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How to make the proposal to the girl

What, at last decided to leave barchelor life? Well, sooner or later such moment comes in life of each man. Ahead wedding efforts, a choice of a suit and other, but … before it it is necessary to make one important thing – directly the offer to marry. Ways for this purpose – a set. We will offer some interesting and original options.
What, at last decided to leave at own will barchelor life? Well, sooner or later such moment comes in life of each man. Ahead wedding efforts, a choice of a suit and other … but before it should be made one important thing – directly the offer to marry. Ways for this purpose – a set. Everyone chooses the. We will offer readers Mirsovetov some interesting and original options.

The first way to make the proposal – quiet

Как сделать предложение девушке Such option perfectly will be suitable for your darling if she prefers tranquillity and not too likes to take out the feelings on a public inspection. The way reminds a banal campaign in restaurant a little, but that after all is not. So, we will start.
For the girl it is necessary to prepare a heat bath with foam and petals of roses in advance. It is good to turn on the music, to light in a bathroom of a candle and pleasant aromas. Lay the girl in a bathtub, and run on kitchen – to prepare its favourite dishes. I hope, you too laid up products in advance. What to prepare – only you know two, so I to you not the adviser here. Remember that the main thing not in what beautiful cubes you will cut tomatoes. The main thing that you will make notorious salad, and from it it will seem to future bride more tasty, than at the best restaurant.
When the food is almost ready, ask the girl to get out of a bathtub and to put on. By then the table has to be already served, candles on it are lit, and you are dressed as it befits. It is possible and to do without jacket, but trousers and a new shirt will look as it is impossible to a place. Seat darling at the table, pour her wine or champagne and serve the foods prepared personally by you. Tell nothing in advance! Have supper, relax, have a rest. Only then, when she will already pine with impatience (she after all understood at once at what you drive, I assure), can get up on one knee and stretch her a long-awaited ring. The fat is in the fire! You – the best future husband on light! And be sure, future wife properly will thank you.

The second way to make the proposal – effective

Пылающее предложение девушке Will resist such proposal of very few people. It at the same time both romantic, and very spectacular. The main thing here – properly to be prepared.
Dark evening (and night is better – it will be so more interesting). The yard under its windows. You and couple of your friends display the rope impregnated with gasoline or other combustible substance in the form of heart, and under it – an inscription from slices of the same rope. What – choose. It is possible simply "I love you!". It is possible to add her name. It is possible to think up something special – a framework in such business is not present and cannot be!
Laid out? Do not hurry to set fire! You after all did not forget to cover an entrance with petals of roses from its door to the exit, to place on a candle ladder, to spread out soft toys? Precisely? Collages from your joint photos on walls too on a place? And what about balls and a carpet path at an exit from an entrance? Precisely nothing was forgotten? All right. Then forward!
Call the girl on mobile and ask to look out in a window (the inscription which is laid out by ropes already has to burn). She by all means will be delighted, but after all there is more to come! Ask it to go down, and main – all this time do not hang up. You have to hear her emotion when it sees that you for it prepared. And when she, at last, will leave an entrance and will step into a carpet path, you already have to wait for it – by all means with a bouquet, a ring and on one knee. Joyful "yes" it is provided!

The third way to make the proposal – creative

Как сделать предложение девушке If your girl loves adventures and adventures, this way for you! – everything it is good to think over the main thing because any unexpectedness can nullify all efforts. So, for good reason it is necessary to undertake with all responsibility.
Did not understand yet, about what the speech? Suggest the girl to endure the real kvestovy adventure a prize in which will be an offer of a hand and heart (naturally, she learns about it only at the end)! It is possible to begin approximately so: send to the girl of SMS of the contents like "I wait for you in the yard in five minutes". When it leaves, you there, of course, will not be. Let your friend with a bouquet will come and the phrase "Vasya asked to transfer". And right there will leave, explaining nothing. Let in a bouquet there will be a note "Get on the bus such and go to a stop such. I wait for you there". But you will not be and at a stop! Let other your friend or the dear little niece will come there and will hand to the girl the following help … and so on, till the end. I want to tell readers of Mirsovetov what exactly optional to send someone – it is possible to draw helps on walls, to paste them in the form of announcements, even to hide somewhere the mobile phone to call on it in certain time. Borders are defined only by your imagination here. Only do not forget that, eventually, the girl has to come to in advance prepared place. For example, on an edge of the silent wood where it will be waited by a table with wine and fruit. Well and you, by itself. On a knee and with a ringlet.


As it was already told at the beginning, ways to take so important step in the life there is a set. It – only three of them. Dream, think out, choose, and remember – the second time this moment will not repeat any more. Seriously. As if there it happened, only with this girl and only this time everything will be specially.
Good luck to you in hard business of the offer! Love and be loved!
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