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How to make self

Self is an Internet trend which found the popularity thanks to development of modern gadgets with the built-in chambers of high quality. In the last, probably, only the lazy did not place few years in Instagram of "self-arrows" with himself favourite. with pleasure will tell you that such self and as it is correct to make an unforgettable picture which will collect likes of all friends on the Internet!

Introduction to the world of the selfi-photo

Self (from English selfie) – so-called "self-portrait" of the person which photographs itself on a frontal chamber of phone or the amateur camera from distance of an outstretched arm or in a mirror.

Self gained popularity thanks to mass distribution of smartphones with the high-quality camera and to emergence of the popular social network Instagram which main idea was a placement of a photo in real time. And people started photographing literally everything: from beautiful views of the nature to food. But when you are a photographer, you it is not visible in the photo. And so there is a wish to post a photo with himself in the blog! Constantly to ask friends too a reluctance. Quite so also the idea of a selfa was born.

Today self do everything, from school students to celebrities. The fashion extended so strongly that some started hating this genre of the photo simply. And all because the bulk of people does not care of quality of the made portraits and places uninteresting, in fact, plots. And here other part of the planet already literally cannot live without selfa and competes in originality and quantity of likes.

Actually self shares on two types: a photo on a frontal chamber from an outstretched arm when you see yourself on the screen, and a photo in a mirror.

The photo "from a hand" looks more naturally, after all phone is not reflected in a mirror, and the photographer looks directly in a chamber, but not in the screen. Many even learned to do self so that hands it is not visible, and it seems that they are photographed by someone another. Minuses of such self-portrait is too short distance from the face and, as a rule, poor quality of a frontal chamber (on average – 5 Mpix).

Today it is possible to get special supports for smartphones which allow to make self from distance twice bigger, than an outstretched arm.

The second popular type of a selfa – when the author photographs "onions" in a mirror. Thus many girls and guys, want to show the true worth to the subscribers not only, but also stylish casual and best clothing. Somehow on Instagram there passed the fashionable wave to do self in toilets of bars and night clubs. The youth and called this way: "toilet onions". However, it bothered adequate users of a social network soon, and, fortunately, gradually it became a sign of a bad form.

How to make good self

  1. Doing self "from a hand", watch fine details. Such seemingly insignificant things as easy turn of the person and a foreshortening of a chamber can make self both fine, and very unattractive because of a close up. The second chin, problem skin or incorrectly imposed make-up photographed on a frontal chamber become very well visible. Make some pictures under different foreshortenings and with different looks in advance to find the most successful for you a look.
  2. Best of all the self made in natural day lighting or under bright light of day lamps look. Always pay attention to a lighting source arrangement: light has to fall on the person, but not in a chamber. Watch shadows from a nose and a chin, sometimes they can distort at first sight the interesting picture.
  3. First rule of a good portrait: never to use flash. Carrying out shooting, skilled photographers do not trust even to flash of the professional camera, and buy additional, sometimes very bulky, the equipment. Therefore if you very much want to make self in the dark room, forget that on you a beautiful make-up and a hairdress – the type of the person under flash of the simple camera will never look good. However the exit is: you can ask someone from friends to include a small lamp on the smartphone and previously to direct light on the person. In that case the chamber of your phone will be focused at once on a face and will adjust the correct photosensitivity. You will be surprised when see a difference!

  4. Doing self, the overwhelming number of users of social networks forgets that is behind them. Someone removes the beautiful face against the terrifying mess in the room, and someone does not hesitate even of a type of a toilet bowl and dirty the shower. There were cases when being photographed in a mirror, unfortunate photographers did not notice that else got to a shot, and posted in the Internet a photo with the naked partners or things which you should not show to strangers. Of course, such photos very quickly became property of the public. Therefore be always convinced that behind you there is nothing of that kind that you would like to hide. The type of a monophonic wall was the best option always simply. If you, of course, are not photographed against tremendous urban or natural views.
  5. And, finally, little advice: try to blink slightly eyes, taking the picture. The look will turn out more thoughtful, and the general look – interesting.

Self: movetona

As well as in any other genre, in a selfi-photo genre too there are things which cannot be done by no means. recommends strongly to you to avoid following mistakes with which many users of social networks sin.

If you do not want to pass for the thoughtless person to whom are interesting only shopping with girlfriends and cosmetics, forget about notorious "dakfeys". Perhaps, anybody will not tell anything to you about it, but among friends you will unambiguously earn doubtful reputation, and new Internet friends will perceive you only as object for an admiring, but not the interesting interlocutor. The exception is made, of course, by rare photos when you decided to joke.

It is impossible to place self too often. Showering a tape with the same photos, you risk to lose subscribers: to people simply bothers to look on same. Try to diversify the Instagram with interesting author's photos of world around or plots with friends, and social networks – posts of other character. Also remember: only self can place models and celebrities. The exception is made, as always, by any interesting idea.

And again about a background. If you really like to photograph yourself in a mirror, like and to bring an order to the apartment. If behind you there are always open clothes or a workplace, safely outweigh a mirror! Or do not photograph yourself in it. Being photographed in public places, do not forget to look at first back and to check who or that is behind.

Also be finally self-critical. The photo which something was pleasant to you, can not be pleasant to another. Perhaps, for example, you did not see some details or even a general view. If you have a problem skin, it is not necessary to be photographed without make-up, or before placement of a photo on the Internet it makes sense a few it to edit. Also you should not do any "low-standard" photos, referring that so do others. After all that can be better, than post in the Internet beautiful photos which will be pleasant to all without exception? And there, you look, and Internet popularity not far off!

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