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Disability registration

When problems with health lead to full or partial disability, and also impossibility of full self-service, the person should address to measures of the state support.

Disability registration – process difficult and in the psychological plan, but is even more difficult it in respect of paperwork. However do not hurry to give up, after all it is about necessary material security and receiving the elementary help in a life situation, difficult for you. Starting business, have patience and even courage, study all normative documents concerning disability registration, if necessary ask for the help relatives and friends, be in advance ready to unkind reception from some officials. will try to help you, having explained an order and having planned sequence of actions.

Disability registration order

The decision on recognition of the sick person by the disabled person is made by institution of medico-social examination on the basis of the Order of the Ministry of Health and Social Development of the Russian Federation of 23.12.2009 No. 1013n. 7 criteria of restriction of health of the person are accurately stated in this document:

  1. Restriction of ability to work.
  2. Restriction of ability to self-service.
  3. Restriction of ability to independent movement.
  4. Restriction of ability to communication.
  5. Restriction of ability to orientation.
  6. Restriction of ability to control of own behavior.
  7. Restriction to training.

The disabled person the person having permanent violations not less, than by two criteria from the specified list, or having permanent restriction to work admits.

Not each sick person admits the disabled person. Before filing a petition for disability establishment, it is necessary to have proofs that pathology of health have resistant character. The patient was long and unsuccessfully treated, including with use of high medical technologies. About all medical actions there have to be entries in the out-patient map. If frequent addresses in Fast took place, they have to be recorded too. Also other medical documents – analyses, references, extracts, pictures etc. have to be attached.

At the first stage of the patient has to address to the attending physician or the chairman of the medical commission at policlinic with an oral request to issue the direction on MSE. The attending physician, on the initiative is more rare, suggests the patient to issue disability.

The direction for medico-social examination is made out in a form 0-88/y. It is the main document which contains data on a state of health of the person at the time of the appeal to bodies of MSE. The form 0-88/y contains data of surveys of experts, analyses, is certified by the press of medical institution, the signature of the chairman of the medical commission and the signature of 3 doctors of establishment.

The following stage of registration of disability – a document transfer on MSE. Learn phone of registry of MSE in a place of your residence or in a place of temporary registration. Register in submission of documents. Examination is appointed not later, than in a month after submission of documents.

It is necessary to arrive to examination without delay strictly by the appointed o'clock. During examination doctors not only will study all enclosed documents, but also will perform independent inspection. Doctors can ask questions of the social status, living conditions of accommodation, of marital status, of education and labor skills. You should not be afraid of these questions as answers are necessary for filling of points of the specialized program.

The opinion of experts of MSE is frequent disperse from opinion of attending physicians. This results from the fact that attending physicians deal, as a rule, with an exacerbation of a disease at the patient. Medical experts examine the person who received medical treatment more often and can diagnose easier degree of a disease. You should not be nervous and argue with doctors of MSE. In a case when you do not agree with the decision of the commission, you can in a polite form orally declare the disagreement to the chairman of the commission and address with a written request for purpose of re-examination in the MSE Main bureau.

Documents for disability registration

Documents which need to be had at itself, being sent for medico-social examination:

  1. Passport.
  2. The birth certificate (for the child).
  3. The direction on MSE in a form 0-88/y.
  4. Out-patient card.
  5. The extracts from hospitals certified by the press of establishment where treatment was carried out.
  6. X-ray pictures (if is).
  7. The conclusions of narrow experts from different medical institutions, it is obligatory with the press of establishment and the signature of the doctor (if is).
  8. Documents on education (if is) the diploma or the reference from educational institution for pupils.
  9. The service record or the certified copy (if is).
  10. Photocopies of all provided documents.
  11. The reference of MSE and the copy (for those who passes survey repeatedly).

Disability registration to the child

The child admits the disabled person in the presence of at least one criterion of restriction of activity from listed above. For example, restriction of ability to training. At paperwork on the minor instead of a form 0-88/y the form No. 080/u-06 is used. The direction on MSE is made out by the expert treating a disease of the child according to the profile. That is the child with a poor eyesight is directed by the oculist, with the lowered hearing – the otolaryngologist.

For the rest a set of medical documents the same, as for the adult. Documents have to reflect disease history. Except medical documents the characteristic from educational institution, documents of parents or trustees can be demanded.

Registration of disability in case of especially serious illness

If the seriously ill patient needs to issue disability to the person who owing to a disease cannot independently or by means of other people to be on MSE, the reference issued by the medical commission of medical institution has to be attached to the direction on MSE. It is specified in the reference that the condition of the patient does not allow it to be on survey. In that case survey is carried out at home.

Sometimes, very seldom survey is carried out in absentia on the basis of documents. However such cases are an exception to the rules, after all a problem of MSE enters not only acquaintance with documents, but also confirmation of the diagnosis at internal survey of the patient.

Old or seriously ill patients people have to be on survey accompanied by relatives or social workers.

Your rights

If examination recognizes you as the disabled person, to you the pension is charged, you will be able to use certain privileges, for you the individual program of rehabilitation will be made. The pension is charged from the moment of your appeal to bodies of MSE (from the date of submission of documents)

Experts of MSE cannot sometimes make the unambiguous decision and ask the patient to pass an additional examination in one of medical institutions for specification of the diagnosis.

Your right to agree or refuse it. In case of refusal it is required to record refusal in writing. From myself I advise to agree and pass all necessary inspections. After all it will help to make the correct diagnosis.

Sometimes, that the attending physician in policlinic or the chairman of the medical commission refuses to give out the direction on MSE. In this case you have the right to address directly to bodies of MSE, having written the reasonable application and having attached copies of the documents confirming your decision.

If you disagree with the decision of the commission of MSE, address for re-examination in higher MSE or in court.

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