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How to make a hairdress a bow

The woman to be sometimes so difficult! Every day it is necessary to do a heap of cosmetic procedures to look beautiful. In addition it is necessary to watch a condition of hair. Also does not matter where you will go today, the hairdress always has to be accurate and beautiful.

"What hairdress I will make today, and tomorrow?" - most of women so thinks. The tail bothered, let straight hair down – too, to twist them every day on nippers troublesome … A hairdress which Mirsovetov recommends to make, each girl can master without problems.

About a hairdress

The well-known lady Gaga, as we know, very much likes to draw to herself attention. About its unusual designs with hair it is possible to talk for hours, and "bow" took the place of honor in a collection of scandalous images of the singer.

The lovely hairdress with the children's name "bow" found special popularity recently. It will suit owners of long hair, besides is not difficult to make a hairdress "bow" independently at home at all. Naturally, without experience for the first time at you it can turn out not so accurately, as at professional stylists. The main thing – to stock up with patience and to be trained a little.

The nice bow is made of hair almost equally, and here its situation can be changed:

  • below;
  • on the top;
  • on a nape;
  • to displace to the right or to the left.

That is necessary for a new image

To make a hairdress, it will be necessary for us:

  • hairspray;
  • elastic bands – two pieces;
  • hairpins;
  • invisible hairpins;
  • hairbrush;
  • it is a little gel.

If your hair not direct or porous, them it is necessary to level the iron. If you have rare and "thin" hair, you should not be upset, you too will be able to carry "bow". Only before laying wind hair on large hair curlers. Thus, you will add volume. Your hairdress will not seem fragile. Watch that hair were not too twisted – we need to achieve effect of an easy wave.

We do a bow. Option first

  1. Divide hair into locks. Separate "on the top of the head" a triangle zone. It is a bang. In temporal part leave a lock of hair. To give to hair volume, wind the separated locks on hair curlers and leave for 20 minutes.
  2. Collect the remained hair in a hard tail on a nape. Before formation of hair in a bow apply gel on palms – it will not allow hair to be scattered. At the top of a tail separate one lock and record it the invisible being. It is not required to you yet.
  3. Elastic band collect the second part of hair from a tail. From both elastic bands divide them in half. From locks create a bow and from below fasten with hairpins. Have to remain with you still spin a hair: divide them into two parts and hide from both parties of a bow. If you wish, the ends can be combed, and then to hide in bow halves. So the hairdress will look more volume.
  4. Then on a bow it is necessary to make a small knot. For this purpose the last lock in a stock undertakes and is fixed at the basis by invisible beings. Put it in the middle of a bow, and from below attach. Tips need to be hidden.
  5. Twist the remained lock of hair from the temporal party in zhgutik (not strongly) and hide under a bow. It is allowed to make previously an accurate pile, and then to do a plait.
  6. The bang turn came. It needs to be laid a wave, to record a varnish and the invisible being. When the varnish dries, in five minutes it is necessary to remove a clip.

High bow. Option second

On creation of this hairdress only five minutes will leave. It can be carried both in the afternoon, and in the evening.

  1. Take an elastic band and collect hair in a high "horse" tail. Hardly tighten an elastic band.
  2. Leave a tip of a tail in an elastic band.
  3. Two hands accurately divide hair in the tail into two parts.
  4. Transfer previously hidden tips of hair through core of our future bow.
  5. Fasten hair with the invisible being.

That's all, the hairdress is ready.

Bow on a flowing hair. Option third

For a solemn occasion it is possible to make a hairdress "bow" on a flowing hair. Do not forget to wash up previously hair and to dry them. Remember that if they a little damp, it will be easier for you to work, and here the bow magnificent will not be.

We form a bow:

  1. Divide hair into two parts.
  2. From one part the bow (the top part) will "be tied", and the second (lower) can be pinned up or collected an elastic band.
  3. Stretch hair through an elastic band, release the ends. At you the ring which needs to be divided into two parts will turn out. Pass a free lock through it.
  4. Fix the ends of hair hairpins.
  5. Free hair which remained under a bow can be left or twisted.

One more way "settings" of a bow from long hair hair. The principle remains the same, only instead of one tail, it is necessary to tie two. In the middle of each tail record hair an elastic band. Then it is necessary to bend a tail so that the elastic band above connected to an elastic band below. One, and then second "petal" which should be recorded hairpins will turn out at first. The falling ends of hair can be twirled on nippers or to leave equal.

Unfortunately, it is impossible to twist a bow from short hair. But if you very much want, it is always possible to find a solution. On sale hoops with "bows" of different coloring are presented. But if you want to look naturally, then it is possible to increase locks of natural hair and independently to learn to do a hairdress.

Bow corrugation

The hairdress from corrugated hair will become elegant. The effect to a gorfa is reached simply: it is enough to walk on hair nippers with a special nozzle and your hair will become wavy. Even a fine hair after a corrugation will become volume. Your hairdress will turn out beautiful.

Simply to do a bow of wavy hair:

  1. Wind clean hair on nippers with a special nozzle. Wait a couple of minutes until they cool down.
  2. Bring together them in a high tail.
  3. Twist from it a bunch. If you wish to receive volume, use a special chignon.
  4. In future hairdress the elastic band was not visible, wind with its lock of hair. Record a hairpin.
  5. Divide a tail into two parts and each lock turn as a petal.
  6. Record "petals" invisible beings and fluff up them fingers.
  7. There were inaccurate beating-out locks? Sprinkle them a varnish or record wax.

Some councils

As you already understood, a bow simply to do a hairdress. It is necessary to work in case your hair have various length and are cut "short flight of stairs". Stack their damp, and for convenience in addition apply gel. If you wish to receive a magnificent hairdress, recommends to dry up hair, and in the course of formation of a bow to use a spray with water. After completion of work the ready bow needs to be sprinkled a varnish.

Despite simplicity, options of this hairdress can be a little: the bow can be made high, low or "to fasten" sideways. And if to decorate it with a beautiful accessory, from a business hairdress it is possible to receive the evening.


Unconditional advantage of a bow is a simplicity and speed of execution. Independently in house conditions creation of a hairdress will not take away a lot of time. The pretty bow will decorate only 15 minutes and your head. At desire it is possible to spend only 30 minutes and to make a volume hairdress, and practically without material investments.

Train, invite on a visit girlfriends and together learn to do a popular hairdress "bow". At you surely it will turn out!

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