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There is such method of physical therapy called by a magnetotherapy. But not all know about it. Clear business that magnetic fields on a human body and animals have a certain impact.

Many notice that in the period of magnetic storms their state of health worsens. And still we know that there is an electromagnetic radiation proceeding from cell phones, wires and different household appliances with which modern apartments abound. And therefore there is an impression as if this magnetic field only does harm to health. It appears, many natural phenomena can be used in the benefit.

Now the medical industry adjusted release small by the size, simple in use, the reliable and useful devices capable to influence a human body the produced magnetic fields. Their parameters can be very various. Also these devices are allocated with biological activity. The person at first gets advice at the doctor, gets such device and can successfully be treated by it at home.

General information about a magnetotherapy

So, at the heart of this modern physiotherapeutic method impact on an organism of a constant or variation magnetic field of low frequency is put. Scientists established that such fields are capable to cause a number of physical and chemical changes in biological fabrics. The magnetic field is in the person, that is as if is direct part of an organism. Therefore at its violation changes for the worse and health. Correction of this field – quite natural method, it does not bring in an organism anything alien, toxic. Magnets, according to scientists, return to a human body that it receives less by nature because of the weakening of the general geomagnetic field which is observed recently. Here that can positive make magnetic fields:

  • normal, correct polarity of cages which changes at pathologies is restored;
  • in an influence zone viscosity of blood considerably decreases;
  • vessels extend;
  • in the damaged fabrics improves a traffic (food), gas exchange, after all blood circulates in vessels better;
  • soothing, anti-inflammatory and antiedematous effect is had;
  • fermentativny processes, regenerative mechanisms in fabrics, especially in cartilaginous and bone amplify;
  • arterial pressure and indicators of pulse goes down;
  • the myocardium is sated with oxygen;
  • immunity increases;
  • the biological reserves which are available in an organism capable to protect from adverse external factors are stimulated;
  • glucose in blood decreases;
  • work of an internal and systems is normalized.

The brain is especially sensitive to magnetic fields. In bark the exchange processes proceeding there very well become more active. And, if process of influence has the continuous mode, acceleration of processes of braking is revealed. And here at the pulse (preryvny) mode there is a strengthening of processes of excitement. It was noted that people who constantly used a magnetotherapy method for five months got rid of the arrhythmia which was long tormenting them.

The magnetotherapy is considered as quite young branch of science, but there are data that its principles were used at the time of an extreme antiquity. For example, Avicenna tried to treat a magnet of an illness of a spleen, liver. And here Paracelsus healed magnets fractures of bones, hernias and bleedings.

When the magnetotherapy is recommended?

The magnetotherapy will be good addition to drug treatment at the following illnesses:

  • osteoarthroses, epikondilita, rheumatoid arthritises, subcalcaneal bursit, spine injuries;
  • slow accretion of changes;
  • thrombophlebitises, venous insufficiency;
  • consequences of burns, frostbites, not healing wounds and ulcers;
  • skin rashes as a result of an allergy;
  • gynecologic diseases.

Researches which were conducted by scientists and doctors, showed that the magnetotherapy yields positive results at:

In cosmetology the magnetic field is used:

  • for restoration by the lost skin of a tone, elasticity, elasticity, humidity;
  • for fast healing of hematomas, rassasyvaniye of hems;
  • removals of puffiness of the person and other parts of a body;
  • elimination or at least reduction of a hypodermic and fatty layer, tsellyulitny knots.

Contraindications to a method

And now provides the list of diseases and states at which it is impossible to use procedures of a magnetotherapy:

  • purulent inflammations in a sharp stage, fever;
  • hepatitises and other viral infections;
  • sharp forms of violation of coronary or brain blood circulation;
  • any tumors;
  • predisposition to bleedings;
  • the vegeto-vascular dystonia proceeding on hypertensive type;
  • stenocardia in a dormant period or tension;
  • heavy degrees of cardiovascular insufficiency;
  • hard proceeding hypertensive illness when pressure is very increased;
  • some endocrine violations;
  • pregnancy.

Devices and medical procedures

There is a set of devices which allow to carry out magnetotherapy sessions.

It is possible to use the portable device developed in Russia under the name "MAG-30" to treatment of osteochondrosis, arthritises and other diseases of the musculoskeletal device (MD). The device makes a field low-frequency, non-uniform, variable, it also will render therapeutic effect.

The Alimp-1 device is recommended for treatment of the osteochondrosis which affected lumbar or chest departments of a backbone, the deforming osteoarthrosis of joints (coxofemoral or knee), intercostal neuralgia. This device allows to influence extensive squares of a body. The medical effect can last year or one and a half.

The AMO-ATOC device is capable to produce the running magnetic field, it very much brightly expressed the immunomodulatory, antiedematous, anti-inflammatory, anesthetizing, vasodilating, regenerative action. The device is used actively in hospitals, policlinics to recovery therapy after difficult operations, to treatment of cerebral spastic infantile paralysis, radiculitises, osteochondrosis.

Still use devices of the Pole series. Inductors put with a small gap over influence area. At first the session lasts only five minutes, gradually time increases and it happens about twenty minutes. The course consists of 20 medical procedures. Let's notice that elderly people have enough 10 or 15 procedures which duration makes no more than 15 minutes.

One more device which can be used easily in house conditions, is developed by the staff of hospital of Burdenko. He received the name "Amnp-01". offers readers before starting procedures of a magnetotherapy, to study rules:

  1. Try to carry out procedure at the same time.
  2. It is impossible to start carrying out procedure on a hungry stomach.
  3. During a course of treatment it is forbidden to take alcohol.
  4. At deterioration of health, for example, at a raising of temperature or pressure, the session cannot be done.
  5. Surely strictly observe all recommendations which are specified by the producer of the device in the instruction.

The magnetotherapy is combined successfully with other methods of treatment: galvanization, massage, electrophoresis, physiotherapy exercises. A magnetotherapy – an effective method of physiotreatment which can improve a state of your health. But before starting it, get advice of the doctor.

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