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As the kolposkopiya is carried out

That the gynecologist could recommend effective therapy to the patient who came to reception, certainly, at first it is required to make the exact diagnosis. With it the doctor is helped by various researches, one of them – a kolposkopiya. This method allows not only to reveal pathology, but also to prevent development of an illness.

Why the kolposkopiya is carried out?

Kolposkopiya is a gynecologic method of research at which by means of a kolposkop detailed, careful inspection of a neck of a uterus, and also thresholds of a vagina, its walls is performed. Kolposkop name the microscope having a special design. The first kolposkop managed to be created to Hans Ginselmann. There was it in 1925. This news very pleased experts of gynecologic practice. Soon the device gained the world recognition. The main objective of this inspection – to reveal the centers of regeneration of cages of an epithelium in an erosion, and in some cases – in a neoplasia (this precancer state). Procedure can be combined with usual gynecologic survey. The gynecologist in female consultation, policlinic or the diagnostic medical center will see off it. It is developed some techniques of implementation of a kolposkopiya allowing to notice all abnormal processes at early stages, proceeding in a neck of a uterus and the tservikalny channel. This inspection allows to notice in due time the beginning of development of a tumor and to save life to the woman. Kolposkopa are constantly improved. Now many producers supply them with additional photoadapters with possibility of connection of cameras that it was possible to photograph object of research. Now in an arsenal of doctors there are also videokolposkopa allowing to receive the color image of high quality on the computer monitor.

As the main method of screening research and diagnostics the kolposkopiya is shown to all women is more senior than thirty years. Still the kolposkopiya is carried out to all women who are in group of risk of development of oncological pathologies. After treatment of a neck of a uterus this procedure is carried out to watch a condition of a neck of a uterus. If the patient came to the doctor with complaints, the gynecologist will surely appoint by it carrying out a kolposkopiya precisely to study a condition of department of the sexual sphere. Kolposkopiya is also necessary if the carried-out cytologic analysis shows that the displaziya takes place. Thanks to a kolposkopiya the gynecologist will find an exact dislocation of pathological cages. When he notices the centers, if necessary the biopsy will be carried out.

Types of a kolposkopiya

  1. Simple (survey) – the doctor examines the tservikalny channel and a neck of a uterus, without resorting to any means. Thus it is possible to determine the size, a shape of a neck, to draw conclusions about nature of allocations, a condition of a neck, a condition of vessels, glands and mucous fabrics, existence of gaps, the injured zones.
  2. With color filters (in particular, with the green filter) – it is necessary for an assessment of a condition of the vascular course.
  3. The expanded – proceeds with processing by special substances of a neck of a uterus better to estimate its condition. Processing is carried out by acetic acid (to concentration of 3%) and Lugol solution on glycerin.
  4. Hromokolposkopiya – a neck of a uterus is processed by special dyes, thus sites with pathologies are not painted over.
  5. Kolpomikroskopiya – increase can be made to three hundred times. Then becomes possible to study structure of the cells, their structural elements (cytoplasms, kernels, inclusions).

Whether there are contraindications?

This procedure is not carried out:

  • if recently to the woman the corresponding treatment of a neck of a uterus (a surgical way or cryodestruction) was carried out;
  • in the first eight weeks after the delivery;
  • if after abortion did not pass four more weeks.

The expanded kolposkopiya is contraindicated if the woman has an allergy to acetic acid or iodine.

Kolposkopiya is postponed if the woman has periods or uterine bleeding, the expressed condition of an atrophy of an ektotserviks (vaginal department of a neck), obvious inflammatory process.

Whether it is necessary to prepare for procedure?

It is best of all if the kolposkopiya is carried out at once after the termination of periods or some days before its beginning. Two days prior to carrying out inspection it is desirable to refrain from intimate proximity or to use a condom. The day before it is undesirable to carry out syringings, to use vaginal creams. It is possible to take the Paracetamol pill shortly before inspection to reduce pain.

How there takes place procedure?

It is possible to Kolposkopy to carry out in that gynecologic office where is available kolposkop. This device on a support where there is an illumination and opportunity by means of lenses to increase the image at 15-40 times (and more). Kolposkopiya lasts from 20 to 30 minutes. At first the patient undresses (lower than a belt), then she needs to settle down in a gynecologic chair. At the first stage the doctor will visually examine at first a vagina, and then and a uterus neck, using special mirrors. These mirrors during all inspection will be in a vagina. That there was no drying of slime on walls and a neck their irrigation physical solution is admissible. At the second stage the gauze tamponchik which is previously moistened in solution of acetic acid will be entered into a vagina (its concentration – 3%). will warn at once the readers that at this moment they will feel burning, it is necessary to suffer a little bit. Then the doctor surveys the areas specified earlier by means of a kolposkop again. At this moment sites with pathological changes of cages grow white therefore it is easier to notice them. During the third stage the tamponchik which is previously moistened in Lugol solution (iodic solution) will be entered into a vagina. The healthy epithelium is painted under the influence of iodine in brown color at this time, and here areas with pathological changes become yellowish. If the doctor considers it necessary, will take also a biopsy, "having pinched off" the tool which is specially intended for this purpose a fabric slice (about two-three millimeters). These are some seconds of discomfortable feelings for the patient. After inspection taken bioptat it will be brought to laboratory where it is investigated, using special reactants. Results in some days will arrive to the doctor. If the gynecologist carries out a curettage of the cervical channel (its scraping), because of a spasm of a neck unpleasant feelings of the pulling type are quite possible.

After a kolposkopiya within three days the woman should use hygienic laying ("ezhednevka"). These days the small smearing bloody allocations from a vagina are possible, they are connected with insignificant damage of sosudik. Sometimes there are liquid allocations painted in brownish or greenish color, which do not have a smell. This quite normal phenomenon after such procedure. What is forbidden in the first five days?

  1. Use of tampons, vaginal creams, candles and means of intimate hygiene.
  2. Syringings.
  3. Sexual contacts.

Whether there are complications?

The technique is used for many years, it is safe, will not give complications if it is carried out by the skilled expert. Also are only in rare instances possible:

If the listed symptoms do not pass within a day, it is necessary to address at once for consultation to the doctor. And at massive bleedings in general it is impossible to hesitate.

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