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How to lace up sneakers

Today each of us dreams to look stylishly and originally. This tendency and those who chose sports style in clothes bypassed. But here the ill luck how following it to bring a highlight in the daily image?! Designers found the answer to this question and invented some types of the interesting and fixing an eye lacings for sneakers. picked up a top of the most popular of them.

Very few people think of how to lace up sneakers. Really, this procedure already became so daily that we carry out all necessary actions automatically, fingers insert a lace into the necessary openings. Despite it, even such ordinary-looking detail as a lacing of sneakers can favourably emphasize your style and taste, to make impression on all people around. For this purpose it is only enough to experiment with sequence of a choice of openings for a lace and the result will pleasantly surprise not only your relatives and friends, but also you.

How to lace up sneakers

The great interest to various ways of a lacing is shown by athletes. They often experiment and not seldom become inventors of new types of a shnurovaniye. For example, cyclists invented a way at which the thread is going to one party, far away from a chain, and guarantees safety and comfort during occupations by cycling. Athletes who play strength sports, prefer the method allowing to tighten and weaken quickly a lacing. Trainers say fitness that the lacing needs to be selected depending on type and a form of foot. Mirsovetov picked up some the most known and popular types of a shnurovaniye for the readers.

Standard lacing. Having paid attention to sneakers of passersby, it is possible to note that practically all of them are laced up equally – a zigzag way. This method is the most popular in the world, and it use not only for a lacing of Siberian salmons and sneakers, but also boots. It is carried out very simply – to cross a lace among themselves on all height of a sneaker enough.

  1. From the inside of a sneaker we pass a lace through the lower holes and we bring him outside since both ends.
  2. Further we cross the ends of a lace, passing it from within outside through holes.
  3. We carry out similar actions to the very top.

It should be noted that this type of a lacing won the numerous admirers because of exclusive convenience. Because the knot and the main part of a thread are outside, it does not rub a foot. Besides, the zigzag way is very simple in performance and gives in even to children of preschool age.

European lacing. This type of a shnurovaniye is very popular in the European countries and is used also often, as well as zigzag. It should be noted that the European lacing not difficult and will not demand big expenses of time. In this case the lace has to pass openings of parallel holes.

  1. The lace is passed through the lower openings from the inside and we remove outside.
  2. One end of a lace (for example, right) crosswise we remove through the top opening of a lacing.
  3. (Left) crosswise we remove other end of a thread above through one opening of a lacing.
  4. Continue to lace up in the similar way up to the end.

This type of a lacing is on the top positions of a rating among popular and beautiful lacings. Minus only that this method of a shnurovaniye has rather slovenly appearance in the beginning and spoils all overall picture. Despite it, it provides reliability and fortress of all lacing in general. It is interesting that the European way is recommended for application by military, after all it is considered rather reliable, and in case of wound of an extremity can be easily knifed or even by improvised stock.

Direct lacing. Such type of a shnurovaniye looks very beautifully and esthetically. In total thanks to that there is no ridiculous diagonal crossing of a thread in a sneaker. By the way, for this reason this type of a lacing sometimes in addition call "rectangular". To lace up gym shoes in the direct way, it is enough to execute some simple manipulations.

  1. The cord is passed in the lower openings from outer side of a sneaker and we take away both ends in footwear.
  2. One end (for example, right) we lift on one hole up and we remove it from within outside. Further we pass throughout a parallel opening.
  3. (Left) from the inside a Siberian salmon outside we stretch the second end of a thread through one opening (that is we pass one hole and we insert into the second). On the top party of a sneaker we involve in a parallel hole.
  4. We carry out similar actions to the top openings a Siberian salmon.

It should be noted that this type of a shnurovaniye is suitable for footwear only with even number of openings.

Sawtooth lacing. This way of a lacing very interesting, but at the same time its asymmetric appearance allows to pick up under it only specific subjects of clothes. Anyway, it is possible to experiment. To lace up footwear in the sawtooth way step by step, follow the instruction.

  1. Pass a lace through the lower openings so that it left in a sneaker.
  2. One end (for example, right) from the inside of a sneaker pass in an opening above that a lace it appeared outside of footwear.
  3. (Left) stretch other end obliquely from the inside of a sneaker, passing one hole. Then stretch it horizontally in an opening from the opposite side.
  4. Continue to carry out similar actions until one of the parties of a lace appears in the most top opening.
  5. Stretch the remained end in the top hole from the inside of a sneaker.

It should be noted that the inclination of a lacing can be made in any party, depending on desire. Also often the footwear is laced up by such method by the mirror principle. Then sneakers take more tidy and esthetic look.

Lacing butterfly. This type of a shnurovaniye received such name thanks to the similarity with all known tie butterfly. Most favourably and effectively such lacing will look on short laces. Threads cross from the top party of footwear and are stretched vertically in a sneaker.

  1. Pass a lace through the lower openings and take away them inside from both parties.
  2. Stretch a thread vertically from the inside of footwear to the following couple of holes, forming thus "gap" from the outer side of a sneaker.
  3. Further cross both laces and stretch in the top holes from the opposite side.
  4. Continue such lacing to the top openings.

By the way, such way of a shnurovaniye is recommended not seldom by doctors to people with hypostasis of extremities. In total thanks to that at creation of "gaps" there is more free space for a foot in a sneaker.

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