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How to lower cholesterol in blood

Contrary to widespread judgment that cholesterol is a poison for an organism, the advantage of this component and its vital need is scientifically proved. Nuance only that concentration of cholesterol has to always about six-seven mol/l keep at the certain level, after all its surplus threatens with serious negative consequences for an organism.

Advantage and harm of cholesterol for the person

Surplus of cholesterol in an organism threatens with many diseases, the most dangerous of them – atherosclerosis and pathologies of cardiovascular system. But, It should be noted that fight against cholesterol should not develop into importunate daily procedure at all, after all only that cholesterol which settles on walls of vessels, forming plaques is dangerous. In general this component bears more advantage for an organism, than harm – it is the main component of cicatricial fabrics and construction material of cages. Because of a cholesterol surplus in blood the lipidic exchange is broken. This violation also provokes development of many dangerous diseases - from plaques in vessels to a myocardial infarction. It is interesting that certain symptoms of the raised cholesterol level in an organism are not present. But nevertheless, the set of subjective signs which can be revealed only in the clinical way is in most cases noted:

  • narrowing of coronary arteries of heart;
  • chronic extremity pains;
  • emergence of clots of blood in blood vessels;
  • yellow spots on skin, etc.

For this reason it is extremely important to watch the content of cholesterol, to support its level on an admissible mark – 4-7 mol/l. It can be reached thanks to healthy nutrition, the balanced physical activities and in general, to a healthy lifestyle. If nevertheless cholesterol "jumped up", test some easy ways of its decrease. But, before, exclude the possible reasons of increase it in an organism.

The reasons of increase of cholesterol in blood

The reasons of increase of cholesterol in blood rather big set. In general their set can be designated as the wrong way of life. Among the most often met reasons of accumulation of cholesterol in an organism:

  • excess weight, obesity;
  • chronic overeating;
  • smoking;
  • frequent use of alcoholic beverages;
  • lack of physical activities;
  • inactive way of life;
  • prevalence in a daily diet of "fat" products: fat, liver, pork, eggs, cream, fat cheeses, creamy, peanut, palm-oil, sauces. Also digestible carbohydrates do not differ in usefulness. They are a part of confectionery, chocolate (an exception – dark bitter chocolate), pastries and so forth;
  • limited quantity in food of vitamins, celluloses, pectins, microcells, polynonsaturated fatty acids;
  • hereditary predisposition;
  • chronic illnesses of a liver, endocrine system (diabetes, lack of sexual hormones, diseases of a thyroid gland), kidneys, hypertensia, etc.

It should be noted that in blood can lead to increase of level of cholesterol also other factors. The main thing that it is worth doing to the people predisposed to accumulation of this component in an organism – to prevent all above-mentioned reasons that the balance of cholesterol of blood always was in norm limits. Mirsovetov recommends to check its level annually after 20 years, systematically to make blood test. If already at so early age cholesterol reads off scale, it is necessary to reconsider the way of life, to add regular physical activities and healthy food with a large number of vegetables and fruit. If the level of cholesterol approached a limit mark – not to do without diet and national ways of its decrease.

The diet promoting decrease in cholesterol in blood

The first that recommends in fight a lot of cholesterol – dietary food. It means reduction or a complete elimination from a diet of food with the high content of cholesterol. It should be noted that the daily dose of this component should not exceed the 300th milligram. If you addressed to the therapist with a problem of the raised cholesterol in blood, it surely has to issue you the plate in which the level of the maintenance of this component in the main products is described. On it be also guided, planning a daily diet. Besides, do not forget to include the products lowering cholesterol in an organism at portion. Among them:

  • freshly squeezed vegetable and fruit juice (are especially useful – carrot, garnet and grapefruit);
  • mineral water;
  • olive, sunflower or corn oil as substitutes of the creamy;
  • nuts;
  • avocado;
  • veal;
  • beef;
  • fowl (it is obligatory without skin);
  • cereals;
  • buckwheat cereal;
  • not refined rice;
  • large number of a citrus;
  • the bean;
  • bran from corn or oats;
  • skim milk;
  • curdled milk;
  • cottage cheese;
  • salmon and other fat fish;
  • garlic, etc.

Besides, it is necessary to refuse addictions and to minimize the use of coffee, especially natural, give preference to drink which passes filtering.

National methods of fight against a cholesterol surplus

Traditional medicine developed rather big list of means which reduce cholesterol level in blood. defined a top of the most popular and effective methods and is ready to share them with the readers.

Lime powder. Often I recommend the guru of traditional medicine for decrease in cholesterol in an organism to accept on one teaspoon of lime powder three times a day. In order that to prepare it, dry up lime color, crush it in the coffee grinder before formation of a flour. Use within a month with a break for two weeks. After reception wash down with a large number of boiled chilled water.

Using this method of depreciation of cholesterol, it is worth adhering to a diet surely. Besides, include apples and fennel in the daily diet.

Propolis tincture. For clarification of vessels from "deposits" of cholesterol it is recommended to use tincture from propolis. It is necessary to do it twice a day on 5-7 drops of four percent tincture for half an hour to food. The course of treatment usually makes three months, then the break is necessary.

Bean porridge. This means enjoys unprecedented popularity among "holesterinshchik" today. It is famous efficiency and fast effectiveness. To prepare porridge from haricot it is necessary to fill in in the evening a half-glass bean with water and to leave so till the morning. To replace water fresh in the morning, to add a soda pinch, to weld and eat in two steps in equal quantities. A course of treatment – three weeks.

Linen seed. The effective remedy for decrease in cholesterol in blood is also considered a linen seed which can be got in any drugstore. Crush it in the coffee grinder and add to food at each reception.

Powder from dandelions. It prepares from the dried-up roots of this plant. To crush roots in powder and to accept on one teaspoon before each meal. Notable improvements are seen in half a year of regular reception. So with this means it is necessary to be patient.

Anyway, a choice of a method of decrease in cholesterol in blood – business especially individual. More important at such diagnosis – to adhere to the healthy, healthy nutrition and regularly to play sports.

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