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Types of bicycles

Sooner or later each person faces thought: "But not to buy to me the bicycle?". And as soon as he reflects on it, there is a mass of the accompanying questions concerning a choice of model, appointment, cost etc. It is absolutely clear that the type of the bicycle has to correspond to needs, and it is absolutely senseless to buy expensive mountain bike by which you will go not further a bakery shop …

Most of people can call some main types of bicycles – mountain, highway, sports. But progress does not stand still, and the set of absolutely new types for every taste is today. Today will consider modern kinds of bicycles which strikingly differ from the classical primogenitors.

Types of bicycles

Before talking about kinds of bicycles, it is worth deciding on design features of various models.

Rigid – the rigid bicycle without shock-absorbers. As an alternative to shock-absorbers the easy fork is in front used. It considerably reduces the bicycle weight that leads to the best dispersal and preservation of speed. But if you love the speed and ease, but do not represent the life without comfort, rigid to you will not suit. Its characteristics allow to go to it only on equal asphalt. This type of a design is applied in highway, track and tourist bicycles.

Hardteyl – "softer" bicycle having only forward shock-absorbers. The design differs in excellent passability in comparison with the previous model therefore on it it is possible to travel easily on off road terrain. Existence of shock-absorbers and feature of a structure of hardteylovy bicycles do them less fast and heavier. But it does not affect their popularity at all – today hardteyla are one of the most demanded models. Mountain, tourist and comfortable cities bikes belong to this look.

Softteyl – the "softest" type of a cycle design. Forward and back forks are equipped with shock-absorbers. Such bicycles are intended for driving in hopping styles and travel on a cross-country terrain. For this reason the majority of high-quality mountain bicycles belong to softteyla.

Types of bicycles

Before considered main types of bicycles, the most popular and familiar to most of inhabitants. In this article the innovative models of bicycles received as a result of technical progress will be described.

Hybrid/cross bicycle.

This look is called hybrid because of "merge" of highway and mountain bicycles. Hybrids fast, reliable, perfectly maintain severe operational conditions and show high rates of comfort on the rough road. These are the universal bicycles possessing high road performance on the route. They are ideal for long trips and travel, but will not be suitable for an extreme driving or races.

Hybrids are equipped with a direct wheel which carrying out can be regulated on height. The saddle, as a rule, is established on a subsaddle pipe with depreciation or without. Thus, the high landing convenient at long driving is provided.

Frame at hybrids strong and easy. Most often it is made of steel pipes or an aluminum alloy. Modern technologies of a double and threefold batting allow to create high-strength metal pipes with a low weight that guarantees maneuverability and durability of the bicycle.

The main advantage of hybrids – their universality. You can drive by such bicycle through the city, go once a week to shop or make trips on long distances.


The bicycles with the fixed transfer which for the first time appeared in Japan. Initially were the professional vehicle of cycle couriers.

Fiksed can be equipped with any frame, but, as a rule, use a classical frame from a highway bike. The back wheel possesses the special plug for rigid fixing of an asterisk concerning the provision of a wheel. Because of this design feature the wheel turns together with pedals.

Often fixes have no habitual brake systems because of the specific device. Braking is carried out due to counteraction to rotation of pedals, that is the stop of pedals leads to a bicycle stop. Nevertheless on some stock models often establish obodny brakes.


Bicycles which appearance strikingly differs from other two-wheeled colleagues. These are stylish designs with the underestimated landing. For the first time such bicycles appeared in the early sixties. The main calling of these bikes – creation of unique style. Speed, riding characteristics and a powerful complete set do not play a special role as everything is focused on appearance of this handsome. Moreover, on some models even the skilled cyclist, but possession of such bike, undoubtedly hardly can sweep, brings pleasure.

Features of a design:

  1. Excessively low landing.
  2. The wheel can be both standard bicycle, and automobile.
  3. Possibility of installation of a spring fork.
  4. Smooth bends of the top pipe of a frame.

Folding bicycle.

The convenient and functional bicycles every year gaining popularity around the world. The folding design allows to save a place at storage and transportation. Features of a design assume compact elements – small wheels in 20 inches or less, a wheel, a classical saddle.

As a rule, by folding bicycles shock-absorbers are not installed, they possess one or several speeds.

The clamp for folding of the bicycle is established on a frame. To put a design, it is only necessary to open a clamp and to fix situation in assembled form. Some producers of folding bicycles decided not to stop on reached and to go further, having equipped the children with folding wheels and pedals. It allows to make the bicycle the most compact and it is easy to transport it in public transport.

But it is necessary to pay for any privileges. The main lack of folding bicycles is not too high reliability. All components, as a rule, do not differ in wear resistance and durability, and continuous change of a condition of the bicycle (folding/unfolding) can put them out of action. Small diameter of wheels provides the small speed and degree of a setup so such model can strongly disappoint fans of a fast driving.


The bicycle with characteristic technical differences. In general a tandem it is possible to call not only the bicycle, but any vehicle calculated on two and more drivers who settle down one after another. Difference only in the name – a tandem for three is called a triplet, and on four – kvadraplt etc.

Tandems are equipped with rigid forks and classical systems of braking (obodny, disk). Speeds are switched by the very first driver (captain). Cyclists who are for the captain, are called as stokers. They play a role of a power element, providing the movement, but not driving.

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