How to pump up wings, the broadest muscles of a back
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How to pump up the broadest muscles of a back

Exercises for a back are quite often ignored at the initial stages of occupations. And only some months later the athlete with horror notices a disproportion in the body. The most noticeable back muscles – the widest (not for nothing these muscles are called still "wings"). They give width of back part of a trunk. In article we will consider a technique of their development.
Almost all men who got up on a fitness track (or bodybuilding, powerlifting, etc.), come sooner or later to need to pay special attention of some part of the body. So occurs because of anatomic features or the wrong trainings, than beginners usually sin. At one too big hands, but a small breast. At others – a powerful torso, but thin legs … But most often at nonprofessional "musclemen" the back suffers.
The matter is that exercises for a back are quite often ignored at the initial stages of occupations. And only some months later the athlete with horror notices a disproportion in the body.
It is not surprising, after all since the childhood we got used only to a horizontal bar, bars and push-ups. Nobody taught us to do stanovy draft, pullovers or raising of a bar. Meanwhile, such exercises can help with development of a big and beautiful back.
The most noticeable back muscles – the widest (lateral). They give width of back part of a trunk, allow to distinguish the athlete from the person to whom physical activities are not conducted approximately. Not for nothing these muscles are called still "wings". Below we will consider a technique of their development.

Important principles of trainings

Before starting planning of trainings, Mirsovetov recommends to acquire some important principles. Without them full development of your lateral muscles is impossible.
Before each occupation do vigorous warm-up of all parts of a body. Do not listen to the "clever men" shouting that warm-up is not obligatory before small loadings. It is necessary always and everywhere. The qualitative warming up will prepare your body for training, will improve results.
Besides, you have to know the purpose of the occupations. Weight or relief? It will allow to plan correctly all sports process and to avoid undesirable mistakes. It is necessary to begin with increase in muscle bulk, and then to pass to relief study.
Development of the broadest muscles of a back has to be priority, but not exclusive. Otherwise you only slow down the development. You should not be fond of one muscular group excessively. On each occupation carry out about two-three general exercises: a bar press, lying on a bench; knee-bends; stanovy draft; bars, etc.
Surely remember these principles. It will increase your results and will help to avoid injuries.

Exercises for development of the broadest muscles of a back

Now we will consider exercises for development of lateral muscles. They can be divided conditionally on basic and isolated. Let's remind that the first involve many large muscular groups.
So, treat the basic: pullings up on a crossbeam, pulling up of a bar to a breast, thirst for a breast of the T-shaped bar. All others are considered isolated.
Let's consider technology of performance, options and features of exercises for a back.
Pullings up on a crossbeam well develops lateral muscles, helps to make them wide and strong. There are many different variations of this exercise. Distinguish pullings up: ordinary, narrow, wide and return successful fellow. Besides it is possible to do pullings up for the head, that is, touching a crossbeam by a nape – such exercise "stretches" muscles in width. The narrow successful fellow promotes additional load of a lower back and bicepses, and at the wide successful fellow the main tension concentrates in the broadest muscles.
Thirst of a bar for a breast – one of the best exercises for a back. It promotes a thickening of the broadest muscles. All others, anyway, are its variations. Put feet on width of shoulders, bend the case down that it was almost parallel to a floor surface. Then straighten a back and undertake hands a bar. After that bring up her to the middle of a stomach then smoothly lower down. During performance do not put a signature stamp on the earth until make all approach. It is important not to round a back, as well as in stanovy draft, in order to avoid injuries.
There is one more option of this draft. It is necessary to lay down on a bench a stomach down, the bar has to stand under a bench. Now a beret her hands also try to tighten to a breast. This not so dangerous option due to removal of loading from a waist.
Thirst for a breast of the T-shaped bar is carried out from halfbent position of the case, as well as in case of draft of a usual bar. Exercise loads a middle part of a back and the lower sites of lateral muscles. During its performance do not forget to keep lumbar department of a backbone the most equal not to be injured.
Draft of the vertical block is very similar to pullings up, but much easier to do it. Starting position: sitting that the roller with a signature stamp was over your breast, hands hold a signature stamp the wide successful fellow. After that start pulling a signature stamp to a breast, slightly throwing back the head back, and then smoothly return a shell in a starting position.
Horizontal thirst of the block for a belt is carried out sitting on a bench. Feet are slightly bent and rested against a clamp, record a trunk in situation perpendicularly to a floor. Undertake hands the block handle (doubled or a straight line) and start pulling smoothly it to a stomach bottom. Then record hands on couple of seconds and smoothly come back to a starting position. This exercise accents load of the lower and middle part of a back.
Pullovers on blocks promote study of relief of the lower part of a breast and the broadest muscles. Get up opposite to the exercise machine, undertake hands a short direct signature stamp. Begin slow lowering of the straightened hands to hips then return to an initial position.
Assignment of straight arms is carried out from the same situation, as thirst of a bar for a breast (see above) back, only in this case you will need dumbbells. Holding them in hand, start taking away smoothly straightened hands before horizontal situation back.
Emphasis on gymnastic rings – very effective static exercise for "wings". Undertake both hands gymnastic rings, fix the case vertically, and feet – it is horizontal to a floor surface. Put the lower extremities on a support. After that slowly part hands in the parties to the level of shoulders, record such situation for some seconds. Then lower hands down as if wave "wings". If you have enough forces – do not use a support for feet.

Planning of training process

As we already told, you should not place emphasis only on wings, it is necessary to develop evenly all body. Therefore on occupations do 2-4 exercises for a back, and 1-2 for other muscular groups. Approaches has to be on 4-5 in each exercise.
For accumulation of muscle bulk give preference to heavy general exercises with a bar, and also to pullings up. Weight has to be close to maximum that it was possible to make 5-8 repetitions in one approach.
Training on relief assumes rather easy weight with a large number of repetitions (12-20). Also it is necessary to carry out more exercises which are especially isolated.
Consider also that the broadest muscles of a back, as well as any other, have to be completely had a rest before each training. If they do not manage to be restored, you feel noticeable deterioration of results. Therefore plan big loadings not more often than 2 times a week.

Well, now you are ready to make the back "as at the loader". Joke, of course. Mirsovetov recommends to adhere to these rules and not to forget about good rest and high-quality food. The beautiful and brawny back which will be pleasant to be shown on a beach will be result. Successful trainings!
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