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How to learn to ride the bicycle

All know that if once it turned out to be passed by bicycle, now it will always turn out. But what to do if in the childhood it was not presented to opportunity to sit down on this two-wheeled type of transport? Forever to lose pleasure "to dissect" on a baize? Of course, no! To learn to ride the bicycle it is possible at any age, there would be a desire.

Training of children in a driving by bicycle

Of course, everything begins with the childhood, and one of the main objectives which lies before parents – to impart to the child love for sports. And it is possible to make it by means of such, apparently, banal things as a ball, the bicycle, etc. For this reason practically to each child for the next holiday or the bicycle is "just like that" bought. And now before parents there is an intermediate task: to teach the kid to go by this "unit".

The result in many respects depends on age and on desire of the child to learn to ride the bicycle. Sometimes happens that he remains unclaimed for several years and when the child grows up, suddenly shows strong interest in cycling. And sometimes it happens that unsuccessful attempt to learn for a long time, and sometimes and forever "kills" desire to ride the bicycle.

Mirsovetov recommends strongly to parents, grandmothers and grandfathers to be patient in such hard business as training of the child in a driving. Usually children already quite surely go without your "secure" approximately in a week so time it will borrow not much.

What parents who want to teach the kid to ride the bicycle need to know?

  1. If to the child from 2 to 4 years. At this time the kid should get acquainted with a three-wheeled bike. Be ready to that at first the child will apprehend it as a new, bright toy. Let's it time get acquainted with it, to study all "blestyashka", small screws, gayechka, pieces of iron. Only then put on the bicycle. The first lessons can be spent at home, the equal asphalted platform will also approach.

    Start rolling the child, show how the wheel is arranged, let the kid himself chooses the direction where to it to go. Only when he will understand how it is necessary to drive, it is possible to pass to studying of pedals.

    It will take quite long time because it is difficult to little children to synchronize the movement of the legs. You can show how to press pedals in the movement but where it will be simpler if you record the bicycle so that the directing wheel was in subweight. Put legs of the kid on pedalk and show how it is necessary to push them. Have patience, soon the child will quite master this equipment and will be able independently to go.

  2. If to the child from 4 to 6 years. The two-wheeled bicycle with two additional (auxiliary) castors which need to be established some centimeters above the main is suitable for this age. These auxiliary castors will secure the child and will teach to keep balance.

    Do not tighten with such driving – when you saw that the child feels surely, remove auxiliary castors, but do not forget to prepare the child psychologically. Tell it that it is time to ride as the adult that it needs to be a little accurater, but you (or someone from native) will surely be near until he learns. And, of course, the first few days you will need to run after the child. To insure, holding the bicycle it is necessary only in the most extreme cases so that the child was vigilant, but felt that you nearby. Remember if you swear or it is simple to force events, you can beat off desire at the child to continue lessons.

  3. If to the child of 6 years and more. The adult child can be put at once on the two-wheeled bicycle, only the first few days it is necessary to secure it, running afterwards and holding that did not fall. Remember tranquillity and patience, and then at you everything will turn out.

    Good advice: If there is no opportunity to get to the child the bicycle which costs really very much today, buy it initially the scooter. He will teach to keep balance, and the kid can explain that the scooter is a training before a driving on the real, "adult" bike!

Also do not forget about safety rules. Any driving by bicycle does not do without falling therefore surely buy a helmet, kneecaps and elbow pieces are will reduce quantity of grazes and scratches, and also will protect from more serious injuries.

How to learn to ride the bicycle to the adult?

There are cases when already the adult does not represent himself by bicycle at all. The cause is there can be one hundred reasons: since banal lack of the bicycle in the childhood and finishing with some psychological problems. But if the desire by all means to learn to ride the bicycle "sat down" at you, remember – there is absolutely nothing impossible. The main thing to adhere to several important rules and to master the bicycle gradually.

For a start it is necessary "to adjust" the vehicle to itself. It is one of the most important steps which to you should be executed. The seat has to be such height that the foot was almost completely unbent on a pedal, but thus you could reach freely the earth, it will help you when study technology of the movement.

The knowledge of the device of brakes is also required to you. For a start it will only be necessary for you back - lobbies better not to use as the bicycle can simply turn over.

The further instruction assumes step-by-step studying of a driving by bicycle. Do not hurry and ask the acquaintance who is able to ride a bicycle, to keep you the company – so you will feel much more surely.

  1. For a start take the bicycle, holding it for a wheel, having slightly inclined to itself. It will help to master technology of keeping of balance and quicker to find "common language" with a bike.
  2. Now it is necessary to master landing. Clamp a back brake and safely sit down in a chair, thus stand feet on the earth. When you feel that do it rather surely, pass to the following step.

  3. The following exercise which will allow you "to catch" balance. Holding a back brake, tear off for some seconds of a foot from the earth, thus aspire that the bicycle stood steadily.
  4. Now throw one foot on a pedal, and leave to a vtor on the earth and start making a start it. You need to pass in such situation as it is possible more long that the bicycle did not bend aside. Thus, you will be able "to perfect" skills of balancing.
  5. Attempt to put both feet while carry out the previous exercise on a pedal will be your following exercise. Try to be passed, look forward, but not at a wheel, it will help you to keep balance. Remember if you need to stop, do not put a foot on the earth, first of all clamp a back brake, wait until the bicycle stops almost completely, already then lower feet. Otherwise, you risk to receive a strong push behind and even to provoke falling.
  6. Repeat the previous exercise until start passing without problems a distance to 5 meters. It will allow you to acquire technology of the movement, rotation of pedals and, of course, to learn correctly to hold balance.
  7. Following steps: studying of turns and turns. It needs to learn to be done both on small, and at big speeds. Remember that a wheel it is necessary to turn only at the slow movement, and here at fast it is necessary to turn by means of a case inclination.

When you with confidence are able to make all previous lessons, extend the distance: you will need to pass from a point And in a point of B the distance between which is no more than 100 meters then to be developed and return to an initial place. If at you it managed to be made without uniform stop, it is possible to say with confidence that you are already able to ride a bicycle, and the rest – practice business!

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