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Choice of kitchen to order

For anybody not a secret that the kitchen is one of the main places in each house, especially for the good hostess. After all good day begins with a tasty breakfast. What to speak about mood of the hostess who so often and long should spend the time in kitchen? With mood it will have everything in a full order if it is correct to organize a workplace in kitchen.
For anybody not a secret that the kitchen is one of the main places in each house, especially for the good hostess. After all good day begins with a tasty breakfast, and from creative approach to preparation of a holiday the mood of our relatives and friends depends. What to speak about mood of the hostess who so often and long should spend the time in kitchen? And with mood it will have everything in a full order if it is correct to organize a workplace in kitchen. So, with what to begin?

With what to begin to avoid the main mistakes

Выбор кухни на заказ If you acquired housing recently or cardinally decided to change shape already available, first of all reflect on creation of the design project which in the subsequent will facilitate life to you and your masters. And only after his statement start repair, so you will avoid such troubles (the very widespread!) as the wrong arrangement of a tile on walls ("apron"), a lack of sockets or, on the contrary, their placement where it can even become unsafe (over a sink, a cooking surface). It should be noted, as the choice of finishing materials for kitchen will seem to you simpler and more pleasant, after all knowing color of a facade, it is possible to present easily next color of walls, and having chosen color and the invoice of a table-top – to pick up the corresponding tile for an apron. Well and one more important argument in favor of the scheme "design project repair" are terms of performance of work as manufacturing firm. As a rule, on average it borrows from 1,5 to 2 months. During this time you will manage to prepare the room, and then you should not "be killed" on "prometeyka" and to wash the dishes in a bathroom. The only reservation, measurement of such character is called "crude", and anyway will demand "remeasurement" after the end of repair work in your kitchen.

On what to pay attention in the contract of purchase and sale

Выбор кухни на заказ So, you were solved. Now you need to choose firm to which will entrust production of the dream. It is natural that initially you will be guided by the samples brought to your attention in showrooms, to look for desirable color of facades, table-tops, in a word, to look and feel. But, having found suitable option, do not hurry to fall into euphoria and to leave money. Attentively study the contract; pay special attention to points stipulating dates of performance of the order and so-called "penalty" in case of non-performance of the order in the appointed time. Remember that existence of such points on paper in many respects disciplines the staff of this firm. Do not forget to study also attentively the column "Guarantee", and it is concrete, the term and that is considered a guarantee case and that is not present (on it the Seller can use cunning). At the conclusion of the contract readers of should demand from the manager the appendix in which will be specified amount of the materials ordered under your kitchen, their cost and articles (it can resolve disputes between you in the future). On the image of the design project all sizes of cases, their heights and depth have to be accurately specified, it also is your guarantee, after all because of a carelessness of workers, the furniture can and "not to rise". And these sizes, most likely, will be useful to your masters by preparation of the room (keep in mind that some firms provide schemes of distributing of communications that is very convenient!).
Stopping the choice in a certain firm, of course, it is important to be sure, as in experience of employees, but fully you will manage to estimate knowledge for couple of meetings hardly. Therefore, beginning development of the kitchen, arm with necessary knowledge and.

Planning of kitchen: main working zones

Выбор кухни на заказ Of course, it is not always necessary to choose, where to arrange this or that case as often communications are already removed to us, and respectively, dictate to us the terms. But nevertheless, if such problem before you is not necessary or there is an opportunity to transfer them, consider that you were largely lucky, after all numerous researches showed that competently located kitchen furniture in the course of work saves your time on average for 30% and for 60% of the made way! Impresses? As to achieve such results? Everything is very simple! It should be noted "The rule of a triangle" only. Let's consider our working process attentively. Of what it consists? In the beginning we get products, that is we address to a storage zone, as a rule, whether it be the refrigerator or simply a case. Then, in accurate sequence, we start preparation of products, that is we resort to the help of a sink. And the final stage is directly the preparation zone. Now it is not difficult to guess that an ideal arrangement of zones in kitchen will be the sequence "refrigerator-sink-plate" (or in a specular reflection). Thus it is important to follow "the rule of a triangle" at different types of planning of kitchen. Are distinguished from such types:
  • single-row kitchen (or simply, straight line);
  • two-row (an arrangement along two parallel walls);
  • -Shaped (angular);
  • P-shaped (settles down along three walls);
  • island kitchen (when in the center the additional module, so-called "island" settles down).
All these types of planning are admissible and convenient provided that there is a lot of place. But remember that surplus of kitchen space is also inconvenient, as well as a shortcoming!

The important sizes which it is necessary to remember

Выбор кухни на заказ Here some simple councils which will help you to consider features of the correct arrangement of separate modules of kitchen furniture and equipment:
  • the refrigerator have from edge of furniture, it is natural so that its handle was closer to furniture, and you had not "to bend around" it if necessary something to get. Do not put the refrigerator on a carpet or linoleum; avoid an arrangement on sunny side of the room. Establishing, do not forget to leave small distances (approximately on 5 cm) on the right and at the left, and over the refrigerator it is desirable and that is will provide appropriate ventilation more;
  • sink as we already know, it is better to have in the center of our triangle as it is possible closer to it try to install the dishwasher, and also washing if these are are assumed in your kitchen is will allow to facilitate connection and will use equipment where it is more convenient; do not plan a sink too close to the refrigerator or a cooking surface; try to place a case with drying directly over the sink. Remember that drying should not be very small if the family consists more than of 2 people, but also huge too you should not do it in the presence of the dishwasher (from there you get ware already dry). Specify at managers, which loops will establish to you on a case with drying, it is more convenient if it are loops with opening on 180 degrees (you will not hit the head at open drying), "elevator" – the mechanism raising a facade up will be even more convenient option. Also readers of should think of an arrangement of boxes in which placement of tableware is planned: they have to be not really far from a sink (but also from a cooking surface!), and better on the right (for right-handed persons); ask the manager to include a special cutlery tray in the cost of kitchen, it is convenient;
  • the plate (cooking surface) in an ideal is in an extreme point of a triangle. Here it is most important to remember that it should not settle down very close to a sink (especially to the refrigerator), and also to a wall (try to leave distance at least in 30 cm). It is not necessary to establish a plate and in a close arrangement to a window (curtains will be soiled), to an entrance (that splashes did not get on house). Whenever possible place an oven at the level of eyes, it is more convenient in use, after all you should not bend down constantly to control process, however, if over it the microwave oven will settle down, that is the sense to lower an oven is slightly below.
And here some more important sizes about which you hardly know but which are of great importance.
  • remember that depth of a table-top should not be less than 60 cm in depth, it contradicts ergonomics!;
  • the most demanded working part of a table-top is between a cooking surface and a sink, in a different way it is called as "a gold zone" for this reason try that it was not less than 60 cm, and in an ideal, not less than 90 cm! The interval more than 2 meters is also not considered convenient;
  • the distance between the top and lower cases should not exceed 65 cm (it will be more difficult for you to reach contents), but also you should not reduce distance to less than 55 cm too;
  • the distance from an extract to a table-top should not make less than 75 cm, but also is high you should not lift an extract too as it can be reflected in its efficiency;
  • correctly choose height of legs on which shortly there will be your future kitchen: if your growth is higher than an average, it is worth providing legs 12 or 15 cm high, instead of 10 cm which will suit hostesses with low growth more.

Choice of cases and filling for kitchen

Выбор кухни на заказ As for a choice of cases, here everything will depend on your preferences and opportunities. Of course, the modern kitchen dictates to us the terms, and it seems that it is already almost impossible to imagine present furniture without sliding systems. And it is proved, after all drawers are is not simply beautiful and modern, but also it is very convenient. Only present, how many forces will save systems thanks to which you should not bend and squat so often behind contents as we habitually did it earlier. And if these boxes are still supplied with special operational development by means of which the design will be closed easily and softly. The only thing, it would be desirable to add if you decided to equip furniture with closers, try not to save on it and do not plan them partially. As shows experiment of the hostesses who decided on such experiment in daily vanity it is forgotten on which of boxes (facades) the closer was installed. As a result boxes and doors without closers are closed with same "ease", as with closers that leads to loud cottons (and it is not simply irritating factor, such closing reduces service life of facades, frameworks and accessories).
Are convenient and practical in use and lifting mechanisms which are provided for the top hinged cases. However do not forget that what convenient and easy was not the mechanism, you should not install it on very long and high facade, it is not practical.
Before to order improbable quantity of so-called "butylochnitsa" (narrow sliding cases) which in absentia so love hostesses, think what exactly you will store in them, after all for bottles, we will tell honestly, they approach not very successfully.
Watch that the project of kitchen provided cases, various on the spaciousness, so that you had not to place the dimensional food processor, for example, in the storeroom. And because of a bag of tea to open a facade of 90*90 cm in size.
If you have rather volume ware or household appliances (for example, on height), do not forget to warn about it your manager in time to provide a necessary place.
If you are happy owners of a huge number of small appliances, it will be better if in kitchen in addition there is a case.
Pay attention if in the course of work with the manager (designer) too much various filling of which need are not sure (it both ware, and a set of inserts) is imposed to you, do not hurry to decide on a choice: you will be able always to order them separately if feel such need. Such accessories do not demand installation of experts.

Additional illumination

Выбор кухни на заказ About everything, as for additional illumination, you can remind the manager and, as light in kitchen – one of the most important sources of your comfort!
It is possible to think over illumination in the top level, as a rule, for this purpose so-called "peak" in which dot lamps are mounted is provided. Such light source is not obligatory, it serves only as addition to the basic and often assumes only esthetic loading. Even if you on a ceiling have enough lamps, will be not superfluous to provide at least one luminescent lamp over a working zone ("a gold zone") which has the switch, so, is used only in case of need. Such lighting will render you kind service, especially in the process connected, for example, with cutting of meat, pulling of small bones from fish and cleaning something. Especially as to equip kitchen with additional lighting – pleasure very inexpensive, at least against a total cost.
It is not necessary to install too many lamps "for emergency" also, remember that any modern extract already includes one or several lamps that undoubtedly it is useful to you in the course of cooking!

Whether it is possible to save?

If we already started talking about economy, let's try make the list of on what it is impossible to save and on what, on the contrary, very much even it is possible!
So, on what it is impossible to save:
  • first of all, on good accessories. If are not able to afford expensive, high-quality mechanisms (whether it be sliding grids, "roundabouts", elevators and other), stop the choice on oar cases on loops (or, at least, prefer as them), the main thing that loops were reliable better, it is desirable from the leading producers. The strongest accessories are considered German;
  • we already discussed a subject of closers therefore simply briefly we will sum up: if there is no opportunity to install closers on all cases, it is better to refuse. Or, on the contrary, to refuse economy and to install them on all cases and sliding systems;
  • choose frameworks for kitchen from the laminated chipboard (LDSP). Such material is moisture resistant, it can be washed and cleaned, is not afraid of high temperatures;
  • very important point is the edge at end faces of frameworks which are executed from a chipboard or LDSP. As a rule, "kromit" such frameworks or melamine, or PVC. Stop the choice on the PVC edge! It stronger (at the expense of thickness first of all) and flexible. The term of its service, unlike a melamine edge, increases at least by 5 times! At this PVC does not lose former attractiveness. And initially looks much "more elegantly". As for an edge from melamine, it is necessary to know that melamine in itself is the condensed paper. Respectively, what is simply inexpedient to use it in rooms with the increased humidity (and the kitchen that and is)!;
  • do not save on a table-top! If you stopped a choice on the laminated table-top (the chipboard forms a basis), it is important that the chipboard was moisture-proof, and its surface – durable, it is desirable that maintained a certain temperature. If your choice fell on an artificial stone, and here you should not pursue low cost. The stone from fragile synthetic materials can burst.
And now let's understand on what it is possible to save and so that without serious consequences:
  • first, try to leave from the non-standard sizes of cases, after all practically all firms establish an additional margin (and often the considerable!) on such products. Sometimes you can not be warned about it therefore pay attention even. Though a half of such cases – simply need for this or that situation;
  • remember that in any firm, sliding systems stand much more expensive usual, "oar" cases;
  • do not forget that any radial facades which are (rounded off) are always more expensive than straight lines;
  • the cost of kitchen is influenced by height of cases and quantity of stained-glass windows (stained-glass windows, as a rule, miscalculate more expensively).

Choice of material and color for kitchen

Выбор кухни на заказ Well and finally we will concern a choice of color and material. Planning a campaign in salon, you, most likely, already know that want, well or, at least, something imagine. And still it is necessary to remember some simple rules, leaning on which, you will hardly be disappointed in result:
  • for a basis of facades I recommend to readers of Mirsovetov to choose MDF, it is strong moisture-proof material, or the massif provided that it is qualitatively processed. Avoid a chipboard, this material is extremely undesirable to facades;
  • choosing between a glossy surface and opaque, many hostesses for reasons of a practicality stop the choice on the opaque. Well, in it there is a rational grain, after all spots, traces from fingers, the raid really on luster will be more noticeable. But! To look after glossy facades where it is easier and more pleasant, than for opaque and, so-called, abrasive;
  • to look after much more difficult facades with milling, than the equal;
  • choosing between dark and light flowers for a facade, remember that the dark give refinement, refinement, often look more expensive than the light colleagues. But it is necessary to be careful of dark color, if your kitchen of the small sizes or if in it there is not enough light. The kitchen will look close and uncomfortable;
  • light and neutral colors are suitable for any kitchen. Visually they expand space, "lift" low ceilings, make impression of purity and freshness;
  • choosing color for kitchen which windows come to North side, it is better to stop on warm, light scale. Also bright colors will approach. And here dark, cold shades it is more preferable to the kitchen with a large number of light coming to South side;
  • choosing a facade with horizontal strips, remember that such strips visually extend kitchen, but thus can "steal" ceiling height. And here vertical strips, on the contrary, will lift a ceiling, but can narrow space.
We hope that all these recommendations will help you to make a right choice, and the kitchen will become really heart of your house, a symbol of a cosiness and good mood of all family!
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