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What is the karboksiterapiya

The industry of beauty day does not stand still: continually there are procedures exciting imagination which do us, beautiful women, more beautifully and more young. Karboksiterapiya is called by the real break after the Botox which made a noise in due time today. The novelty working at a basis of carbon dioxide was already managed to be recognized as the most effective way of rejuvenation of skin.

Features of a technique

For life and health the karboksiterapiya does not constitute danger. In spite of the fact that surgery in an organism minimum, procedure works wonders with small wrinkles, cellulitis and extensions! The essence of a method consists in subcutaneous injections of carbon dioxide. Active agent destroys fat congestions where they are not necessary, and intensifies collagen synthesis. Improvement by means of a karboksiterapiya will not take away from you a lot of time: to become even finer, only 15-60 minutes are required, the rehabilitation period thus is not necessary. The result, as they say, will be available and will become for you a pleasant surprise.

The scope of a karboksiterapiya is very wide. Procedure allows:

  • to raise a tone and to clarify skin of eyelids;
  • to get rid of bags under eyes;
  • to clean a spider line of early wrinkles corners of eyes;
  • to make a "heavy" look more open;
  • to eliminate blefaroptoz;
  • to smooth separate deep wrinkles;
  • to clean a wrinkle piece of chalk on lips;
  • slightly to raise eyebrows;
  • to tighten and improve a condition of the drooped skin;
  • to make the person more attractive, having got rid of chubby cheeks;
  • to improve a condition of skin of a neck;
  • to give an additional tone to a decollete zone;
  • to clear skin of a post-acne;
  • to forget about the second chin.

The principle of action of the rejuvenating procedure

With age hypodermic capillaries which feed cages with oxygen, become thinner and become very fragile. Aggressive impact of environment on skin deprives of it enough collagen, thereby reducing its regenerative properties and elasticity.

by 30 years deficiency of oxygen in integuments makes 25%, and in 40 years this indicator increases to 50%. The total amount of oxygen getting to an organism by means of respiratory process is also reduced with age, and face skin "is tired" to resist eels, pigmentary spots and inflammatory processes.

The method of a karboksiterapiya is based on hypodermic introduction of carbon dioxide: cells of skin regard it as deficiency of oxygen owing to what red marrow is accepted in the emergency conditions to synthesize erythrocytes which are engaged in transportation of molecules of oxygen in fabric. By means of this rejuvenating procedure the processed site of skin receives a full-fledged portion of oxygen and nutrients, blood circulation and cellular regenerative processes in fabrics are for a while restored.

Wrinkles, extensions and dark circles under eyes become less noticeable thanks to a generous portion of collagen which is given to skin by procedure of a karboksiterapiya. The course of rejuvenation awakens and tones up deep layers of skin: eyelids, cheeks, a neck and a zone of a decollete look tightened and fresh.

For splitting of excessive fatty tissue of the second chin gas is heated and do a deep subcutaneous injection. Under the influence of carbon dioxide there is a destruction of fatty cages, updating and food of fabrics.

Principle of fight against cellulitis the same: carbon dioxide influence deep layers of lymphatic system of hips and buttocks then circulation and a drainage of fabrics is soon normalized. Against synthesis of collagen toxins because of which on skin there was an unattractive orange-peel are split.

At what age the karboksiterapiya is actual

During all life skin of the person constantly changes. By 30 years on a face there are first signs of tired skin in the form of small wrinkles and light pigmentary specks, in 40 years reflection in a mirror "pleases" many with the second chin, and in 50 – bags under eyes. From aging, alas, nobody is insured.

In the past of any alternative to procedure of lifting of face skin and eyelids was not, and the woman had to make a hard choice: shape of "the second freshness" or surgical intervention. Not operational methods did not yield visible results. Today thanks to introduction of the latest technologies in the industry of beauty any woman can change without serious consequences, having passed 2-3 sessions of a karboksiterapiya, a laser or light technique. Impact on skin of cheeks, eyelids and a neck minimum, but is effective: to notice that color and texture of skin changed for the better it is possible with the naked eye.

30 years – optimum age for the first visit of the expert in the field of a karboksiterapiya. Use of a technique will allow 30-year-old women to grow old in the slowed-down mode unlike their coevals who do not trust saloon procedures of rejuvenation. The karboksiterapiya and that who to death is afraid of injections of Botox and their side effects will be ideally suited.

Each woman possesses a certain type of skin with the features, so, the aging mechanism in an organism of each of us works in the individual mode. However it does not protect any of women from withering – sooner or later time will prevail. By practice it is already proved: the earlier the woman starts using professional methods of lifting of face skin, the later in its organism start aging processes. Experts guarantee stunning results if every year to take the karboksiterapiya course consisting of 4-6 sessions with a break for 2–4 weeks.

Feelings during procedure

On a session of a karboksiterapiya it is possible to relax somewhat as procedure is painless. After carbon dioxide introduction you will feel an easy pulsation or weak pressure under skin, but in 3–4 minutes also these feelings will disappear. Active active ingredient (CO2) breaks up 20 times quicker, than an oxygen molecule therefore from injection area it in a trice will spread in "tired" fabrics. In 5 minutes after the injection will be given, skin in this place will redden and will a little swell. You should not worry – this process stimulates immediate synthesis of collagen.

After completion of procedure the place of a puncture cannot be wetted for 6 hours. It is also forbidden to visit a sauna or the pool during this period (temperature drops can do much harm to skin). In rare instances, when the needle gets to a vessel, on this place there is a small hematoma, but anything dangerous in it is not present.

Number of procedures

That own reflection in a mirror caused in you feeling of delighted satisfaction again, 4–6 sessions are required, duration of each of which makes half an hour. The break between procedures has to be not less than 2 weeks, that is to expect not to fall on instant results. Mirsovetov hurries to remind you that maintenance of beauty is a systematic hard work without the right for the weekend and rest. How many patience and efforts you will spend for yourself, it is so much and receive. Alternatives in this question are not present.

The cycle of procedures of a karboksiterapiya is repeated by each 6–8 months for fixing of the reached effect.

Whether all suit a karboksiterapiya

This procedure is suitable for any type of skin. However it is resolved only after individual consultation of the expert. After a session the following side effects can be shown:

  1. Painful feelings at the time of an injection and unpleasant feeling under skin within 2–5 minutes after it.
  2. Local puffiness which soon disappears. It is necessary to do thus nothing.
  3. For several minutes after a prick the patient can feel a so-called hypodermic krepitation, or crackling. As a rule, the phenomenon it arises if carbon dioxide is entered very deeply into skin.
  4. In rare instances after a while after procedure note herpes rashes on skin.

The karboksiterapiya method is applied actively by the last ten years. For this period of any exclusive by-effects it was not registered.

Contraindications to procedure

It is necessary to refuse visit of beauty shop, if you:

  • caught a cold, you have an increased body temperature;
  • some time ago had a myocardial infarction;
  • are pregnant or nurse the child;
  • have epilepsy, renal or respiratory failure.

If any of the listed factors does not concern you, you can safely agree to procedure – the new shape and abundance of delighted looks are provided to you!

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