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Who such kinestetik

For each person it is possible to allocate a typical way of perception and processing of information on world around by it. Some prefer to receive it by means of visions and pictures, others - aurally or through touches. Reading of information on surrounding reality through tactile feelings is most characteristic for kinestetik.

Typical characteristics of a kinestetik

People can feel impressions via various channels of perception, and eventually ways of perception sometimes change. In the childhood all of us in that or other degree were kinestetika – kids quite often try to learn the world, feeling various subjects and tasting. Over time purely physical perception becomes dull a little, releasing a place for other ways. Nevertheless, for individuals who can be allocated in separate psychotype - kinestetik, existence of this powerful information channel is characteristic. Through it they read out information on surrounding space through motive feelings, and also tactile sense and sense of smell.

Among other people of kinestetik it is possible to distinguish on many signs. For them the following behavior is characteristic:

  • as a rule, kinestetik seek to move, touch, try and smell actively. They are not always very mobile, but the perception of environment at them occurs mainly through feelings of the body used as the tool for implementation of the analysis of information;
  • for the representative of this psychotype it is very important to provide for itself the maximum convenience, a cosiness and comfort (and this is not about ideal accuracy and an order). Most likely, typical kinestetik will prefer to fashionable new things let not new, but conveniently sitting and comfortable clothes in a sock from soft fabric. As a rule, people of this psychotype especially need a cosiness and comfort in the form of well aired room with comfortable air temperature;
  • such people prefer to lower a distance with the interlocutor and to communicate by means of corporal contact, unconsciously touching a hand, a shoulder, clothes details. If talking, kinestetik does not look to you in the face, you should not consider that he is occupied with the thoughts or does not want to communicate with you. Actually, it can be substantially keen on conversation. Thus touches not necessarily mean physical sympathy or importunity, just like that it expresses the participation in the events;
  • typical kinestetik it is not too strong in planning, being thus the person of action. It means that when others are shaken, consider and discuss something, such person prefers to start practical realization of an objective. Let not always enough elaborately, perhaps, on the course of work it is necessary to correct some behavior - nevertheless, kinestetik feel discomfort from long expectation and idle time, they prefer to receive practical results quicker;
  • in relationship many kinestetik prefer to talk actions, including pronunciation of a problem low-intelligent chatter if directly it is not followed by practical actions for its decision;
  • kinestetik feels "in the plate" when things at it and on a desktop lie in the apartment on habitual places. Such orderliness can make impression of a full mess and disorder, but it at all not so. Actually subjects are placed in a logical order, clear for a kinestetik, so that it was possible to reach and use easily to them them in case of need;
  • as a rule, kinestetik is in a harmony with the body, skillfully operates it and carefully traces signals of the organism. Such people can become successful athletes or dancers, from them excellent massage therapists and tasters turn out;
  • the people belonging to this psychotype most often remember general impression, not too aktsetiruya attention on fine details;
  • many representatives of this psychotype are not really talkative and prefer not to be allocated in the company. Kinestetik quite easily switches to internal feelings and experiences and can sometimes make impression of the person who "retires into oneself", sometimes dropping out of conversation. To fight against such manifestations there is no sense, better softly and unostentatiously to return the person to the course of communication, having slightly touched it.

How to define a kinestetik

When determining psychotype it is worth paying attention to a communication lexicon, as a rule, kinestetik actively use in the speech of the word, figuratively describing sensual feelings, unlike visual and acoustical (for example, I "grab", "feels my heart", "warm welcome", "I literally thawed", "I feel that to me will carry"). In conversation kinestetik most often directs a look down.

It is simple to define such person in collective. Usually its workplace is cluttered a little up and represents so-called "a useful working disorder". People of this psychotype often hold on a table of a cup about coffee and the taken a bite sweets. For a kinestetik some features of concentration of attention and storing are characteristic, in the course of training and performance of work he can easily distract, sometimes it is difficult to it to concentrate.

How to communicate with the kinestetiky

Knowing, this or that person and that can be expected from it treats what psychotype, it is much easier to communicate and build with it any relations. Disregarding features of attitude of a kinestetik, representatives of other psychotypes are not always capable to get on with it effectively. Nevertheless, having shown attention and considering some features of his behavior, with kinestetiky it is simple to find a common language. Friendly touches, handshakes and walks under a hand can be important for it.

Kinestetik usually is constant in the addictions, watchfully treats innovations and often makes impression of the closed person. As a rule, people of this psychotype are very judicious, counterbalanced and quiet, and thus they manage not to turn into moralizers and bores. Often for decision-making of a kinestetika use presentiments and intuition, thus seldom being mistaken. In the presence of a stress or feeling of notable discomfort such person can plunge rather deeply into experiences, literally missing them through himself. If you want to support something the offended or upset kinestetik, most effectively it will be possible to make it by means of sincere embraces.

Representatives of this psychotype prefer stability and adore eating well – these features the family should consider them. Muzhya-kinestetiki can irritate the wives with unpretentiousness in life and some untidiness as feel quite comfortably in unironed clothes or with spots – for them appearance does not play a crucial role, convenience and comfort is more important. At the same time kinestetik can straighten tirelessly blanket folds to arrange itself ideally convenient berth for comfortable rest. To be irritated in an occasion and without is not necessary. Mirsovetov recommends to pick up for a kinestetik convenient, not too close and adjacent clothes in sports style or kezhuat from the natural low-rumpled fabrics.


From the leading channel of the perception of information inherent for the child, the way of acquisition by it of necessary skills, including the letter and reading in many respects depends. It should be taken into account that kinestetik easier than all it is trained through physical activity. On supervision of teachers, when receiving homework the child-kinestetik rather often long looks for the corresponding textbook in a portfolio, finds the necessary page and only after that notes the necessary number of a task. Children-kinestetiki prefer to use school breaks freely to move and warm up. To you it is not necessary to force such child to sit a long time at a table, performing homework – to it it is necessary to rise and move periodically, it will be easier to acquire information parts.

If the child-kinestetik stoops, there is no special sense to do it remarks, forcing to level a back as finally it will settle down exactly as it is convenient to it. That the child ceased to stoop, it is recommended to write down him in section of dances or swimming – thus, together with acquisition of new feelings from physical activity and useful skills he will in passing learn to hold a bearing.

You should not abuse the child-kinestetika for a small disorder in its room, after all in such atmosphere he feels most comfortably. It should be taken into account that friendly touches and embraces, and also stay in the benevolent and comfortable atmosphere are especially important for a kinestetik.

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