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What is the karting

Karting is loved by nonprofessionals for sharpness of feelings and opportunity to receive a portion of adrenaline, athletes – for opportunity to improve the driver's skills, the business companies – as good entertainment for the employees.

From karting history or as "carts" conquered the world of races

The idea of karting was put in entertainment which was thought up to themselves by pilots from the USA. On the carts used for transportation of air bombs to planes, the American military drove on an airfield in time, free from flights. Perhaps, this unusual hobby and would remain only to famous American pilots, if not Arth Ingls. He too in the past worked as the pilot and, naturally, knew about this hobby. Working as the mechanic in the company releasing racing cars he decided to use idea of a former hobby and designed in 1956 the first cards. By the way, cards, actually, the cart, this name also means and remained behind the designed model and all subsequent samples. The first demonstration the card took place on the races which were taking place in Pomona.

The idea was pleasant to much, and the next year three enterprising American B. Roulls, R. Desbrou and D. Livingston founded the company specializing on release of courts. The company which received the name Go-Kart Company worked quite successfully and got soon a pyatiakrovy ground on which the kart circuit was arranged.

And in 1958 the businessman from Great Britain M. Flynn bought from the company of 5 courts. British quickly understood how to make cards, the benefit in a design of their device no complexity existed, and soon on foggy Albion there was about one hundred firms making high-speed "carts". The fact of foundation of Karting magazine which first English number appeared in February, 1962 also testifies to popularity of new hobby.

In 1960 karting gained recognition and the status of motorsport which to it was given by the International federation of motorsport. Official sports competitions start being held. The first races World Cup on cards with the engine of 100 cubes took place in Rome, and there was it in 1864.

It is necessary to tell that the first cards, of course, possessed simpler design, than present, motors were rather low-power and, in general, the device did not conform to modern requirements to safety. Half a century back of cards could be got for 100-200 dollars. In many respects thanks to low cost the interest in karting also became so popular. But gradually the peak of popularity passed, many manufacturing firms of courts refused their release. Cards became more powerful, expensive and high-speed, respectively, requirements for safety became tougher. Fans in karting became less, there were generally professionals.

Device card

Design the card some important knots - the chassis make, frames, wheels (not less than 4 pieces) and the engine.

On cards the hydraulic brake system divided into contours is installed. Characteristics of brake system at courts of various classes differ. On children's models brakes only on a back axis are established, models for adults are equipped with brakes on each contour - forward wheels have everyone on system and on a back axis the brakes are established.

Unlike a car, at the card only two pedals - one regulates gas supply, another brake. Models in which brakes on forward wheels have manual control meet. At the beginning it is unusual to motorist to deal with pedals the card which besides differ in sensitivity. Other unusual things can appear the vibration accompanied with the itching noise, and the rigid course. The suspension bracket at the card is absent, the back axis and wheels are attached to a frame directly. Longerons not especially soften, their task – work on a bend and torsion. Emergence of vibrations by which the driving on the card is followed, is explained by operation of the motor which too directly fastens to a frame. However, having started going by the card, gradually you get used to these features and you cease to notice howl the engine almost under an ear, vibration and the irritating factors other first.

Driving on the card

The first arrival on the card gives absolutely unique impressions. Feelings of speed when you are in only several centimeters over an asphalt covering – such difficultly to express in words! By the way, about speed. At rolling courts it is usually limited 60 km/h, and at sports models can exceed both 100, and 200 km/h. Existence of a transmission - not an obligatory sign for the card, there are beskorobkovy types. And in general, on modern cards there can be also a 6-staged transmission.

Thanks to the design features feeling of dynamics from a driving on the card the simply cool. From the high speed of dispersal captures spirit. The turn of wheels is made almost instantly as the steering mechanism and a lath at the card are not provided structurally. Only two drafts (left, right) yes the hinges connected directly to a steering column. Also tremendous controllability the card which is promoted low located center of gravity, a rigid frame and a factor of lack of a suspension bracket admires.

First it seems that will turn over on the card it is impossible, but this false feeling. Mirsovetov reminds that laws physicists affect everything, and the moment when the back axis goes to drift, here too is.

Features of management

Having a little accustomed with management the card, you will notice that the angle of rotation is not identical to the left and right wheel. It can be measured and by eye if to turn out a wheel up to the end to the right, the left wheel will be turned out more, than right. The return situation will be observed if to turn out a wheel to the left. Knowing the route and these features the card, skilled racers can make turns, fantastic on the steepness.

At someone the impression can be made that the management of court will not demand efforts. It not so. Yes, weight the card compared with the car absolutely ridiculous, the steering system is quite primitive, wheels small. But having done a bit of traveling about a quarter of hour, you start feeling fatigue in muscles of hands, and next day pain in muscles is almost guaranteed. Of course, such phenomena are characteristic for unprepared beginners, regular trainings on cards will force to get used a body to earlier unusual loadings, and pain will leave, and the fatigue at management of court will occur later.

It is a little about tires

Feature of karting as sport in its vsesezonnost, it is possible to drive on cards both in the summer, and in the winter. Objectivity for the sake of should note that winter karting is more widespread in the countries with a frigid climate and then snow tires are used.

And in general, in karting apply different types of tires. On a dry covering it is possible to drive on slika without protector. Looking at these tires it is possible to decide that they are worn-out, but actually on a dry covering they possess excellent stickiness. If passes karting competitions in rainy weather, tires with the directed protector are used. Selection of the rubber suitable under specific conditions – business thin, is required many different factors here, beginning from composition of rubber and finishing with style of driving.


To learn to drive cards never late and not early. Already six-nine-year kids start teaching management science court. Of course, the special ammunition including will be required:

  • helmet;
  • gloves;
  • protective vest;
  • fire-resistant overalls;
  • special footwear;
  • collar for a neck.

Karting played for many a springboard role motorsport, after all in fact in this reduced model practically all laws of big motorsport work.

Types of courts

People of different age and vocational training therefore it is natural are fond of karting that different types of courts are offered them. Small cards with the engine to 50 cubes and not having a transmission are intended for absolutely young racers. In general, for children (since 6 years) and the young man some classes of courts with limited characteristics of power and speed are issued. The most powerful characteristics sports cards for adult racers possess.

Besides, there is a row amateur and a hobby classes. By these cars not to receive sports categories, but you will feel pleasure and new feelings wholly.

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