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How to learn to drive the car in the city

If started reading this article, so at least, are interested to drive the car in the near future. The vehicle, the driver's license is, skills of driving are not present – a situation classical. For the beginning driver the short and intelligible explanation of the main nuances matters. We now will also be engaged in it. There can be the sure city driver everyone.
If you started reading this article, so at least, are interested to drive the car in the near future. The vehicle, the driver's license is, and skills of driving are not present – a situation classical and, unfortunately, very often takes place in life.
The first day came, you were going "to saddle a horse". But how? Fear, fears, nerves, questions … How to behave on the road? How to start going surely?
Way out: the person driver is necessary, he also is capable to help at the first start. If such acquaintance is – well, it is important. BUT! Your "teacher" is borrowed, lazy, nervous and is not always capable to bring information to you. Take everything in hand and read further, we will help you to get out of this vicious circle! So, the main thing now for you – to learn to operate desired transport as soon as possible.
For the beginning driver the short and intelligible explanation of the main nuances that at the beginning there was no confusion in the head because of surplus of information matters. We now will also be engaged in it.
So, you solved: "I will drive!". At once we will make a reservation that purchase of a car and obtaining the driver's license – a subject for separate conversation and us now do not interest. We consider that it you have everything. Our task – the first skills of driving on a personal car.
For structurization of information in the head we will designate the basic secret rules separate subtitles.

Traffic Regulation (TR)

Как научиться водить машину Traffic regulations – a basis of bases for any participant of traffic. For sure start it is impossible to start "driving" without clear understanding of logic of traffic and pedestrians on the carriageway. You have to without doubt share, seconds without doubting, to be guided on the road, differently thought "How correctly to go?" and "How to go mechanically?" will only prevent to irritate each other and once again you at the beginning.
So, task: Traffic regulations have to be at the level of natural reflexes, differently about the movement on the road out of the question. Were defined.
Decision: to learn, understand, pay attention to traffic on the road.
It is impossible: to take the wheel, holding misunderstanding of the principles of the movement in the head.

Traffic signs

Как научиться водить машину Signs have to be read without excess idea, but for a final and clear understanding of their importance on the road it is necessary to leave to the city. Here two options:
  • the instructor in driving school takes out you on an educational car, and in hours of practice you gain much-needed skill of "thoughtless" fast reading road signs and skill of orientation on them;
  • properly to learn values of signs and not to take the wheel until you do not nayezdit as the passenger ("on a common fund", with friends, relatives etc.) attentiveness to signs and their understanding. More precisely, try to pay always attention as the car in this or that situation depending on signs moves, only consider that not always the driver can observe them. As option, you can go every day on the same road and constantly consolidate the principles of the movement on this way. So you, at least, will create artificially for yourself a way with reflex understanding "how here to go" that further will bring big benefit.
Only after all this you sit down in own transport and accurately begin in a real situation on the road to get used to signs.
Task: to take of signs "the hint".
Decision: to learn, get understanding when you are a passenger, paying attention to signs.
It is impossible: to take the wheel if you have "porridge" in the head from signs; at least, experience in quality of the attentive passenger is necessary.

Let's roll!

Как научиться водить машину The driver's license, the car, knowledge/understanding of traffic regulations and road signs is everything at you is now. Let's do without retreat on questions "Where to insert a key?", "How to start?" and similar because all of you passed it already earlier. At once is closer to a subject.
One of ways to learn to drive the car in the city – to plan departure early in the morning. If action happens in the summer, it is very convenient to begin hours in 5, when already light-, the movement on the road not such saturated as hour through one and a half-two (everything individually depends on your city), and before formation of a stream of transport you have time, so to say, for "nakatyvaniye" of initial confidence. Such operation can be repeated for acquisition of skills and for storing of the movement on this or that route more than once. The way very effective is also recommended for application.
Let's advise to equip a car with the beginner's sign (especially by rules you need to make it), so there will be less problems. Let's notice that at a wheel thus of the designated car simpler to go: draws attention, forces to treat you with care, eventually, once again will not give a signal, will not cut.
Before beginning the movement – be fastened. Do not throw with a belt, and be fastened! You for the first time independently will go at a wheel, with a seat belt will be quieter ("especially …" – read in brackets above).
Not to be trapped during the first trip, include marker lights, you will hardly like to begin the driver's life with impartial communication with the traffic police officer.
Whether it is worth mentioning need of the slow quiet movement on the road, after all it is obvious, having such "huge" experience of driving. By the way, about signals behind: when you leave the first time, it is worth postponing at once at itself in the head that will surely signal, it is necessary to be ready to it. You can decay, start with 3 (and more!) time that will inevitably lead to indignation behind the standing participants of traffic. It is in the order of things, it is also worth treating a situation with understanding and, perhaps, even with humour, otherwise, if from time in time to be nervous on everyone such "to a push behind", it will inevitably lead to even bigger pressure at a wheel and will not promote successful driving.
Task: to go quietly without creation of emergencies.
Remember the rule: nerves and haste at a wheel – the most important enemy of accident-free driving. Try "to twitch" less; it is better to go slowly, but it is sure, than to hurry and only to aggravate situation! Use of the alarm system will help to calm other drivers and to give itself chance to make more quietly planned maneuver.
It is impossible: to be nervous, excessively to hurry, fuss (!).

Rules for the "second" day of driving

Как научиться водить машину Further we will provide the list of rules which, besides above-mentioned, all beginners need to observe at a wheel:
  • at first do not do sharp maneuvers, be attentive (the first successful experience often brings to a condition of euphoria, and the driver beginner simply does not notice the traffic light);
  • do not begin the movement with the traffic light when only for pedestrians red light lit up, an operating mode of the traffic light (for example, at the "T-shaped" intersection) can play with you a dirty trick;
  • at a parking do not climb in "jungle", everything needs to study gradually;
  • at evolution it is better to check "information" from lateral mirrors turn of the head. It is necessary to do it very quickly as the situation on the road ahead of your car can instantly change;
  • at the movement back surely include "emergency signal" for designation of, and in situations when you leave a backing a number of cars, give a signal for a bigger visibility;
  • do not forget to switch off transfer or to squeeze out coupling when start the car (a frequent situation: blow ahead of the standing car at start of the engine on the included transfer);
  • at the beginning of operation of a car take for a habit: to watch oil level in the engine and a transmission, the level of cooling liquid (antifreeze), to turn off the light during the parking of not started HARDWARE, to close doors (during the parking and at the movement), – all these conditions have a direct bearing on traffic safety;
  • and any distracting sounds! Try to go without music and if with passengers – then minimize communication with them. Do not distract!
Driving of the car – not talent, but need, and "the car not luxury, but a vehicle" therefore to become let not Schumacher, but the sure city driver can everyone. Conform to the rules of our note, and you much quicker and with smaller losses will come nearer to the level of independent driving.
Good luck!
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