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How to learn to ride roller skates

Roller skates – an excellent sport for you and your family, and also the companies, friends, relatives. Occupations by this sport will help to strengthen muscles, to lighten mood and it is simple to spend time with a breeze. If you want to learn to skate correctly on roller-skaters and to put right skills, it is necessary to adhere to some councils.
Most of people watched figure skating, hockey, speed skating but very few people reflected that skates are one of winter sports to which it is possible to draw "a summer parallel", namely – roller skates. A huge number of sports demand for occupation of additional equipment. After all even for run the sports hall, and for surfing – the whole sea is necessary in the winter. Therefore skills of ability will help to skate to you to conduct active recreation and in the winter, and in the summer, without resorting to additional problems.
Roller skates – an excellent sport for you and your family, and also the companies, friends, relatives. Occupations by this sport will help to strengthen muscles, to lighten mood and it is simple to spend time with a breeze.
If you want to learn to skate correctly on roller-skaters and to put right skills, it is necessary to adhere to some councils.

Driving place choice

Место катания на роликовых коньках In order that your abilities and skill of a skating were done not stand still, and with each subsequent step grown, it is necessary to put initially correct model of a rack on rollers, to choose the correct place, rollers, and also to have interest. The wrong beginning can beat off further desire to be engaged in this sport forever. It is necessary to adhere to each rule to a greater or lesser extent, but it is obligatory. And governed the absolutely easy.
  1. For successful training of a driving on roller skates it is necessary to pick up the correct regimentals and the most important place of driving. The matter is that roller skates unlike skates with an edge adjoin to asphalt, but not ice. And all know that ice is much more smooth, than asphalt. From the point of view of physics it can be explained with usual coefficient of friction, the it is more, the it is more difficult to slide, go, slide. With the naked eye considerably that asphalt is much more rough than ice therefore and it will be much more difficult to slide. From here rules of a choice of asphalt follow.
    The place for a driving needs to be chosen the most smooth. Pay special attention to asphalt laying if it coarsened with cracks and pomyatost, to the beginner is better not to train in order to avoid consequences.
    The matter is that in rollers everyone is felt even an imperceptible crack of asphalt. If the surface too rough, comes to feet vibration substantially. It will prevent to concentrate on process, and also on development of skills.
    Conclusion: if you choose a place for a driving – asphalt, it has to be the most smooth.
  2. If on the street bad weather and you decided to drive under a roof in any sports complex, here for you barriers are not present. Generally in the enclosed space a surface rather smooth and qualitative for a driving. The only moment which to you will go to advantage is an existence of hand-rail at sides, seats for rest and convenient places for a pereobuvaniye.

Choice of skates

Роликовые коньки Well, when the place is chosen, it is possible to start a choice of skates.
There is various quantity of types of rollers: folding and integral, plastic and leather, etc. But what rollers would not be, their main objective – smooth swing and fixing of a foot. For implementation of each requirement it is worth resorting to several recommendations.
  1. For fixing of a foot roller skates have to have qualitative fasteners, rivets, laces. But how to choose what fasteners it is better? A main issue – the foot has to merge accurately with your roller, you should have no feeling of inconvenience or so-called feeling "something somewhere dangles". I want to tell readers of that the most optimum option when there are 3 types of fasteners: lacing, clip and flypaper. The lacing will fix an ankle according to a boot, the flypaper will strong press an anklebone to a roller, well and the clip will record the top part for convenience and the correct position of a foot. Laces should not be too smooth as because of smoothness the knot will constantly weaken and you should pereshnurovyvatsya often.
  2. Choice of castors on rollers – also considerable part of purchase. It is better to take polyurethane wheels, than plastic. It will provide smooth swing, good coupling with a path, wear resistance will increase.
  3. Pay attention to bearings. After all your success depends on them. The bearings are more high-quality, the it will be easier for you to go. The easiest way is to take a roller and to a canopy sharply to carry out a palm on all castors. All of them have to turn during approximately identical time not less than 10 seconds. If castors stopped not at the same time or turned rather small time, it speaks about bad quality of bearings.
  4. It is necessary to ask the seller about rigidity of wheels which fluctuates ranging from 72 to 90. Naturally, the big figure speaks about bigger rigidity. But you should not point at it attention as even rigidity 72 is quite capable to sustain big loading.
  5. You should not forget about diameter of a wheel. A popular size of a wheel – 86 mm. If you are going to become a champion only in the close circle, you will suit this diameter.
  6. Well and, of course, do not forget about protection. Knees, elbows, the head have to be under protection which can be bought in any sports shop. After all health above all.

Difference of rollers from skates

Как научиться кататься на роликовых коньках Many beginners very often hold that opinion that "if are able to skate, and on rollers not a problem". It is worth dispelling this myth. The principle of a driving can also identical, but all as for maneuvers, braking, turns – here all differently and to it it is necessary to study not one day.
  1. As it was mentioned earlier, asphalt has much more bigger coefficient of friction, than ice. What does it mean? The matter is that on asphalt to go much more difficult, than on ice. If with any force to make a start and pass on one roller on asphalt, your way will be much shorter than if you made it on ice. Therefore first prevention: you will need many forces and energy as each your push is quite big expenditure of energy. You will need persistence.
  2. One more important and obvious feature of roller skates that they consist of small castors while at skates – an edge. Obviously, isn't that so? But it is worth noticing that the edge enough dexterously turns round its pivot-center on ice that provides maneuverability of skates, and also, dexterously crashing into ice, gives 100% braking. In rollers all on the contrary: the friction is so great that you will not be able to do easily various actions, and sharp braking will cause falling. Therefore equipment here absolutely other. Even to inveterate figure skaters it will be difficult for the first times.
  3. Skates get out precisely in the size on a woolen sock. If the size is slightly more or slightly less, the safe driving will not be provided to you, even can entail some injuries as dislocation.
    Rollers can be chosen not in the size. If to you, for example, friends or acquaintances allowed to drive for a while, or your child got rollers from the elder brother or the sister and they do not approach precisely in the size is it does not matter. Freedom to a foot will not prevent. But it is worth paying attention to an anklebone and foot, they it has to be strong recorded in order to avoid injuries.
  4. If you perfectly ride hockey skates, do not hurry to disperse at a full speed on rollers. After all the equipment considerably differs, you can not manage to slow down, and even will not be able at all therefore here it is necessary to be extremely accurate.

Beginning of a driving. Councils to beginners and not only

Девушка на роликовых коньках Before rising on rollers, be adjusted morally that from the first it can not turn out – and it is quite normal. There is no victory without defeat. Be not afraid to fall, differently the fear to fall will hold down your movements, the feeling of confidence will be gone and results will be not so good.
In order that it is good to keep on rollers, it is necessary to be able to hold balance. But it is not necessary to achieve ideal results. In the movement at you it can turn out to hold balance much quicker and more simply. There is enough that someone held you by a hand, and you tried to move.
The most widespread error of all beginners is a direct back and the unbent knees! By no means it is impossible to go with a direct back. The back surely has to be inclined forward, the torso has to be at an angle. Knees have to be bent quite deeply. I offer readers Mirsovetov small exercise. Get up about a chair, bend knees quite deeply, incline a back so that your hands freely touched knees, try to make so that to a squat on a chair there were about 5-10 cm. Such rack will give you the correct arrangement of the center of gravity and uberezhyot you from bad consequences, and also will allow you to begin the movement correctly.
How to begin the movement? In the movement our center of gravity is displaced that over one foot, over another therefore it is necessary to begin the movement in situation when the center of gravity is over one foot. How to make it? We get up in a rack which was described in the previous paragraph, only now both hands we lean on one foot, the sock is a little developed outside, and the second foot rises almost perpendicular to the previous situation. The push needs to be made surely in small jumping (but without separation from the earth, of course), you have to spring as if up from a deep squat when make a start. Further you will a little pass and will transfer weight to the second foot, will also make a start other foot. And here you in the movement!
We continue the movement. But how to brake? On rollers brakes are provided. As a rule, they are established in a heel. To slow down, it is enough to put a foot on a heel and by effort to press on asphalt, to begin it is necessary to brake smoothly, differently you can fall sharply forward. It is necessary to remember that during braking our body aspires forward, and feet remain behind, that is on the person risk of falling. The brake is established at your discretion or on the right foot, or on the left. But anybody to you does not forbid to make it on two feet. If only it was convenient to you.
All these councils will help you to take the correct steps in undertakings. Remember the main thing – anything it is impossible for once. Trainings, trainings, trainings. Only then you will achieve excellent results.

In the conclusion main council: do not try to learn to ride from the first occupations as the professional, i.e. to do various maneuvers, even the simplest (turn, braking). Your task – to develop skill, it is correct to take the first steps in undertakings, it is correct to learn to move and hold the correct balance when driving. Yes, you were not mistaken, correct balance. As from a center of gravity position of your body, all your results depend.
Be adjusted morally on persistent trainings and then at you everything will turn out. Do not forget, sport – a fine way of active recreation, and also a useful contribution for your organism. A sound mind in a sound body. Aspire to the best, reach fine results. In total in your hands.
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