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How to learn to ride a snowboard

Snowboarding is a beautiful, fascinating and youth sport. But, as well as any sport, it demands some preparation. Sliding on a board on a slope – not absolutely usual state for a human body. During driving all muscles of your body strain. having risen on a board for the first time, you, most likely, will not even understand how on it in general it is possible to go.
There came the winter, snow dropped out, and together with winter and snow to us opportunity to ride a snowboard came. Only present: tens people in bright suits quickly and gracefully slide down a hillside. The spirit, the truth takes?
Snowboarding is a beautiful, fascinating and youth sport. But, as well as any sport, it demands some preparation. The matter is that sliding on a board on a slope – not absolutely usual state for a human body. During driving all muscles of your body, in particular sural as them the main loading is necessary strain. You will inevitably fall and fill bruises and cones. Moreover, having risen on a board for the first time, you, most likely, will not even understand how on it in general it is possible to go. To facilitate to itself a task and to take the first step, execute simple exercise.

The first step – to rise on a board at home

Как научиться кататься на сноуборде So, if you have the snowboard with fastenings and boots, put on them and get up on a board on a floor in the house. It is very important point – feel as boots sit on you, whether press or whether, on the contrary, are great. Pay attention that boots have to be laced up densely that the foot did not dangle in a top. But be not overzealous – if you tighten a lacing too strongly, feet will very quickly be tired and will start hurting.
Try to understand, in what situation there is your body. If it is convenient to you, do small rocking back and forth, try to sit down slightly.
Readers of should consider one more important point – definition of the leading foot. Usually snowboarders always "drive" only one foot, the second – helps. To understand how it will be more convenient to you, it is very simple: ask somebody to push slightly you in a breast. You will take a step backwards, and that foot on which you will lean, most likely, and is the leader. Why it to do? Houses where it is simpler to adjust fastenings under you.

Step of the second – we slide on the back edging

Как научиться кататься на сноуборде From it all snowboarders start learning to ride. Be simply fastened to a board on an equal site and try to get up – quite perhaps that for the first time it will be difficult. Catch balance, feel board weight, be twisted, jump up on a place. Poraskachivaytes on snow back and forth the same as you it did houses.
Now you need to find a site of the mountain with a small bias. Be fastened and get up, transfer body weight to heels, and press a board the back edging into a slope a little. Very important at this stage to experience balance. As soon as you feel surely, can start sliding downhill. For this purpose it is necessary to press slightly socks on the forward edging. Do everything smoothly and slowly, slightly bend knees, and expose hands forward. That the board evenly slid forward on the back edging, hold the edging exactly – do not lean back strongly back and do not bend forward. It is important to find golden mean. If you feel that speed increases, load the back edging more strongly – thus you will dump speed or stop.
Your task at this stage – smoothly to go downhill only on the back edging, surely to regulate speed and to brake. When you understand that it already comes to you easily, it is a high time to pass to the third step.

Step the third – the forward edging

Как научиться кататься на сноуборде Now you need to do the same, as when sliding on the back edging, with only that difference what it is necessary to go a back forward. Be fastened, get up, begin the movement on the back edging, and then in a jump develop yourself on 180 degrees to turn to descent by a back. Further everything goes according to the fulfilled scheme: bend feet in knees, extend hands forward, catch balance. Weight needs to be transferred to socks, to move forward all over that the forward edging crashed into a slope. Now release the forward edging that the board slid down a little. Do everything smoothly, without sharp movements. To dump speed, press on the forward edging more strongly. Sometimes look back through a shoulder to see where you go and to regulate the direction of the movement.


To learn to brake sharply at great speed – it is very important. This ability can save from injuries not only you, but also your neighbors in a slope. Therefore find for skill working off some time.
For a start begin sliding on the back edging, gradually transferring weight to the leading foot. The board will be parallel to a slope, and speed will increase. Now you need to sit down, sharply to transfer weight on heels, and to develop shoulders across a slope. So you again will start sliding on the back edging that for you is already habitual.
With the forward edging – similarly. Begin the movement, develop yourself along a slope, and then sharply transfer weight to socks and bend forward. So you will return to usual sliding on the forward edging.


Как научиться кататься на сноуборде Everything that you did before – important and necessary steps without which not to do. But the true pleasure comes when you start riding. And for this purpose it is necessary to learn to turn.
All is simple: begin the movement downhill on the back edging, gain average speed, and bend towards turn a little: direct the case there, move shoulders, load a forward foot. Will transfer weight to the left – will turn on the left. So you will appear almost across a slope, but watch to turning to a slope sideways – you are not ready to it yet. Brake the back edging. After stop, transfer weight to the right side, and you will start sliding to the right. I want to warn readers Mirsovetov: try not to disperse and do not transfer weight to socks – the forward edging will bury during snow, and you will fall. Slide only on the back edging. Your trajectory will remind a trajectory of the leaf falling from a tree.
When accustom, smoothly, on a wide arch transfer weight to the forward edging – thus you will gradually be developed on 180 degrees and will appear to an elephant a back. Continue the movement and transfer weight again to the back edging. Do everything slowly and accurately – it will be so easier to learn to ride, speed will come later. This equipment is called "Flat turns".
And here the most interesting will begin further. When you master flat turns, you need to learn to do turns cut. The main thing in this equipment – balance.
So, begin the movement downhill, be developed to a slope sideways (but not in parallel, and at a small angle!) the leading foot also transfer weight to the forward edging, having slightly drowned it in a slope. Keep a board under such corner, do not change it without emergency. To brake, transfer weight to the back edging and incline the case in the party, opposite to a slope. It should be done quickly – the board should not go "flatwise", you always have to stand on one of edgings. Remember: knees are bent always, to ride with the straightened feet it will not turn out. Feel balance, operate the center of gravity. Your task – to understand, when and how strongly to bend forward and when back. Paradox: the speed is higher, the it is simpler to slide thus. At a slow speed it is almost impossible to operate a snowboard.
This way demands long trainings, but all skilled snowboarders quite so ride.

It is a little about safety measures

Как научиться кататься на сноуборде At any grade level to snowboarding you will fall. There is no person who never fell. Therefore it makes sense to take care of safety of the body.
On you surely there has to be a helmet with warm balaklavy under it. A helmet will protect your head from blows when falling, and the person will help not to freeze a balaklav. For elbows and knees under a down-padded coat and trousers it is possible to put on kneecaps and elbow pieces (same, as well as for summer sports like rollers) – they do not constrain movements and will perfectly protect from excess bruises. Especially it is worth taking care of protection of a tailbone – for this purpose there are special shorts from a laykrovy grid with soft protection of a tailbone, buttocks, hips and waists which are also put on under a suit.
The suit, that is jacket, trousers and gloves, have to be warm and waterproof. You could notice that all snowboarders ride in short jackets, it more safely, and more conveniently – such clothes do not prevent to move freely.
One more important point – behavior on a slope. You always bear responsibility for those who goes ahead of you because you, as a rule, see them, and they you – no. Among these people there can be many beginners who still badly control a board. You have to do everything possible to avoid collision. If the athlete before you suddenly fell, and you cannot turn aside, it is better to slow down sharply or even to fall most, than to crash into him – so you do less harm to both of you.

Remember, a snowboard it is simple. It is a little patience and efforts – and here you already rush down a snow-covered slope, enjoying the speed, frosty air and force of own body.
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