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Councils for storage of things

All of us remember since the childhood the animated film and Lyubov Voronkova's book about Masha-rasteryashu. The girl could not find stockings, a shoe, a dress … And whether you had enough, dear readers to look for something when and so are already late? For example, keys from the car, the passport or a glove? And all these searches, especially necessary trifles, distract, force to waste time, irritate, enter into a depression.

If you were tired of a disorder, continuous searches, this article – for you. will offer some simple recommendations and original ideas as it is correct to store things that they were not lost in your house or the apartment.

For a start try to carry out clear-out and get rid from old, things not necessary to your family any more. The broken cell phones, the used batteries, the burst vases which got out of fashion articles of clothing … You should not store that is not useful any more.

Pair problems

Perhaps, small pair bagatelles – footsies, socks, golfs, gloves, mittens, earrings most often are lost and are accustomed "to hide" … For example, one glove before an exit from the house for work appears in a pocket of your coat, and another after long searches is found in a jacket or a handbag. You took other bag today, so at a stop it can be found out that the glove of one is not present. Therefore adhere to the simple rule – do not divide couple. Took off socks, put them together, it is possible one in another. Also arrive with footsies, gloves and to that similar trifles. The kids too since small years accustom to conform to this very simple rule, then it will reach automatism. And do not separate an ear ring – attach one to another. Surely check, whether all things have the couple when send them to a basin with soapsuds or the washing machine. If found out that there is no thing, postpone in a special box. Will pass time, and there the "couples" separated and missed the friend after the friend by all means "will meet".

The basic rule – all in the places

Very often people put some thing on a "visible" place, so they speak. And then it appears that this "visible" place is bewitched as the thing from it disappears as if it is covered with a cap of darkness. In what cases the thing is put on a "visible" place?

  1. When it is required in the next few days.
  2. When it has to be packed, postponed in a mezzanine, to sew up, hand over in repair and so on quicker.
  3. It is necessary to throw out it when go to get rid of garbage and household waste.
  4. She should not forget to be taken when leave for work.
  5. It is new purchase.

Here also it turns out that you put a bagatelle on a "visible" place, and it disappears, forcing to play with it "hide-and-seek". To avoid such situations, follow the second rule – each thing or a subject have to lie on "the" place which you (or to it) allocated to it. Where you got used to see a subject, there it and carry if do not use it during this period of time. For example, cut off something scissors, carry them in a bedside table or hang up on a hook, that is on "the" place. Then next time, when you need to cut off a label or to unpack a box, you quietly will approach this hook (or a bedside table) and without effort will find the necessary accessory there. And if be too lazy, will not carry on "the" place, you should look for long next time. Mechanical memory – the good assistant. Will constantly put a hairbrush on a shelf, so your hand there and will reach for it. Will put a needle in a special box or to pin to a tiny small pillow, so automatically and will approach this place if necessary. And all members of household ask to arrive in this way. Then the world, harmony and an order will reign in a family.

How not to lose a thing in a handbag

Fashionable bags, little "theater-goers", elegant clutches – all of them often appear bottomless storages where fancifully important trifles are lost. There are two options when it is possible "to seed" something in own bag:

  1. You left a thing-poteryashku in a yesterday's bag.
  2. You cannot find loss in that bag that hold in hand.

The first problem is solved simply. That to forget to shift nothing from one bag in another, make a "pereezzhy" set, put such things, for example, in a cosmetics bag and when change a bag, and take this set with yourself. Then risk to leave at home lipstick, the cell phone, the handle, a notebook, keys, points significantly decreases.

And how to fight with "bottomless" and everything the absorbing bags? It is very convenient when the space of a bag is structured, that is there are offices, different in the size, the pockets located inside and outside, having different locks, buttons. Accustom themselves to put different things in "the" compartments, cells, pockets. For example, give big office only to the folder with documents or to notebooks, put in other office only cosmetics. "Register" flat keys in an inside pocket. Store the cell phone in a special hinged pocket. Between two offices in narrow space keep "under the lock lightning" the passport. In an external pocket it is convenient to place points. Control some days the actions, and soon you will notice that do everything automatically. You will be glad as quickly find the necessary subjects as everything is simple and convenient.

Rationally we display things

Probably much of readers of diligently bring an order to a desktop, on mezzanines, to a case, to the storeroom, sort everything, display by the size, on subject, place in folders, packages, boxes, and in some days you cannot already find that the child or the husband asks – the screw-driver or a children's hand-made article got to somewhere … And after all there was an ideal order! No, does not urge to live in "creative" chaos. But sometimes it is necessary to look narrowly, as where to put that then it quickly and conveniently was to take. In more available places put what family members constantly use. And that is necessary less often, and put far away, higher. So sometimes and regularities of a disorder and daily requirements can serve good service.

Assistants in creation of an order

You will smile, but kittens well accustom to an order …. If at home there was a small fluffy curious lump, it will surely accustom owners not to leave things where does not follow. Will leave the coil with threads, so it will unwind them or will carry away to the secret town. Will forget the handle on a dining table, so more you will not find it. The same happens to the SD card, a flakonchik with medicine or a stopper for the screwing-up bottle. Still perfectly discipline small kids which only just started taking the first steps independently. And now we will pass to inanimate assistants. Now in shops you will meet a large number of containers, boxes from plastic. All of them the different size, sometimes happen to a set of cells where it is possible to store small things. For example, with departments it is convenient to store coils with threads in such boxes, buttons, hooks, the pins, different other subjects useful to needlewomen. And still some skilled workers form stands and suspended shelves for the accessories. For important documents it is possible to get in stationery of the folder with files, it is worth spreading out once everything, then you will be able easily to find that is required. For example, the passport, the pension certificate store especially important documents in a certain place, but not on different shelves – then, there. Especially it will be useful for forgetful elderly people. By all means put the paid receipts under a paper clip in the folder defined for such purposes. Still well help out the sewed suspended pockets. For example, in kitchen it is possible to store covers, packages, tacks, spices, boxes with matches in them. Small toys – machines, guns, sabers, sweeties can find a haven in a nursery in such pockets. In a drawing room such pockets can be hung up on a wall near a chair or a sofa, there it is convenient to place the control panel a player, the TV, the radio tape recorder, points, handles, newspapers. For storage of underwear, socks, stockings, footsies adapt boxes with cells, small on height, now them quite often call a fashionable word "organizer". It is easy for such boxes to find a place in a dresser or a case. It is desirable to store costume jewelry in a casket with small sliding offices. Other option – to suspend the jewelry on a shelf with hooks or the stand near a dressing table.

How not to lose a thing on the street

To avoid the real losses on the street, adhere to the following rules and recommendations.

Try not to put anything important in clothes pockets. Small things can imperceptibly drop out and be lost. When you change clothes, can forget to shift in other clothes subjects from pockets, and it can be keys, phone, the recipe for a drugstore, a card on a discount.

Periodically check integrity of a lining of a bag, whether there are no holes in clothes pockets.

In advance prepare small change on the drive in public land transport or for the subway then not to look for in a hurry all this in a bag in crowd, not to turn it inside out, after all so the valuable can is imperceptible drop out, for example, the removable store for the computer or a bunch of keys.

So, try to connect the rich imagination, it will help to think up original ideas and ways of storage of things, to systematize and group various household items. Also remember: that not to look for a thing, it is necessary to clean things, it is necessary to put them back!

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