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Rest in Kemere, Turkey

Who could tell that only some 30 years ago on a place of the Turkish town of Kemer which is so loved by Russians there was a small fishing small village. This article from is urged to dispel fears of tourists of independent walks on the city of Kemer, and also to tell readers that surely it is worth seeing in Kemere.
Who could tell that only some 30 years ago on a place of the Turkish town of Kemer which is so loved by Russians that is on the Mediterranean coast of Turkey, there was a small fishing small village. Today here set of hotels of the most different levels, huge number of shops, cafe and bars, restaurants and discos, parks and playgrounds. However quite often the tourists coming to this tourist paradise, coming under influence of the frightening stories of the guide, remain in the territory of only the hotel, leaving it, only going on the excursions offered by the guide of tour operator. This article from is urged to dispel fears of tourists of independent walks on the city of Kemer, and also to tell readers that surely it is worth seeing in Kemere.
    Kemer is in a heavenly spot on the bank of the Mediterranean Sea. In the 60th years of the XX century the only way from Antalya to Kemer lay through the sea. Today these two cities are connected by the most picturesque highway along the seashore (do not forget to prepare cameras). If you go to Kemer for the first time, the following information will be for certain interesting to you. On the way from the airport you will pass two tunnels. The first of them – the well-known tunnel of desires. Driving in it, close eyes, raise hands up and make the most treasured wish. It by all means will come true.

Rest in Kemere

And here you in Kemere. Not to frighten you by the Turkish names of streets – they for the Russian person happen sometimes enough difficult uttered, prepared some cards. On them lilac circles with red figures designated places about which the speech in this article will go.

1. A sculpture in Kemer's center on crossing the Estuary Dzhadesi and Ataturk of the boulevard
Till 2007 on this place there was a fountain and Pynar (a source with clear drinking water). And in 2007 this interesting sculptural composition was established.

No wonder that emergence of so erotic composition in the downtown caused a storm of emotions among the public. The whole month various printing editions of all levels, and also federal and cable channels discussed possibility of existence of such sculpture. Over time indignations of fighters for purity of customs were reduced. And here the second year city visitors can already admire an interesting embodiment of art thought.

2. The estuary Dzhadesi – a pedestrian street of Kemer
The Russian tourists lovingly christened this street "local Arbat". Apparently according to the card, the street begins from the location of a sculpture about which we just spoke, and comes to an end about park the speech about which will go below.
Set of clothing stores, souvenirs, skin and bags – here simply paradise for fans of shopping.
In this picture pay attention to traditional Turkish souvenirs – hookahs and a handiwork from copper – they can become not only a remarkable reminder on a trip, but also excellent decoration of an interior.
Speaking about the Estuary Dzhadesi, it is necessary to pay your attention to one amusing fact.
This board stands near an entrance to police, which office just and is on this street meters in 20 from the beginning of the street. "Welcome!" An excellent wish from the Turkish policemen! Such hospitality cannot but raise smiles.

3. Olbia park of rest
This young park was broken in 2007, having become the next decoration of the lovely town. It is remarkable that the park is by the sea. Juicy greens of plants are ideally combined with blue of the sea.
In park there are cozy cafes, platforms for childish sports, and game exercise machines for adults. Playful bridges, decorative ponds, the fountain, uncommon on the design, decorate a landscape.

4. Central square
Those who already happened in Kemere about five years ago, having arrived here today, will be extremely surprised to changes in the image of the city. Not so long ago on a place of this central square there was a bus station with vanity, typical for it, and noise, and today here beautiful architectural composition.
This area became a place of meetings, for many tourists the chapel is a peculiar beacon in the city – it it is visible practically from any point of the city. And how many pleasures for kids to visit this area!!! Also put not in the patriotism which is brought up from the most elementary grades and respect for great Mustafa Kemal Atatürk's business here, which can also see a monument on this square.
The love of children is explained by existence the square of magic fontanchik which in absolutely unpredictable order unexpectedly start beating directly from under feet:
Of course, such cheerful entertainment for children, especially during a forty-degree heat, cannot but amuse also parents. Believe, it will not be happier than your children if you join this incendiary game under the name "guess, now water from where will beat".

5. Seaport
Here one more place, going in which it is worth not to forgetting with himself the camera.
The Yakhtovy port of Kemera – one of the largest in Turkey. It is calculated on 180 places and has all necessary equipment for the mooring of yachts and their coastal service.
A variety of the flags crowning yachts surprises – the port of Kemera accepts vessels of the most different countries.
The entrance to port is pathosly decorated with gate, and at once behind them a symbol of everything that is connected with navigation:
You can find charming fish small restaurants with live music and the diverse entertainments from seafood in the port of Kemera. Here and you are penetrated by this thin romanticism of voyage.

6. Lunny Svet park (ay ışığı park)
Lunny Svet park – one of the most favourite places not only tourists, but also and local population. And it is clear – thanks to favorable climate, and also professionalism of landscape artists, extraordinary beautiful landscape here. Well-groomed mighty pines with corners and huge cones, long, unusual for the Russian look, millions of flowers, beautiful short-haired lawns with a juicy-green grass – in this magnificent corner there is a wish to remain as it is possible more long.
The park offers the guests not only pleasant walks on a color stone blocks, but also visit of numerous cafes and hookah bars, each of which seeks to attract guests with something special:
Also in park minigolf, waterslides with the pool, children's playgrounds, the central city beach are located. By the way, this city beach is quite not bad equipped, has a flat entrance to the sea and the sandy coast.
But except all these pleasures in Lunny Svet park there is a remarkable entertainment for children – a dolphinarium!!!
In the Kemerovo dolphinarium there live two dolphins and a charming sea lion of Fil. Representations take place every day.
Kemer's dolphinarium is remarkable that the pool of 5,5 meters in depth has glass sidewalls about a meter high. Such device of the pool gives opportunity better to see dolphins.
After show you will have opportunity to be photographed with clever inhabitants of the sea, and also to swim for a while with them. Unfortunately, pleasure it not from the cheap. Bathing with a dolphin will manage in the sum of 100 dollars in 10 minutes.

7. "Yoruk" park
This park is between the port of Kemera and Lunny Svet park on the small peninsula.
    In Turkey "йорук" call the people wintering on mountain plateaus where height above sea level assumes some cool, and go down to valleys in the winter. Literally "йорук" it is possible to translate, as "nomads".
"Yoruk" park represents the such peculiar museum open-air. Here you will be able to touch culture of the ancient nomadic people, to try national Turkish dishes, to have a rest in a traditional Turkish tent and to get acquainted with exhibits of ethnographic showrooms.

But except the informative program you will be able simply to take pleasure in the tremendous types opening from the mountain.

8. Observation deck
Absolutely special place! If you do not fear foot walks, this place is ideal for you. Having examined a route on article provided in the beginning to the card, it is possible to go safely at way. When inhabited constructions end, you will appear on a picturesque forest road fork. There you will see road and if to follow it, you directly. Five-ten minutes of walking, and you will see turn on the left uphill, having risen on which you and will appear in a terminal point of your walk.
It should be noted that walk on this pine wood very pleasant – a saving shadow of trees, clean forest air, aromas of herbs and needles. Besides, you will have many chances to face lovely inhabitants of this wood: hedgehogs or turtles:
Having reached a terminal point of walk, before you the beautiful view on Kemer will open.

9. Cafe of Santana ice cream (Santana)
This cafe has quite long history of existence. If you have children, you by all means need to visit this place because children for certain will remain delighted with eating of the most tasty and most beautiful ice cream which, by the way, here do independently.
On your choice more than 20 types of ice cream, supplement it with different fruit, nuts, water with chocolate and fruit syrups, decorate with umbrellas, tags and Bengal lights. The traditional hit of the season – ice cream in a melon is extraordinary beautiful and tasty pleasure. However has to warn you against the order of such entertainment for the child – in a melon there will be about 10-11 balls of ice cream. After such quantity your holiday can turn into fight against bronchitis at your child. But such entertainment can strike your beloved!

10. Pass a zoo
In this park of Kemer by all means it will be pleasant to children, and adults both, - where still it is possible to meet so freely walking rabbits and peacocks? Actually, for animals and birds special open-air cages are equipped here, however animals quite often leave them.
Except rabbits and peacocks in park there live geese and ducks, decorative breeds of chickens, swans, and many fat fishes live in a small twig. Have to thank tourists who constantly seek to feed water inhabitants for lack of a waist of fish. Such fishes – simply dream of the fisherman.
Until your children frolic about a twig or cages with animals, you will be able to relax in a shadow of beautiful trees and to take pleasure in a fine landscape.

In conclusion of this small travel there is a wish to note that it is not necessary to be afraid to leave to the city at any time. Turks – the friendly people, always ready to help you with any problem.
If you got lost during walk, it is enough to you to show the bracelet (practically all hotels give out to the tourists plastic bracelets on which the name of hotel – as the admission to all restaurants and bars of hotel is written) to any Turk. To you will surely specify the direction.
And welcome to Kemer!
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