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Chizhevsky's chandelier

The closed windows, a large number of people indoors, various electric equipment, all this causes negative influence on the surrounding atmosphere. At such moments clean country air which especially after a thunder-storm becomes, apparently, very easy and pure is remembered. Why it occurs and whether it is possible to arrange artificially it indoors.
Вся жизнь человека неразрывно связана c атмосферным воздухом All human life is inseparably linked with atmospheric air. And for normal activity it has to satisfy to many parameters. Temperature, humidity, pressure, percentage of carbon dioxide, impurity degree only small part of parameters on which activity depends. At their aberration at the person working capacity, health and health in general can worsen.
Often on workplaces where the person spends the most part of time it is impossible to support the normal atmosphere. The closed windows, a large number of people indoors, various electric equipment, all this causes negative influence on the surrounding atmosphere. At such moments clean country air which especially after a thunder-storm becomes, apparently, very easy and pure is remembered. Why it occurs and whether it is possible to arrange artificially it indoors. In this article will try to answer these questions.

Influence of aero ions

После разрядов молнии воздух сильно насыщен отрицательно заряженными молекулами кислорода – аэроионами The matter is that after lightning discharges air is strongly sated with negatively loaded oxygen molecules – aero ions. In the nature ionization of air to occur and because of other factors. It is possible to carry also space beams, static electricity of the earth, a surf and other natural factors to the main reasons of education.
For the first time influence of negative aero ions on a body of the person the scientist Alexander Leonidovich Chizhevsky in the twenties started studying of the last century Russians. After careful research the scientist came to a conclusion that for normal existence of living beings, the part of molecules of the inhaled oxygen has to have negative electric charge. At research of this phenomenon it was put the mass of various experiences. The essence of one of experiments was in the following:
Some mice placed in a tight chamber and filtered the air arriving there through a dense bed of cotton wool. Air in a chamber became much purer as dust and small microorganisms settled in a filter layer. However together with them air lost also electric charges. In some weeks animals became sluggish and inactive, and already a month later finally perished. However in the same vessel, but with placed in inside electrode for generation of negative charges, animals perfectly felt. Besides, they even were better, than the mice from control group breathing usual atmospheric air. So their viability was much higher, and time of life increased almost by 50%. Subsequently it was open that at inhalation of a large number of aero ions in an organism the substance which slows down cell aging is allocated.
 Александр Леонидович Чижевский Computers, TVs and other devices with the high level of studying attract to themselves negative ions of oxygen and destroy them. Later a small period of work in such room air becomes heavy and lifeless. It, undoubtedly, affects working capacity, and at big term and human health.
So as a result of "aero ionic starvation" at the person the probability of diseases of cardiovascular system and respiratory organs and the central nervous system increases. For reduction of consequences of such negative factors the immune system of the person should work at full capacity that quickly enough leads to wear of an organism and its presenilation. Inhalation of negative ions on the contrary changes all organism. on the basis of the experiments made by Chizhevsky and after it can tell surely that aero ions improve the blood fluidity that reduces load of heart, restore the broken metabolism, improve works of the central nervous system, and accelerate coagulability.

Norms of ionization of air

Ежедневно человек потребляет около 15 килограммов воздуха Daily the person consumes about 15 kilograms of air. A necessary minimum level of the maintenance of negative aero ions has to is in limits of 500-600 ions / Optimum 4000-5000 ions / For an example the average level of aero ions:
  • The city apartment – 25-100 ions /
  • Gorodskaya Street – 100-150 ions /
  • Forest air – 2000 – 50000 ions /
  • Air after a thunder-storm - 50000 - 100000 ions /
Whether it is possible to increase quantity of negative ions in the atmosphere surrounding us? Of course. For example, it is possible to go to Java Island or to Kenya, where 200-300 days in a year – storm. Negatively the party of such places is that here from blow of lightnings annually perishes to one hundred people. It is also not possible to go to the sea or mountain resort, but, unfortunately, most of people will be able to spend all 365 days there in a year. Therefore will consider safer and available ways, namely receiving aero ions by means of the ionizer of air or "Chizhevsky's chandelier".

Chizhevsky's chandelier

Люстра Чижевского The name "Chizhevsky's chandelier" appeared still in the twenties as the first models of ionizers of air were similar to usual lighting chandeliers of that time, however, they radiated not light, but negatively loaded oxygen ions. Later a wide interval of time the device underwent considerable changes. However the principle of action remained the same. Under the influence of a field of a high tension which is formed between two conductors electrons escape from a surface of electrodes and, dispersing, face oxygen molecules, form negative ions. Fields of a high tension appear thanks to leading to electrodes of a high voltage of 20-30 kV.
With progress development also various standards of safety constantly became tougher. Therefore now "Chizhevsky's Chandelier" is strongly obsolete. So static polarization, high level of electromagnetic radiation and a significant amount of the emitted ozone can do much harm to health of the person.
Therefore to receive the ionized air meeting modern sanitary standards it is better to use household ionizers which represent modifed option "Chizhevsky's Chandeliers". According to modern norms they generate ions of both polyarnost, contain low the level of ozone and can be made in various cases which protect a radiator from mechanical damage. will be emphasized once again by "Chizhevsky's Chandelier" is a unipolar ionizer which is not recommended to be turned on more, than for 5-10 minutes. During longer work such device will not have positive impact any more, and can only do much harm. Not for nothing in medical institutions when using "Chizhevsky's Chandelier" followed a high security of its application. Ionizers bipolar, developing as negative, so positive ions are intended for long use.

Ionizer choice

Бытовой ионизатор воздуха We already considered a question of a choice of the household ionizer. Most often such ionizers (intended for house use) enter as additional function cleaners and humidifiers. Their productivity is small, they only supplement a favorable climatic picture in the room (therefore their characteristics are held back). For work in big working rooms they are not adapted in any way. Here ionizers as separate devices will be necessary. considers useful once again to repeat and add questions of a choice of ionizers, only any more not for the standard apartment, and for more volume offices and working rooms.
At a choice of the ionizer it is worth paying attention to the following factors:
Concentration of ions
This parameter shows quantity of the containing ions in one cubic centimeter of air at distance of 1 m from the ionizer. Here quite 5-200 thousand ions / cubic cm will be enough
Exact value of this parameter gets out proceeding an estimated usage time of the device. So devices with higher concentration include on shorter period. For definition of an exact period of turning on of the concrete device it is necessary to address to the instruction of the producer.
Tension on a radiator
Люстра Чижевского It has to be in range from 20 to 30 kV. If tension is not specified, it means that it less than 20 kV. It is better not to buy such devices as advantage of them will be very little. For normal generation of ions tension on a radiator has to be not less than 20 kV. Voltage more than 30 kV also should be avoided as in small rooms it will not be electrosafe.
Additional functions
As additional functions at the case of the ionizer there can be filters the relieving air from unpleasant smells and small parts of dust. Also the device can the electronic block for various operating modes, a remote control and light indication of work. The fan has to be present at the ionizer anyway, differently so useful ions will not reach the person.
Average consumption of power of the ionizer usually does not exceed 5-10 W.
On a design it is possible to allocate it is possible to divide into suspended or desktop (floor).
Suspended ionizers are fixed to a ceiling and often have quite big dimensions. Such ionizers will not take a useful place, however for its work on a ceiling it is necessary to carry out an electrical wiring and to establish in a ceiling a hook for fastening.
Настольный ионизатор Desktop ionizers are deprived of such shortcoming. They have small dimensions thanks to what can easily fit into a room interior. It is much simpler to such device to carry out power supply. However such devices generate smaller concentration of aero ions. This shortcoming can be bypassed installation of several devices in various parts of the room.
Ceiling models can be recommended to people who constantly move on the room. If you spend the most part of time, for example, at the monitor screen, in this a case it is better to create locally aero ions by means of the floor ionizer.
Working capacity check
The ionizer is bought, built, established and connected. Many people at this moment ask a question: "And whether the device is efficient?". The question really very actual, operability of the device consists in an assessment of subjective qualities the person. But you should not despair. As "Chizhevsky's Chandelier" creates aero ions in air, their level can be measured special devices, measuring concentration of ions. For daily use such device is hardly required therefore we will consider other factors of operation of the device:
  • at a palm present to radiator needles on distance about 3 cm it is possible to feel hardly noticeable stream of a wind or cold;
  • in full darkness it is possible to see hardly noticeable luminescence on the ends of needles.
The cost of ordinary desktop ionizers makes about 50$ $-100. For the ceiling ionizer it is necessary to give about $200. Industrial ionizers for the big areas, for example, for the room of 200 sq.m. will cost about $2000. Automobile ionizers cost about 30$ $-100.

Upon purchase of the ionizer recommends to demand presentation of two certificates. One of them technical, testifying, for example, that will not hit the person with current. Another sanitary and hygienic, guaranteeing that the gases which are formed during the operation of the ionizer, including ozone, will not exceed admissible parameters.
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