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Make-up for red hair

Color of copper, dark cherry, mahogany, chestnut, orange – all this bright shades red. Happy owners of red ringlets are able to afford the brightest and various make-up, than only to emphasize the unusual hair color.

Make-up bases

Usually makeup artists choose a make-up to match an eye, skin, age and style of women of fashion. But as for red-haired girls then first of all it is necessary to make a start from color of their ringlets.

Choosing shades of a voice-frequency basis, consider the following rules of a vizazh:

  1. Beauties with a natural red hair color have a skin most often light with well expressed freckles, and it means that shades of foundation and powder have to be in tone of skin, but not freckles that the face did not look a dark stain.
  2. In a voice-frequency basis there should not be pink shades that the person did not become similar to a lifeless mask.
  3. Freckles and roughnesses of skin can be disguised by means of the proofreader for skin which tone should not be more dark than a voice-frequency basis.
  4. Do not mask roughness and an inflammation on skin dense cosmetic bases.
  5. If your skin ideally smooth, not demanding alignment, use light compact powder instead of a voice-frequency basis.
  6. Remember the rule – light skin is suitable means for alignment of tone of skin of color of an ivory more, and for more dark skin choose beige shades.

The voice-frequency basis is put in the following sequence:

  1. For drawing a voice-frequency basis it is desirable to use cosmetic sponzhik, a little humidified previously that will help cream to lay down exactly.
  2. At first work with the T-zone – apply a basis on a forehead and wings of a nose. For this purpose take a basis is slightly lighter. It will help to reduce a large nose visually.
  3. For a zone of cheekbones and a chin use a basis one tone more dark.

Blush – important part of a make-up by means of which it is possible to allocate cheekbones well:

  1. Red-haired beauties most of all will suit blush of peach, apricot, sand shades.
  2. For swarty skin or an evening make-up it is possible to use bronze blush.
  3. Any shades pink or red, they will look inappropriate spots.
  4. Blush is applied only on cheekbones. Precisely to define where they at you, slightly smile – the acting parts of cheeks and will be your cheekbones.
  5. Remember that blush should not be too bright, their function – to allocate cheekbones and to refresh the person.

Make-up for eyebrows and eyes

After drawing a voice-frequency basis and blush it is possible to start correction of eyebrows:

  1. Color of the correcting pencil for eyebrows red-haired has to be light brown color, and not black.
  2. Wide and dark brovny arches fashionable today not to the person to white-skinned red-haired knaves but to leave them natural too it is impossible.
  3. The best option for the natural red – a light brown pencil. For colored in red color it is correct to choose a shade of a pencil in tone of hair.

Eyes – the most important part of our person. It is very important correct to emphasize them that they were more expressive.

Choosing shades of shadows, consider that the red-haired belong to a tsvetotip "fall":

  1. The palette of shadows can be the most various – from copper to chocolate.
  2. For a day make-up it is better to choose colors quieter – peach, beige, light green.
  3. Also at a choice of shadows it should be taken into account color of eyes – to brown eyes all will be good tobacco, color of cinnamon, shades brown, yellow, golden. Shadows for the green-eyed – all shades green, malachite, color of wet asphalt for an evening make-up.

Red-haired with blue eyes it is impossible to be fond of nacreous shadows.

At a choice of mascara give preference not to black tones, but brown and dark brown. Black ink will look too roughly against light and gentle skin. The exception can be made for owners of chestnut shades of hair with more swarty skin. Ink under color of eyes – blue, green, gray will be relevant to an evening make-up.

Make-up for lips

Choosing lipstick or gloss, recommends to consider expressiveness of eyes. If the emphasis is placed on them, lips have to draw to themselves less attention:

  1. Red-haired to the person practically all shades pink, claret, cherry, coral, red and orange colors.
  2. If you love bright tone in lipsticks, shadows for eyes have to be quieter.
  3. If you not a supporter of bright lips, give preference to reserved tones – to peach, beige, darkly crimson, creamy chocolate or use colourless gloss. The main thing that color of lipstick was in harmony with a shade of your hair.

Nyud make-up

Red by nature or colored as anybody suits a make-up in style nyud – a so-called natural make-up. But here it is necessary to adhere to the following rules strictly:

  • this type of a make-up will not look if you too were tired or did not sleep;
  • face skin has to be equal and not inflamed;
  • choose color of blush quiet, natural;
  • if you have bags or shadows under the eyes, they need to be disguised the proofreader;
  • any bright shades, only pastel and natural.

For nyud a make-up the following cosmetics is used:

  • brown mascara;
  • pencil for eyebrows of your natural color;
  • translucent voice-frequency basis;
  • powder;
  • gloss or lipstick in style nyud.

Drawings nyud make-up

  1. At first we put a voice-frequency basis.
  2. It is possible to emphasize freckles and birthmarks. But be not overzealous! They can be emphasized, but not to draw that they looked naturally.
  3. Make correction of eyebrows a pencil.
  4. Now it is possible to tint eyelashes ink and to make arrows a pencil or an eyeliner.
  5. The last stroke – powder and lipstick, gloss.

Make-up options

Daily make-up.

The daily make-up has to be soft, reserved. Use pastel tone:

  1. Put a translucent voice-frequency basis.
  2. Under the line of eyebrows apply light-beige shadows, on an upper eyelid peach or apricot.
  3. Make up eyelashes brown ink, and retouch eyebrows a pencil in color of hairs. Natural dark eyelashes for a day make-up can be not processed in general.
  4. The last stroke – lipstick of light shades or colourless gloss. The daily make-up on it is finished.

Evening make-up.

Gathering for a party, in restaurant or theater, it is possible to afford a bright image. Here it is already authorized to make also shadows brighter, having added nacre and spangles. With lipstick and blush too do not hesitate – juicy tone are quite admissible. The main thing that everything was picked up in one tonality with a hair color.

Make-up for bright red hair with orange outflow.

  1. It is possible not to apply a voice-frequency basis on equal, defect-free skin, it is enough to use tinted cream with moistening of a shade yellowish slightly.
  2. Over a voice-frequency basis powder skin or put with a thin layer a bronzer.
  3. Apply brown ink to a day make-up, it is possible to make up black in the evening and to draw arrows with a dark eyeliner.
  4. Extravagances will give to your eyes shadows of copper and dark and chocolate color with golden outflow. For a day make-up take brown and beige shadows.
  5. Give preference in a choice of lipstick to pinkish-peach and natural tones.
  6. Allocate cheekbones with peach blush, and it is possible to apply more colourful blush – bronze, carrot, bright pink in the evening.

Make-up for red-brown hair.

  1. Red-brown hair look even more beautifully against suntanned skin.
  2. The voice-frequency basis should not have pink shades. And here gold or coral – your color.
  3. Strengthen effect of a basis powder with bronze outflow.
  4. Dark brown ink and eyeliner of color of dark chocolate or color of copper will emphasize depth of your eyes.
  5. Shadows can be golden, all shades brown, claret, colors of ripe cherry, plum. The evening make-up allows bright red, orange, dark pink shades. It is possible not to be afraid to experiment it, selecting to eyes.
  6. As well with lipstick – color of plum, ripe cherry, wine, a ruby will approach.
  7. Blush – coral, cherry, red-brown in a hair color.

Make-up for bright red hair.

  1. Choose a basis under a make-up in tone of your skin, and on it it is possible put a basis with effect of suntan.
  2. Choose powder dark pink or apricot. On suntanned skin it will be good to look a bronzer one tone more dark than the suntan.
  3. Ink will approach both black, and brown color.
  4. Gray or brown shadows will effectively look.
  5. Lips can be emphasized with all shades of the red.

As you can see, the choice of color scale for the red-haired is huge. Be not afraid to experiment, look for options which suit you.

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