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Choice and installation of autoacoustics, p.1 (loudspeakers)

Before going to car service for autoacoustics installation, it is necessary to have at least small idea of where and that you want to place. It will help fitters to understand that you eventually want from them. The correct installation of loudspeakers will be the decisive link defining quality of all speaker system.
Выбор и установка автоакустики, динамики Before going to car service for autoacoustics installation, it is necessary to have at least small idea of where and that you want to place. First, it will help fitters to understand that you eventually want from them. And secondly, you will be able to save the money, having refused components unnecessary you. The correct installation of high-quality loudspeakers will be the decisive link defining quality of all speaker system.

Manufacturing techniques

Automobile acoustics can be divided into two types: coaxial and component. Coaxial acoustics represents some acoustic heads placed on one case of the loudspeaker. As a rule, one low-frequency and one or more high-frequency. It is possible to carry the low cost and simplicity of installation to pluses. Among minuses not really high quality of sounding, and impossibility of control of a relative positioning of loudspeakers.
Component acoustics is some kind of set of the specific producer who is usually consisting of pair of loudspeakers: one low-frequency – for reproduction of a low-frequency component and the twitter – for reproduction of a high-frequency signal. Also in a set there can be a crossover for division of frequencies between loudspeakers. Such autoacoustics is is more expensive coaxial and is difficult in installation.

Autoacoustics choice

Выбор и установка автоакустики, динамики Just for creation of high-quality sounding also exist separately low, so-so and high-frequency loudspeakers which serve respectively for reproduction of low-frequency, mid-frequency and high-frequency range. It is worth carrying a choice to pluses of this type of loudspeakers a component from various producers and high quality of production. To minuses higher cost and complexity in installation.
If you decided that do not want to change an interior of salon at all or to spend too much money for installation, installation of loudspeakers in regular places will be the best option. The truth it is necessary to choose autoacoustics only that size which is suitable for installation in concrete model of the car.
It is necessary to carry diameter of the diffuser to the key dimensional parameters of the loudspeaker. It is measured in inches. As mid-frequency loudspeakers it is better not to use too big models. There are quite enough 3-5 inch heads. The size about 5-6 inches will be suitable for low-frequency loudspeakers.
It is also necessary to decide on quantity of strips. If the 2-band system means connection of pair of twitters and low-frequency loudspeakers, 3-band already demands 6 loudspeakers (2 twitters, 2 mid-frequency and 2 low-frequency loudspeakers). Pluses – each loudspeaker wins back the, narrower range thanks to what distortions decrease.
But here not all is so simple. If you solved that coaxial acoustics is not your choice, but also not especially there is a lot of finance, it is necessary to stop on the 2-band scheme. would like to notice that often producers go on a marketing trick: it is more favorable to them to make 3-band system of average quality, than qualitative 2-band. It becomes because most of people adheres to such concept – means better more. In acoustics this rule can not work. Therefore if find the 2nd and 3-band systems of one cost, I recommend to stop on 2-band.
Выбор и установка автоакустики, динамики Now we will consider rear autoacoustics which serves for support of a sound picture sitting on forward seats to passengers. Delusion is that behind the car there has to be powerful full-size acoustics which reproduces all heard sound signal. For example, when we came to a concert and we sit in the center of the hall. The main part of a sound comes to the listener from a scene, and only some part of the reflected signal – from lateral and rear walls. Thus the reflected part of a signal does not contain intelligent basses because of their rereflection from surrounding subjects any more, and the high-frequency part of a signal is practically absent as high-frequency signals are strongly weakened with distance and are also well absorbed by the majority of surfaces. The mid-frequency part of a signal reflected from many subjects comes to the listener indistinct, and complicates definitions of the direction of a sound. The general level of a signal in comparison with the frontal is reduced by 18-24 dB. Therefore the rear part of a sound signal has to be an additive to the main (frontal) radiation and is not an independent source of a sound.

Autoacoustics installation

Установка автоакустики в двери автомобиля Let's talk about possible installation sites of autoacoustics. Usually low and mid-frequency loudspeakers establish in forward doors of the car. Regular places very limit autoacoustics choice.
Application of podiums safely solves this problems. The podium represents some kind of ring prefix for the loudspeaker which is mounted to the door case. Thanks to podiums it is possible to change an orientation of loudspeakers at the expense of what the correct sound scene is created. Podiums are carried out the considerable height therefore magnets of sound heads do not act from internal part of a door and do not disturb the glass lowering mechanism. High rigidity of a framework allows to fix reliably the loudspeaker to a door. It is necessary to carry additional resources for pulling of a covering of a door and production of podiums to minuses.
It is worth remembering that the loudspeaker radiates not only towards the listener, but will also play and internal part of a door that can cause undesirable additional sounds and resonances. That to eliminate it it is necessary to spend for processing of internal part of doors special sound vibration-isolating materials.
One more widespread place for placement of loudspeakers are the lateral panels which are under the dashboard. They are called still kik-panels. It is worth carrying to minuses too small internal volume therefore to achieve a good bass it will be difficult. It is possible to install and in the dashboard, however because of leakage of internal volume, there will be acoustically short circuit. The matter is that the loudspeaker radiates sound waves in both parties concerning the diffuser. Only the rear wave is shifted rather frontal on 180 degrees. In other words, when the diffuser moves forward, in its forward part air compression, and in rear – discharge turns out. Interacting among themselves, they form considerable failures in AChH, especially in the low-frequency range. The most suitable installation sites of high-frequency loudspeakers: the dashboard, corners of a cap of mirrors in forward doors, or in front racks.
As for rear loudspeakers recommends the following:
  • do not establish behind high-frequency radiators;
  • you should not install big loudspeakers. There are quite enough 4-5 inch mid-frequency or broadband loudspeakers;
  • at shortage of finance, do not establish as the rear channel of expensive loudspeakers.
At competent approach to autoacoustics in the car it is possible to do and without subwoofer. But if there is a wish that the eaten lunch shivered in a stomach, and your car was heard at first, and then seen – then the following subject for you: "Choice and installation of autoacoustics, ch.2 (subwoofer)".
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