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Recipe of grain kvass

Our ancestors perfectly coped with summer thirst, without doing harm to the organism. Compotes, fruit drinks and of course kvass – here drinks which invigorate during any heat. Kvass not only tasty and cheap drink, but also basis for many most tasty dishes of Russian cuisine. For this reason suggests you to prepare this drink the hands.
Summer, probably, the best of seasons. The bright sun warms everything is hotter, and in the cities becomes frankly stuffy. In such weather constantly pulls to be refreshed with a glass of tasty and cold drink, and here we go to shop behind sparkling water. And here already we open a jar of cold "Coca-Cola" or "Sprite", we drink it and we understand that our thirst did not pass at all. Familiar situation, isn't it? And after all similar sweet sparkling drinks also are not always useful! Dyes, sugar, various sakharozamenitel and other components turn water harmless at first sight into the real scourge for those who wants to grow thin. And after all still our far ancestors perfectly coped with summer thirst, without doing any harm to an organism. Compotes, fruit drinks and of course kvass – here and refresh drinks which invigorate during any heat.
    Slavs prepared kvass from time immemorial, and for the first time records about it can be found in "The story of temporary years". In this ancient chronicle it is told about the order of the prince of Vladimir which disposed to distribute to compatriots "drink intoxicated and grain kvass". The order was given it was on the occasion of the Christianization of Kievan Rus', that is in 988. Already ever since to our primogenitors salutary properties of kvass which perfectly satisfies thirst were known, helps to restore forces, increases appetite. Presently scientists found scientific confirmation to these facts and explain curative effect of this drink with the contents in it a unique combination of amino acids, enzymes, lactic acid and vitamins. Except everything kvass possesses very low caloric content, only 200-300 kilocalories on liter.
The kvass not only tasty and cheap drink which is perfectly satisfying thirst, but also a basis for many most tasty dishes of Russian cuisine. For this reason suggests you to prepare this drink the hands.

Grain kvass – products

Anyone can quite prepare kvass, products for it will be in each house:
  • half-loaves of rye bread;
  • 3 liters of boiled water;
  • half-packs (25-30 grams) of dry yeast;
  • half-glass (125 grams) of sugar;
  • raisin.
Ингредиенты для приготовления хлебного кваса

Grain kvass – preparation

Rye bread is cut on usual slices which we cut on chetvertushka. We stack in one row on a baking sheet and we put in poorly heated oven. Bread has to be dried up properly and slightly be reddened, best of all to do it on slow fire. We dry crackers about 10-15 minutes, then we switch off an oven, having left in it a baking sheet.
Ржаной хлеб нарезаем на обычные кусочки, которые разрезаем на четвертушки
    Bread for kvass can be taken any, white, gray, with bran or caraway seeds. But only rye bread will give to kvass beautiful saturated color. Perfectly the hardened bread of various grades will be suitable for preparation of drink also.
Ready crackers it is stacked in not oxidized ware (the usual 3-liter jar perfectly will be suitable for these purposes) and we fill in them with boiled water on "coat hanger" of a butylk. We add three tablespoons of sugar and we leave to cool down. A small amount of water, for example, a glass or even is less, we cool to body temperature or slightly higher and we pour dry yeast into water. Depending on a compounding of use of yeast which is written on a bag, they need to allow to bulk up or at once to mix before their full dissolution. When water in bank cools down approximately to 36-37 degrees, we pour in the divorced yeast in bank and is carefully mixed all contents.
Готовые сухари укладываем в не окисляющуюся посуду (для этих целей отлично подойдет обычная трехлитровая банка) и заливаем их кипятком по «плечики» бутылька
    Pay attention that it is impossible to part and pour in yeast in too hot water since from boiled water the enzymes providing fermentation reaction will collapse. To determine suitable temperature for introduction to drink of yeast, apply the back party of a palm to the lower part banks as though touching the patient's forehead to understand, whether there is at it a heat. If fingers feel pleasant heat or feeling will be as from a touch to own hand, so water cooled down up to the suitable temperature and it is possible to enter yeast.
After that to bank with future kvass it is covered or a saucer and we put aside in a warm place for 2 days.
    In the course of fermentation which actively goes these two days, sugar in a mash under the influence of yeast turns into alcohol and carbon dioxide and under the influence of lactic bacteria – into lactic acid. For this reason ready drink will contain an alcohol quantity, approximately as in kefir and house curdled milk, i.e. 1-2%. It means that motorists need to be vigilant and to savor kvass when is not planned to take the wheel any more. During a driving it is worth being limited to a fruit drink or mineral water.
After this term infusion is carefully filtered through very small sieve or a gauze completely to separate a thick. Postpone a thick in a separate can.
Гущу, полученную при приготовлении кваса, рекомендуется не выкидывать, а хранить в холодильнике в стеклянной банке. Теперь это – готовая закваска.
Add the remained sugar to the filtered infusion, properly mix that it was dissolved. We add well washed out handful of raisin to infusion and it is left at the room temperature for half a day. After that we spill kvass in plastic bottles and carefully we twist covers since kvass has to be very well corked. Bottles with a ready-made product it is cleaned in the refrigerator and in a day kvass it is possible to drink.
The thick received at preparation of kvass, advises not to throw out, and to store in the refrigerator in a glass jar. Now it is ready ferment and at preparation of the second portion of kvass instead of the divorced yeast add 4 tablespoons of ferment to crackers. Further all as in the recipe: to allow to be drawn two days, to merge, add sugar and raisin, again to allow to be defended and clean bottles in the refrigerator. It is better to update ferment, i.e. to leave the last portion of a thick.
Освежающий и вкусный квас готов
So, the refreshing and tasty kvass is ready, and it is a high time to take pleasure in tasty drink. We wish you a pleasant satisfying of summer thirst!
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