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How to make rooibos and a karkada

Fans of strong black tea have unpleasant feelings in a stomach. What to speak about people with pressure problems?! Exit one: to look for alternative drinks which would be deprived of shortcomings of coffee and tea. And dark horses of our tea market can quite take their place: rooibos and karkada. Now will also tell about them.
As pleasantly in the evening to sit with a cup of strong tea or fragrant coffee. But over time many notice that from such habitual portion of traditional drink there are not usual consequences. For example, until recently with pleasure sleeping even after strong coffee of people of half-night turns in a bed without dream, and fans of strong black tea have unpleasant feelings in a stomach. What to speak about people with pressure problems?! Exit one: to look for alternative drinks which would be deprived of shortcomings of coffee and tea. And dark horses of our tea market can quite take their place: rooibos and karkada. Now will also tell about them.

Rooibos – the guest from South Africa

As soon as do not call rooibos! It is possible to hear such names as roybos, rotbush, rooibos, redbush, bushmensky tea …. The name roybos will be the most correct, perhaps, or rooibos, after all quite so the name of drink sounds on afrikanos, one of official languages of South Africa. If to give a literal translation of the word roybos, "the red bush" will turn out.
The red bush represents strongly branchy bush with a smooth central trunk with reddish bark. Thin branches are covered with leaves, more similar to needles, why the bush reminds the bristled-up porcupine. And if to try to classify this plant, any botanist will vividly report that Aspalathus linearis (the Latin name of a plant so sounds) belongs to family bean, group of the akatsiyevy. The bush low, reaches in height only of one and a half meters. But there is at it one absolutely unusual feature: it grows only in mountains Sedarberg (Cedar mountains) in South Africa. All attempts to cultivate this plant in Australia or other places with suitable climate failed. Stubborn roybos from the homeland it does not intend to move, and now all territory Sedarberg is set with these bushes.
    Did not remain any direct instructions on the one who the first and how guessed long ago to make bark and leaves of a roybos, but scientists attribute honor of opening of rooibos to locals, a tribe a bed. From them Europeans in the 18th century, and at the beginning of the 20th century a certain Benjamin Ginzburg, the former citizen of the Russian Empire Veniamin Ginzburg learned about drink, began distribution of drink worldwide. In our latitudes rooibos actively extended about ten years ago, and its glory came in a roundabout way, through Germany where it was called into German of manners "ротбуш". The combination of the present name and its German equivalent in the sum also gave habitual already "rooibos".
For receiving tea leaves of drink, from a plant cut off young escapes, cut them small pieces, without removing leaves, and leave for a fermentation. And the same as from leaves of a tea-plant it is possible to receive black and green teas, processing of the South African plant will give green or red rooibos. After the end of processes of a fermentation tea leaves are finally dried and pasteurized.
    Buying rooibos, recommends to estimate quality of its preparation whenever possible: it has to be very easy and friable, have pure, saturated and uniform color. If in red rooibos leaves of yellowish color come across is speaks about the wrong storage. And here the trunk slices similar to smooth chips or cut hay not only are allowed, but also are welcomed.

Properties of rooibos

The tribe a bed, the oldest consumer of rooibos, used this plant not only for a drink zavarivaniye, but also as external means and even paint. You should not take such extreme measures, of course, but here it is necessary to know about the main advantages of this tea.
That rooibos is absolutely deprived of caffeine is actual for hypertensive persons, and so does not increase arterial pressure. Tannin this tea also contains the extremely insignificant quantity, and, so even people who are predisposed to diseases of kidneys bravely can drink rooibos. Absence as a part of drink of caffeine and tannin allow to enter it into a children's diet, and to give this drink it is possible even for babies as belly-aches medicine and at violations in the dream mode. Certainly, for this purpose rooibos should be made poorly, in a large amount of water.
Rooibos is an excellent source of iron, copper and vitamin C. The last two components provide the most effective assimilation with an organism of the iron containing in products which are used by the person. For this reason rooibos is recommended passed to vegetarian food (where the food is poor in iron), and also to people, having anemia. Though scientists warn that how was rich with iron rooibos, entirely it is not necessary to rely on it, or to drink it it is necessary in liters.
Except the above-mentioned as a part of rooibos such vitamins as E, P, A, and also calcium and zinc contain. And containing in this plant tetratsiklin (let and in a small amount) allows to do compresses of strong made drink. Extracts from rooibos are actively applied at production of remedies for eczema and other skin problems.

How to make rooibos

The secret of the correct tea leaves of rooibos will cause a storm of applause at even the most unpretentious, excessively busy and economical persons.
So, we fill up in porcelain (or glass) a teapot rooibos tea leaves as much, how many and usual tea. We fill in with very abrupt boiled water which literally just boiled, we close a cover and we leave for 5 minutes. Everything, your rooibos is ready. Moreover, it will not lose the tastes and useful properties cooled down, next day. Tea leaves can be filled in with boiled water again and again. will only emphasize that for tea leaves of rooibos it is impossible to use pottery since a time of clay will absorb and will take away its delicate aroma.
    For use of rooibos as a remedy, especially external, it it is necessary to boil a couple of minutes.
If, having tasted rooibos, you considered its taste too soft and thin, then you should try one more tea which certainly possesses brighter taste – tea to a karkada.

Sudanese rose in your cup

Tea to a karkada, probably, the brightest representative not the of tea called by tea. It tastes like a fruit drink more and therefore can use it constantly as tea the few. Nevertheless, this bright red drink with sourish flower and fruit taste and aroma, got to itself many admirers. So, what such tea to a karkada? These are the made cups of flowers of a hibiscus which else is called a Sudanese rose.
    The hibiscus is a high bush from family malvovy which grows in tropical climate. Besides, it is perfectly cultivated in room floriculture. The hibiscus is especially esteemed by Muslims since it is considered that five petals of a flower symbolize five precepts of Islam. Will read this flower in many countries, and Malaysia the hibiscus is brought to the level of a national flower.
As well as many other plants, a karkada use not only as raw materials for drink. In the countries where grows a hibiscus much, it is eaten literally entirely, using as salad greens or a garnish to meat.

Than it is useful to a karkada

If it is possible to call a hibiscus a national flower of Malaysia, the karkada can rank as national drinks of Egypt safely. In the country of pyramids and Pharaohs it is drunk by all, young and old, not only in a hot, but also cold look. It is considered that such plentiful use does to a karkada the person healthy without any drugs.
Of course, the European medicine very is skeptical about these statements, but usefulness of drink and its unique properties confirms.
The main feature a karkad is that it perfectly suits both hypertensive persons, and hypotensives. How it can be? Matter in that, the use of drink hot causes growth of pressure, and cold – the substances which are a part of infusion have opposite effect on vessels, lowering arterial pressure.
In hot weather to a karkada has the refreshing effect even if you will drink its hot, and all thanks to the high contents in a hibiscus of lemon acid. Same provides to tea good antiinfluenzal effect, after all lemon acid is capable to destroy some species of pathogenic bacteria. Despite pronounced acid and tartness of taste, this tea does not contain oxalic acid, so, it is shown even to the people suffering from violations of work of kidneys. Has favorable effect to a karkada and on a condition of a pancreas, and also on urinogenital system of the person. One more property does this drink by darling not only ladies caring about health, but also men: tea to a karkada removes a hungover syndrome not worse, than the well-known tablets "Alka-Zeltser".

As it is correct to make to a karkada

Let's begin with that is considered the best to a karkada not crushed, and dried in the form of petals and without fragrances.
For a zavarivaniye it is impossible to use metal ware since interacting with metal by no means, to a karkada can lose not only the color, but also useful properties. It is better to use the soft or distilled water. advises to remember one more important nuance: the karkada should put in boiled water, but not to fill in with water.
    The steamed-out hibiscus chashelistik also possess specific taste and they can quite be eaten as an additional vitamin supplement.
These are those points on which all agree. And here with further technology of tea leaves there are certain difficulties.
The karkada can make as usual tea. To fill in boiled water in a cup, to add 1-2 teaspoons of tea leaves, obligatory to insist under a cover till 5-10 minutes. It is considered that such tea to a karkada in the best way shows the useful properties.
But true gourmets say that such way of tea leaves to a karkada wrong and does not allow a hibiscus to open all the flavoring and aromatic qualities. And wholly to experience taste, the karkada needs to cook. Say, quite so prepare for a karkada in Egypt, and they are an expert in it. So, a karkada put in the boiling water and cook on strong fire three minutes. After that at will add sugar to drink and drink hot or filtered and cooled.

What tea, rooibos or a karkada, will be pleasant to you more and as it is better to make it, you calculate by practical consideration. The main thing – to taste these drinks and to make the opinion. And we wish you pleasant tea drinking and health!
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