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Training in English in England

It is best of all to learn foreign languages, being in continuous contact with their carriers. If you already have some basic knowledge, one month in others country will be enough to feel freely at conversation with foreigners! In this article I will tell about study in England and I will give some advice as to spend time with advantage abroad.
All perfectly know that it is best of all to learn foreign languages, being in continuous contact with their carriers. If you already have some basic knowledge, one month in others country will be enough to feel freely at conversation with foreigners! But to achieve similar result, it is a little simple to unpack things and for days on end to go shopping, parroting the same phrase "How much does it cost?". In this article I will tell about study in England and I will give some advice as to spend time with advantage abroad and as it is correct to behave with foreigners.

Where to study

Обучение в Англии Before making the decision on long-term study, it is necessary to go to the chosen city for 3-4 weeks and to estimate the situation. Many specialized schools will help you with it. Trip cost on intensive courses to England for 3 weeks with group makes about 150 thousand rubles, including tickets and payment of work of the attendant. The prices depending on the city do not change: anyway at the airport you will be waited by the bus which will deliver all group to school, from where further you will take to the place of residence by in advance paid taxi.
In Bournemouth there are a lot of international schools therefore the city was captivated literally by people from a different doomsday. It attracts both students, and ordinary tourists, and gives the chance of communication with various cultures, as served for me as the reason of a choice of this city.


Обучение в Англии Modern schools and travel agencies offer two options of accommodation abroad during study: in the residence (the hostel which the two-stars hotel serving both foreign students, and teachers usually is) or in host-family, the family ready to accept students for some time so is called. As for directly language, both options are in own way good therefore they need to be considered from the point of view of personal comfort:
  1. Arrangement. Hostels are always located within walking distance from school while the accepting family, as a rule, lives in houses and cottages at decent distance from the downtown. Respectively, having chosen a host-femili it is necessary to consider expense of time and additional expenses on the bus.
  2. Communication. With whom to you will be more comfortable to communicate, solve too to you. In the hostel you will be surrounded by age-mates and fellow students from the different countries, and you will quickly find with them a common language, being with them in continuous contact. In a family you should communicate with adult British that, in turn, bears in itself not less advantage: from them you will constantly hear the competent speech.
  3. Mode. Residences for minors are closed in ten evenings. At this time it is necessary to be on a place because street doors are closed on the lock, and the administration leaves. Other residences too ask to come back in time, but this rule goes more likely from influence of school. That is, if you live in the hostel for adults, can come though to four mornings: the manager on duty will open for you a door.
    In families the mode is set by owners. One can allow to walk till the morning, another will essentially see you in nine at home. Always it is possible to agree with them, the main thing to warn if you are going to be late.
  4. Food. Accommodation in residences which are provided by school, includes two times food. But do not hurry to rejoice: often that moves for dinner, is it is almost impossible, especially at the end of training when the stomach transferred strong blow semi-finished products and fast food. Yes, British do not like to cook therefore it is necessary to escape most: to buy food in supermarkets or to go to cafe. To the Moscow measures high therefore I advise readers Mirsovetov to take the prices of food with itself money with a stock, especially it is impossible for those to whom there are semi-finished products simply.
    In a family everything is simpler. You say to owners in advance that you can eat, and then they, considering your preferences, make a normal dinner. Most it is possible to prepare too, having asked permissions.
  5. Internet, entertainments. In each residence there are game rooms where can be established billiards, musical instruments, video games and so forth. On the first floor there is an access to Wi-Fi, but because of number of visitors sometimes difficult to use it. Though it is always possible to use the school Internet.
    In a family usually take money for the Internet – about five pounds a week.
  6. Condition/comfort. The accepting family provides you with the certain room though during a season of flow of students (summer) have the right to settle to you somebody else. That to whom the homeliness is important, a quiet situation and small number of the people, it is necessary to choose a host-femili. Because in the residence, as we know, life always boils. In rooms can live to four people, thus you will constantly observe circulation of people – newly made friends of each of your neighbors. The school personnel is checked periodically by rooms to find out, whether there are no violations both from students, and from the residence.
    If something does not suit you, you can always tell about it to organizers. For example, if in a family or the residence refuse to you necessary services. But remember that as you have the right to complain, and the family/administration has the right to complain of you. In order to avoid problems with school, try to follow all rules of accommodation and laws of the country. They differ from Russian therefore before going to a way, I advise to study basic laws. In case of detention you law enforcement agencies, the school administration will not be able to help you!

How to overcome the accompanying fear

Some schools created special social networks only for people who are going to go to training from their company. You can get acquainted with classmates and, perhaps in advance, to plan joint entertainments. Thus, having arrived to others country, you meet already familiar people that considerably reduces psychological pressure. Also you can always count on support of those who arrived with you in group, eventually, you are in one boat. The attendant will help to solve some household problems, for example, to prompt as it is correct to communicate with the personnel or to define a route to the desirable destination. Besides, at schools without fail there are psychologists to whom you can address at any time.

At school

Обучение в Англии After wrote the introductory test, define you in group with an appropriate level of knowledge. You be quickly involved in working process, having joined those who studied already some time. You receive lesson schedule and textbooks which then can take away home. It is undesirable to skip classes: that you were given the certificate on successful passing of courses, it is necessary to have not less than 80% of visit.
On the course of training you can be transferred to group with higher level if the real level becomes for you a lung. In this case you will be provided with new textbooks and the schedule.
Occupations take place on one breath. Unlike the Russian school technique of training in England more time is found for collective work, developing thus oral speech. Some time, but only to correct the main errors too is found for grammar and a pronunciation. The rest is acquired during dialogues with teachers.

How to behave with British

Обучение в Англии British – very simple and quite friendly people. They are not afraid to self-express and speak directly. Because of it between them and Russians there can be a misunderstanding. First, at the sight of English teenagers (and often and adult citizens) you, most likely, will have a cultural shock: wild hair, unclear coloring; purposely the torn apart stockings, frank skirts / shorts – girls razbalovat themselves and the majority of them ceased to watch the appearance. Thus it is clear, why men often pay attention to the foreigners passing by (especially Russian). Here also English simplicity is shown: many men, having noticed the tidy Russian young lady on the street, will not be ashamed and by all means will strike up with it acquaintance. And hardly they intend to offend her, but it is important to remember that after the friendly invitation to drink in a pub not less friendly offer to have sex can follow. Therefore in the evenings I advise to walk in the company, in order to avoid unpleasant incidents.
Anyway, it is desirable to talk to British tolerantly, without hinting at appearance, unusual for you, and manners of communication, and to try not to use Americanisms.

That gives training in England

At the end of training you can pass a test for the level of knowledge of English and compare results that were earlier. You receive two certificates: for the successful termination of courses and one more, the Cambridge sample in which the level of proficiency of language by results of dough is specified.
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