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How to learn to play tennis

Everything began with search of section for the child. Having tried various options, we all family amicably "fell in love" with the tennis coach. This first teacher of my son – the pensioner with a huge experience, the enthusiast – infected us with the heat. On trainings even parents did not remain idle. I want to tell readers as it is possible to learn to play tennis.
Everything began with search of section for the child. Having tried various options, we all family amicably "fell in love" with the tennis coach, and finally decided on a choice. This first teacher of my son – the pensioner with a huge experience, the enthusiast – infected us with the heat. On trainings even parents did not remain idle. I want to tell readers of as it is possible to learn to play tennis.
Any new business begins with the theory. Personally I rummaged in special literature, watched movies about tennis players, began to be interested in tournaments. Even wrote down separate games, and then reconsidered, continually pressing stop. Of course, together with it constantly practiced. For beginners of 2-3 hour trainings in a week grabs eyes.

How to choose a racket

Как научиться играть в теннис "The working tool" for big tennis is classified by materials, balancing, weight, the sizes and a form of a head and the handle. It is ideal pick up a tennis racket only the pro can. So, or consult to sellers in specialized shops (if trust them), or with the personal trainer (that is more preferable).
The simplest copies from aluminum stand within 1000-1500 rubles. They quite are good, for example, for those who goes to have a rest to warm regions, and decided to diversify the leisure. But if you are engaged in tennis constantly, choose graphite rackets. "Remember Soviet style forks spoons from aluminum, – rebuked me my trainer when I decided to save, – unless it is pleasant to use them daily, unless houses you such use?!".
Anyway the racket has to lie conveniently in a hand. Correct grasp of the handle: the thumb does not come on the others, between fingers and a palm there has to be about 1 cm. In shop try to turn a racket, threaten, it should not delay a hand, to be too heavy and long. But keep in mind that an easy racket it is much more difficult to carry out strong blow.
For sliding reduction the handle of a racket is recommended to be wrapped in a special tape.
Watch that strings of your tool were properly tense. Do not store a racket in heat and on the sun (strings are softened from it, the stretch spoils), if necessary carry a racket on a banner.

For the first time on court

Как научиться играть в теннис Initial position: feet on width of shoulders, are slightly bent, elbows are divorced. We hold the handle of a racket with two hands ahead of ourselves, the rim of a racket is leveled perpendicular to the earth. We imitate blow:
  1. We remove the left hand from the handle, with an open palm it is exposed forward.
  2. At the same time we raise the right hand in which the racket is clamped. The racket head thus "is closed", i.e. the top part of a rim is slightly inclined down. A racket we make the movement from a belt to the left shoulder.
  3. We finish blow. It is correct to do it so: at the level of the left forearm to pick up the handle a racket the left hand.
  4. The blow is imitated at the left, holding a racket with two hands. The left hand is closer to a racket head.
If you are engaged independently, observe skilled players.
Having fulfilled imitation of blow go "on a wall". For this purpose, by the way, any equal wall, before which smooth surface at least 2 by 2 meters will fit. So in the beginning trainings it is even not obligatory for you to rent court. Readers Mirsovetov should remember the main thing: on a ball it is necessary to get the center of a racket, differently the blow "will be greased".
Exercises at a wall:
  • become the left side to a wall, having receded on 3-4 meters;
  • the left hand throw a ball from the belt level when it jumps aside from the earth, execute the blow described above, aiming in a wall (blow height – about a meter, on courts these places are designated by a circle and are at the different level);
  • ball, having jumped aside from a wall, it has to be knocked on the earth (1 time!), your task to beat off it "in flight" and to get to the same circle;
  • to make blow at the left, turn to a wall the right side while only returned a ball, hold a racket with both hands;
  • "meeting" can carry out blow both one hand, and two. This exercise is similar to game in badminton, the wall will be only your partner.


Как научиться играть в теннис No matter, what motives brought you into big tennis. Would you like to have a rest, open simply actively the hidden reserves of the organism, to get healthier or aspire to a Davis Cup. Know that trainings can be continued and in house conditions. Of course, it is defective game, but advantage notable.
  1. Suspend to a ceiling a rope, a scaffold with a soft porolonovy ball (it can be and the simple balloon inflated to the sizes of a tennis ball). Try to get on it a racket.
  2. Return a racket a ball from a floor. If you live on the first floor, will prevent nobody. In other situation, take a small children's ball (it should not be too jumping and ringing, such are on sale especially for kids). Your task to bring quantity of blows to a maximum. Thus it is desirable to stand on one place. A "working" hand of a polusognut in an elbow.
  3. Throw up a racket a ball up. To a ceiling it should not fly up. Main thing here not the force, but stability.
  4. Do imitation of blow. Both right hand, and left.
  5. It is useful to develop mobility of a brush and force of fingers. The expander best of all is suitable for the last.

Minuses of big tennis

Как научиться играть в теннис As any serious sport, tennis is injury-causing. To exclude or at least to reduce probability of falling, dislocations and other troubles, before occupations surely consult with the doctor. Also follow elementary rules:
  • wear convenient sportswear and footwear (sneakers, but not gym shoes);
  • choose a qualitative covering on court;
  • do warm-up before game (the added step, a vyprygivaniye, turns by the case is obligatory);
  • beginners need to interrupt everyone half an hour, to alternate a type of occupations (game on court, at a wall, imitation);
  • watch loadings, gradually increase the rates of trainings and complexity of exercises.
Relation of physicians to big tennis variously. Some doctors, for example, consider that this sport is contraindicated to the people having platypodia. Others are convinced that on the contrary, does well. Also opinions were shared concerning influence of tennis on sight. At whom a miopiya (short-sightedness), it is recommended to refrain from trainings. But on personal experience and having consulted with experts in real, I was convinced of a boomerang effect: occupations on court develop an eye estimation, force eyes "to work".
To readers of who simply want to run about in the pleasure with a racket to splash out energy and to be loaded with a positive, will be to buy a racket enough and to master basic skills of game. And those who dreams to surpass Kournikova and Agassi, should pass medical examination and to be spent where is more serious.
Anyway, I wish you happy journey in big tennis!
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