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How to make a bunch of hair

The female mood, as it is known – is changeable. That we want to carry a straight hair, to braid a braid, to make beautiful curls. Happens also such that all manipulations with hair so bothered. There is a wish that hair have a rest, but thus the hairdress was accurate. How to make it? Easily – try to build a bunch from hair.

The bunch or gulka (our grandmothers so called this hairdress) is that option which is required to each girl irrespective of with whom it works, and what way of life conducts. Especially will help out a gulk of those ladies who absolutely have no excess minute for creation of a beautiful hairdress.

Tomorrow the unlucky day is necessary to you? It is necessary to be in time a lot of things, but thus to look good and that hair did not climb in eyes. It is necessary to learn to do a bunch of hair. It appears, it is not difficult at all. How to put hair in order of all in a couple of minutes, you will be taught by

And it is possible also for me?

Your hair of average length, and you worry, what at you it will not turn out to learn to do a bunch of hair? Be not upset. You will need to prepare only some accessories and to allocate two minutes.

Option first.

As the gulka becomes:

  1. That the result pleased you, it is necessary to wash up hair and to comb them a brush.
  2. If your hair pure - simply comb them.
  3. Take a styling foam and apply a little on hair to smooth disobedient locks. Try to use a small amount of means slightly "to take in hand" hair.
  4. Take an ordinary elastic band and collect hair in a high tail.
  5. Take more volume elastic band (for example, from velvet fabric) and fix it from above.
  6. And now fluff up the tail a little and twirl it around.
  7. Record result by means of a beautiful elastic band. It needs to be put on simply over a bunch.
  8. If you still had free tips of hair, accurately fill them under an elastic band.
  9. Record result hairspray with strong fixing.

Do not aspire that your hairdress was accurate – a little negligence, on the contrary, will give you special charm.

Option second.

Also simple bunch can help out you those days when it is necessary to look good, and time to wash up hair is not enough any more. The bunch on hairpins will well hold your hair and will be suitable for sports trainings.

To create a bunch:

  1. Take an elastic band and collect hair in a tail. Best of all special elastic bands with small hooks will be suitable for such hairdresses. They well hold a hairdress, without injuring hair. It is possible to buy such adaptation in special shop or from the hairdresser in salon.
  2. Comb a tail and twirl it in a plait. It is possible to braid a braid. Wrap up it round a tail.
  3. Take some hairpins and record hair.
  4. The ends can be fastened with invisible beings or to fill under a gulka.

Option third.

We do a bunch by means of a twister. This hairpin was popular in the nineties. Represents a double strip from fabric (preferably a velvet), with a wire framework inside. The twister has a cut in the middle that it was possible to pass hair.

By means of the simple adaptation it is possible to twist a tail from hair, to make the roller, a cockleshell and a bunch. It is interesting that with a twister it is possible to build both a daily hairdress, and solemn and even the wedding.

Unlike metal heavy hairpins, the twister does not injure hair and with its help it is possible to make a beautiful hairdress literally in thirty seconds.

How to use an accessory:

  1. Wash up and dry hair. Comb.
  2. Bring together them in a tail (high or low, at your discretion). The elastic band is not required to you.
  3. Hold hair in the tail. Pass locks through a twister opening.
  4. Sprain edges of hair so that they were not broken.
  5. Wind the adaptation upward or under a bottom to the tail.
  6. Depending on option of a hairdress fix the adaptation. For a bunch it is necessary to arrange it horizontally, and for a plait – vertically.
  7. Hide the ends under a twister and straighten hair.

At the end of day when you remove the adaptation, you will be pleasantly surprised because your hair will become wavy.

Interestingly, but by means of this simple adaptation it is possible to make about twenty different variations of hairdresses.

Option fourth.

Modern and stylish option of a hairdress a bunch, by means of the special adaptation. Stylists often for fun call a sponzh-bunch "bagel" or "donut". This accessory is externally similar to a scouring sponge.

It is possible to find such adaptation in specialized shop or in a supermarket in department "accessories". Sponzh-puchok is on sale in several sizes: big, average and small.

How to make a bunch of hair by means of round "bagel":

  1. Collect hair in "a horse tail".
  2. If you do not want that the hairdress was accurate and smooth, it is possible to "poddernut" a pencil locks, and at you easy negligence will turn out.
  3. Take "bagel" and start twisting hair round it.
  4. Every time turn the adaptation until all hair on length are not collected on "bagel".
  5. You have to reach prior to the beginning of a tail.
  6. Now it is necessary to straighten locks because when there is a turning of hair on a sponzh-bunch independently, it is impossible to make it at once accurately. Therefore distribute hair where they accumulated at each other, close them sites with gleams.
  7. For reliability consolidate result by means of invisible beings or hairpins.
  8. Sprinkle a ready gulka hairspray.

As you can see, difficult in creation of a hairdress the bunch by means of the special adaptation is not present anything. And for those who very much wishes to make an accurate hairdress, but cannot get an accessory, recommends to make "bagel" independently.

How to make a sponzh-bunch

For creation of "bagel" you need a terry sock. Pick up color of a sock under tone of your hair. If you have dark hair – better to take you a sock of black, gray or dark blue color. Brown or beige color will be suitable for owners of a chocolate and fair hair more.

It is optional to choose sock "opening" under length and density of hair.

How to make the adaptation:

  • take a sock (better to buy new) and by means of centimeter measure a piece in two and a half centimeters from nasal part;
  • cut off scissors the superfluous;
  • now you need to sprain edge of a sock inside and to twist it in "bagel" on length;
  • at you the elastic elastic band in the form of "bagel" or "donut" has to turn out;
  • if you do the adaptation of other fabric, then you will need to sew two cloths and to hide a seam inside.

Now you know how independently to make the simple adaptation.

Stylists recommend

To learn to do various hairdresses, study recommendations of stylists:

  • if you do a negligent bunch, it is possible to leave some locks. Tighten up them on nippers or leave equal;
  • if you carry a bang, it is possible to leave it. The bang can be made as a straight line, and to lay asymmetrically;
  • it is possible to decorate your simple hairdress by means of various accessories: fresh and artificial flowers, bright elastic bands, tapes, scarfs and stylish bandages;
  • before making a bunch, be convinced that the hairdress will suit you, and decide on a gulka arrangement. If you have a long neck – that you need to do a bunch higher, short – arrange it on a nape. For girls of low growth it is possible to build a bunch sideways, and for fragile ladies – it is necessary to do not volume bunch.
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