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Training in English on Malta

Readers of are interested how to choose school for studying of English on Malta. I will tell about own experience of a trip to Malta and training at school to English.

Choice of school and program of training

My relative conducts English language courses in our city, and some his pupils wanted to go to school of English to Malta.

The reasons for that was a little: there was a wish to plunge on language Wednesday, to look at the new country, to get acquainted with a technique of teaching English (it to me), to hang out in discos and night clubs (our pupils).

These schools on Malta about three tens. We in the choice were guided by responses of our fellow countrymen which went to ESE Malta school in the direction of the enterprise.

At this school there are groups for adults and children, since 10 years. Programs of studying of English are for any level and any intensity. It was possible to go from travel agency, but we contacted on the Internet directly school, filled in at their request the special questionnaire – who goes, what age, duration of a trip, what program of English wants to choose (how many hours per week) where wants to live – in hotel, in a family or in children's camp (it if children of 10-12 years go one) and to us made a reservation. So it turned out cheaper – as we contacted directly school, received a discount of 15% for accommodation and training. Week of accommodation in a family together with basic English in July (a high season) cost 320 euros.

The plane ticket was bought separately.

Where it is better to stop – in a family or in hotel?

When booking a place at school there is a question of accommodation. Thinking of where it is better to stop – in a family or in hotel, we chose accommodation to a family looking at life of inhabitants of Malta, their houses and a way of life. The family completely is responsible for the lodgers, especially if it is teenagers. It is allowed to come late home (on Malta absolutely safely to walk in the evenings), but till 18 years the use of alcoholic drinks is strictly forbidden young men and girls. If the family reports in language school about such violation, it is possible to go home ahead of time. To adults not so strict requirements, but anyway, it is necessary to follow an order and rules of decency, being in others house. In hotel minors are looked after by leaders, (like leaders in summer camps of our childhood), but control not such strict, as in families there.

At accommodation in a family at us the half board was included – with a breakfast and a dinner we were fed by hosts. At once on arrival they asked everyone who from us that likes to eat, whether there is no allergy to any products. For breakfast tea, coffee, juice drank with jam or milk with flakes. For dinner – roast chicken, pizza, different pastes (we lived in a family of Italians). And, of course, during a breakfast and a dinner, and in any other time they spoke with us English on different subjects: from where we, than are engaged, discussed political news and telecasts.

Someone from owners constantly was below (the house two-storeyed, and living rooms settled down generally on the second floor) not to search for them on all house in case of any questions.

Receipt of a visa

When we went to Malta, the visa was put directly on border, it was necessary to show the invitation of school. Now for a trip to Malta the Schengen visa is necessary. Sending pupils to Malta later when the visa was already necessary, we reserved to them places directly at school on Malta, and visas did through travel agency. Of course, need of receipt of a visa forced to reserve places strongly in advance and raised the price of a trip a little: on visa cost - 35 euros and services of agency - 1150 rubles.

From a meeting before farewell – as everything is organized

At all Maltese schools everything is organized so accurately that teenagers can come to schools, without adults. Actually, many and do, especially if the big group is not gathered and not favourably to send the attendant.

Representatives of school meet all arrived pupils at the airport, carry at residential addresses, at once give the daddy with information, with the card where there is a school where what sights.

The language school works practically without days off. Arrived surely pass a test for knowledge of English and distribute them on groups depending on level (initial, average, etc.).

Occupations take place small groups till 8-10 of people, take place in an easy game form. In classes there are neither school desks, nor tables, chairs cost along walls and at each chair a folding little table. In our group there were ten people, all from the different countries: Sweden, Italy, Spain, Greece, Germany, France. We solved crossword puzzles, played in persons of a sketch, everyone told a little about himself and about the country.

In the last day before departure at school speak, to what time there will arrive the bus for sending to the airport. The bus of school brought us directly to a front desk of the Moscow flight.

Rest, study and excursions

On Malta the excellent equipped beaches. It is a pleasure to swim in the warm Mediterranean Sea. In free time pupils from school are carried at excursion and to concerts. For example, we had an excursion in a city fortress of Valletta where the Maltese knights sustained a siege of Turks, and then evening of acquaintance to Malta where we tried dishes of Maltese cuisine and listened to the Maltese music. On a beach for students arrange tournaments on beach volleyball and walks on the yacht.

Thus, study and immersion in language happen very cheerfully and interestingly.

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