

Before being treated, it is necessary to know from what. Therefore an important stage in treatment of man's infertility – diagnostics. At first you will make some tests proceeding from which results, to you either will appoint treatment, or will continue diagnostics. In the course of inspection blood tests, urine and hormones, a spermogram, are made by ultrasonography of a prostate gland and urinogenital system. After the doctor establishes the infertility reason, he will appoint necessary treatment.
Лечение мужского бесплодия
  • Drug treatment. In case find STD in you, it is necessary to receive medical treatment for antibiotics. At hormonal failures (shortage or surplus of these or those hormones) treatment consists in reception of hormonal preparations. And if results of a spermogram showed poor quality of sperm – will treat you vitamins, homeopathic medicines and immunoproofreaders.
      Some decades it is known that quality of sperm is influenced positively by vitamin D. Containing in fish and seafood, in all known cod-liver oil, and also, this vitamin which is allocated in our skin under the influence of sunshine considerably improves quality indicators of sperm. So, dear men, eat a small fish and sunbathe!
  • Surgical intervention is necessary when diagnostics showed that on the way of spermatozoa there are obstacles. It can be and inguinal hernia, and to the varikotsela. As understand, medicines are almost powerless here. But, unfortunately, and the surgeon's scalpel will not always help, especially, if the adult is operated. More favorable forecasts for the operated teenagers. So at a choice of the surgeon give preferences to vysokvalifitsirovanny experts.
      On usual medical examination found inguinal hernia in my acquaintance. The guy was married, and here on the kid so far did not even reflect. Doctors insisted on operation and removed hernia. In four months the operated learned that soon will become the father. And speak, the medicine is powerless.
  • IKSI method. There are situations when spermatozoa cannot independently merge with an ovum (spermatozoa are inactive or have other anomalies). And so in such cases mikroinyektion are also made – a spermatozoon in vitro introduce in an ovum then place this ovum in a uterus of mother who bears the child. The probability of fertilization on this method reaches 60%.
  • Sperm donorship. This method is applied in cases if in the partner's sperm there are no spermatozoa at all, or any serious disease is from generation to generation transferred in a family. And also when the lonely woman wishes to become pregnant. Then doctors resort to services of banks of sperm. You should not be afraid, after all each donor passes inspection, including genetic. Here it is possible even "to choose" the father on color of eyes or hair that neighbors did not gossip then to whom your, for example, ryzhenky peanut went.
  • Nonconventional methods of treatment. Now infertility treat not only doctors. Still our ancestors treated all diseases herbs so also you can try. Also east methods of treatment – manual therapy, acupuncture were added. As you can see, the choice is great. would like to emphasize that any method of treatment assumes also the correct way of life, good rest and food. Therefore you should not hope only for wonderful tablets. As they say, God helps those who help themselves.

Prevention of infertility at men

В профилактике мужского бесплодия важен здоровый образ жизни, регулярные обследования у уролога и регулярная половая жизнь Prevention of man's infertility has to be carried out since small years. Regular visit of the urologist or surgeon for the purpose of detection of diseases, pathologies and their timely treatment concerns to her. The healthy lifestyle, an eight-hour dream, moderate sports activities (without fanaticism, and especially reception of anabolics), walks in the fresh air is important. Watch the diet. At it there have to be a meat, fish, eggs, nuts, greens. And here vegetarians, receiving less proteins, are in a risk zone. In addition, you should not be fond of saunas and baths, to carry close linen, to be nervous, smoke and abuse alcohol. One more good recommendation from doctors – lead regular sexual life with the constant partner. Kill at once two hares – reduce risk "to pick up" STD and remove a stress (and sex for this purpose the best means).
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